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Tormenting the Holy Trinity

Album: ''Tormenting the Holy Trinity'' (1989 Demo)
1. The Witness (Intro)
2. Mystifier
3. Possession
4. Christian Proscription
5. Cursed Excruciation
6. Fierceness
7. Massacre (Bathory cover)
8. The Six Celestial Desires of the Virgin
9. The Almighty Satanas
10. Satan's Aberrations


Album: ''Wicca'' (1992)
1. The Witch Voisin Recites Our Gloat
2. Osculum Obscenun
3. Tormentum Aeternum
4. Cursed Excruciation
5. Defloration (The Antichrist Lives)
6. (Invocacione) The Almighty Sathanas
7. The Dark Kingdom (T.E.A.R.)
8. An Elizabethan Devil-Worshiper's Prayer-Book
9. Hyoscyamus Niger
10. Mystifier (Satan's Messengers)
11. Our Gloat


Album: ''Göetia'' (1993)
1. Alistair Crowley and Ordo Templi Orientis
2. An Elizabethan Devil Worshipper's Prayer Book
3. The Sight of the Unholy Cross
4. Caerimonia Sanguilentu (Goetia)
5. Beelzebuth
6. The Realm of Antichristus
7. The True Story About Doctor Faust's Pact With Mephistopheles
8. Cursed Excruciation / The Sinuous Serpent of Genesis (Levathan)
9. The Baphometic Goats of Knights Templar in the 12th Century

The World Is So Good That He Who Made It Doesn´t Live Here

Album: ''The World Is So Good That He Who Made It Doesn´t Live Here'' (1996)
1. Give the Human Devil His Due
2. A Chant to the Goddess of Love - Venus
3. The Death of an Immortal (According to the Astral Light)
4. Idolatry
5. The Barbarian Duelling With the Wise
6. Moonick (Why Does It Never Rain on the Moon)

Demystifying The Mystified Ones For A Decade In The Earthly Paradise

Album: ''Demystifying The Mystified Ones For A Decade In The Earthly Paradise'' (1999 EP)
1. The Evil One Invades the Earthly Paradise
2. The Supreme Power of Human Suffering
3. False Superstitions Made by Tellers of Legends
4. A Plague Spreads in the Earthly Paradise
5. Beelzebuth
6. Demystifier
7. Will Jews Praise the Antichrist as Their Messiah
8. The So-Called God Abandons the Earthly Paradise

The Fourth Evil Calling From The Abyss

Album: ''The Fourth Evil Calling From The Abyss'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. Dethroning Nazarenus
2. Woman of a Thousand Mens' Dreams
3. The Evil One Invades the Earthly Paradise
4. The Supreme Power of Human Suffering
5. Superstitious Predictions of Misfortune
6. A Plague Spreads in the Earthly Paradise
7. Beelzebuth
8. Demystifier
9. Celebrate Antichrist Coming
10. The So-Called God Abandons the Earthly Paradise
11. Mystifier
12. Possession
13. Christian Proscription
14. Cursed Excruciation
15. Fierceness
16. Six Celestial Desires of a Virgin
17. The Almighty Satanas
18. Satan's Aberrations
19. Sataniac Lust (Sarcófago cover)
20. Leather and Metal (Poison cover)


Album: ''Profanus'' (2001)
1. Unspeakable Dementia (Utter Nonsense)
2. Dare to Face the Beast
3. Supreme Power of Suffering
4. Born From Mens' Dreams
5. Superstitious Predictions of Misfortune
6. Je$$us Immolation
7. Beyond the Rivers of Hades
8. Thus Demystifier Spoke
9. Free Spirit Flight
10. Celebrate the Antichristian Millenium
11. Sowing the Evil in Our Hearts
12. Hangman's Noose (Ending Mortal Existence)
13. Atheistic Prelude to Immortality



About mystifier

For many christians that already heard part of the legacy of MYSTIFIER, the mention of that name makes to come to the mind: "Devil-Worshipping, Satanism, profanation, gibe, anger, noise, hate, radicalism, Black Metal, and so on". Things that His founder Beelzeebubth doesn't deny them: "Yes, 100%!! I Formed the Group to intone the most violent Musick style never created by man and to violate the whole ethical code and biblical western capitalists' principals!". It demonstrates all the Group's adoration to the Underground Metal Philosophy and strike of attitude against that whole dissembling hypocrisy preached by force for the religious leaders. At Beelzeebubth's powerful point-of-view, religious ignorance is the most dangerous breed of animal contained within this planet - "The occidental catholic society is a deadly menace against the wild life and freewill. They have proved that during the centuries of our short human history. In the name of their unanimated megalomaniac god, devastated the world, crucified or enslaved anyone who preaches a different state of thinking or living!! - it is their holy redemption!!". MYSTIFIER is a lethal weapon (with a power of destruction compared to an infinite army of men-bomb) against all this bullshit!!

We won't narrate a professional musician's saga, or things like that, but a black citizen's one that in spite of the financial shortage, prejudices, and coming from an area of few wealthy people - as the Brazilian Northeast, it got to consolidate the Group's name at international Underground level. Being One of the Principal Acts of the most radical Heavy Metal's ramifications.

MYSTIFIER After playing on several bands in his home town (Death Vomit, Putrefaction, Corpus Christi, and others), Beelzeebubth decided to form his own Group to express his disgust for this inhuman religious world of alienation. Then He summoned the most expressive members from the old bands that he has taken part to complete the Group. They were: Meugninuosouan (vocalist), Behemoth (guitarist) and Lucifuge Rofocale (drummer).

