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Crime Against Humanity

"Crime Against Humanity" (1991)

1. Mind Dead
2. Blind
3. Point of Discharge
4. System Break-Down
5. Production Ends
6. Make More Profit
7. Enemy Alliance
8. Dreams and Prophecies

1. Mind Dead

suffer - pain
lies - vision.

future - power
world - screams.

The suffering
lies running free
sight of reality
edge of helplessness one dreads.

Try to escape
worthless truth of life
breed like maggots
you lose what one gains before.

2. Blind

3. Point of Discharge

Hideous screams
point of intention
truth foreknown
oppressive state.

Inner conflict
torn emotions
lost reality
path to confinement
endless struggle
to achieve
psychologic awaken.

Numb enflesh
lost senses
forgotten reality
end of life.

4. System Break-Down

Never clear about suggestion
breaking down your sense of values
tie in a system were your confine
crucify for the needs of others.

your voice has spoken
without a response
what this so-called government
does not hear your crys.

how wrong can it be
put your trust in the system
the freedom that you spare
is the power they consume.

trap in a system
condemn for ones life
the choice that you make
the world surrounding you.

5. Production Ends

The power of the government
to constitute more arms
for our future annihilation
of all mankind.

war is murder,
war is suffer,
war is death,
war is lies.

6. Make More Profit

Controll by a system
false promises
to live a better life
what bullshit one speaks
money making assholes
take all they can
greed is what they bleed
how much more can they take.

Making more profit
waste their hard earn dollars
on something not worth having
make the rich more richer
deceiving ones trust
taking from the consumer
no truth in this business
what a world to face up to.

7. Enemy Alliance

Apound destruction
future of the world
raping millions
the greed for power
destroying faith
lies in ones pasted
pray the master
end the suffering.


8. Dreams and Prophecies

Slaves from birthon through death,
one enters another world,
through the womb of imagination.

Searching through your depression
for the meaning of life
no one you can trust
reality faces of deception
forgotten left alone
to stand against what fear you seek
enter the bounds with no escape
condemn to a world of misery.

Blind within
Seek the truth
Realitys dreams
False prophecies.

All your worries
Stress of mix emotions
Can't think straight
Blends your worst fear.


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