Four months proceeding: composing stuff for the first releasing and hard rehearsal sessions. The Group recorded His very first demo-tape, in November of 1989, entitled "Tormenting The Holy Trinity", with 09 own songs and the cover song "Massacre" from Bathory (It was the first recording done by a Death/Black Metal Act in the Brazilian Northeast).

The Group began to play in several places in His city. Many people could see the MYSTIFIER performance development at clubs like Gamboa, Ufba Garage Rock, Plataforma Rock Bar, among others. There were a lot of fights among punks, headbangers and skin-shitty-heads in that time. Many headbangers hesitated in going to those events. Beelzeebubth and few others united evil forces with the punks to exterminate the skinheads of Salvador. The Group never took part of "s.o.d.-"trending_mega_bull$hitty"-united forces-party", promoted by fools that never will fight or die for the Metal Underground.

The Group's first recording got a great local response. It were pressed many copies of that stuff on K7. A small vinyl record store from their hometown - Maniac Records, did a offer to the Group for releasing a 7'EP (single). The Group eagerly agreed and, in July of 1990, the single was released entitled "The Evil Ascension Returns" with 02 own songs (It was the first Metal Act's releasing (from His town) onto a label).

MYSTIFIER The most important Brazilian labels were interested to issue the MYSTIFIER debut album (Fucker Records, Cogumelo Produções, Hellion Records, ...). But, Beelzeebubth and The Group decided to record a promo-tape with the new stuff just to present the new stuff to the interested labels and His worshippers and to pay homage to the Master Therion. It was released in July of 1991, entitled "Aleister Crowley", with six blasting songs.

In February/1992, the Group's hard work had paid-off and their debut album "Wicca" came from the darkness to the light. It was released on the Brazilian label Hellion Records. It is considered one of the best Black Metal albums to date for many magazines and true fans of Unholy Metal Musick. Songs like "Osculum Obscenum", "An Elizabethan Devil-Worshipper's Pray-Book", "Cursed Excruciation", "(invocacione) The Almighty Satanas", and others became Satanic Hymns for the MYSTIFIER worshippers. Since the title to some song lyrics, the Ancient Pagan Tradition flow on them. Many alienated "satanic christians" (as Beelzeebubth call them) try associate Satanism with Paganism (Their "catholic-christian" visions incite them to consider all Ancient Pagan Tradition as signs of evil worshipping).

Begin the Group's line up changes: Beelzeebubth fired Meugninousouan for his ambition on getting money on a Underground Act. Asmoodeeus (ex-Hatred) was recruited to be the new vocalist. Beelzeebubth decided to introduce keyboards to the new compositions for the next effort. A second guitarist and a keyboardplayer were contracted for participating on presentations with the Group (Astaroth and Put Satanikia - (ex-Calvary).

During those years, MYSTIFIER has begun drawing attention from those ones who admire Underground Metal Acts, becoming one of its sources and gaining enormous worldwide underground notoriety. It drew the attention of the French label Osmose Productions that dealt with the Group for 02 albums (with worldwide distribution through SPV).

Then, in the November of 1993, was released "GĂ–ETIA", with 10 songs. Althought the weak prodution, the compositions on this releasing became it a masterpiece for the genre. Months later, their debut album "Wicca" also was released in Europe on Osmose Productions. The response was: a European tour request from the tour German promoter Insolit, many reviews, articles, interviews, and so forth - in international magazines and radio stations.

More line-up changes: Behemoth (prime member) abandoned cowardly the Group, without giving any explanation. After, several concerts, Astaroth and Put Satanakia left the Group. Paulo Lisboa was contracted to record the Group third album and to do some concerts. (Arnald) Asmoodeeus began to play the keyboards in the Group.

MYSTIFIER Beelzeebubth was very disappointed with the international underground scene (infested of sympathetic teenagers of nazi and fascism) and decided to postpone the releasing of the third album. He did recompose the whole material to differ of Black Metal's false bands that appeared in the last years. The new Brazilian acts that began to be formed from that time, they were clones from the norwegian black metal (country that years ago just produced new wave bands like a-ha). Brazil lost the know-how of producing originalities for the Underground Metal Scene like Vulcano, Sarcofago, Genocidio, Sepultura, Necrofago, Invoker, and more. The absurdity is that many of the so-called "new black metal generation" open their dirty mouth (full of shit) to say: North American say that : "Black men can't play Black Metal... Just whipe men can do it..." and European say that: "All american people aren't 'pure' enough to play that kind of music..." and". Beelzeebuth laughs at them and replies: "Attitude, determination and ideals are not manifested by the skin color or kind hair!! Just fools can accept such statement!!" (fuckin' yeah!). Many say that the posture (visual) of the group it is so ugly, because black using corpse paint is ridiculous. Well, ancient pagan civilizations (as the Red Indians, Mayas and African tribes), when they did put corpse paint for war, they wouldn't like to look like a bunch of "cybernetic pederasts". Then, now you know why Osmose Production promoted the Group's second album with the slogan: "Barbarian Black Metal".

The MYSTIFIER's worshipers had to wait until September of 1996 to hear the third album "The World Is Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here" (One more Beelzeebubth's atheistic rehearsal) with 06 long songs. It was very different from their previous recordings. Many of the old Group worshipers didn't understand that releasing at first soght. Later they recognized that the Group kept for fidelity to Underground. Not being sold out for tendencies imposed by the "new global market".

Osmose Productions (in spite of having published) didnn't show interested in doing the European tour and re-sign with the Group anymore. As last work, the Group recorded a Poison (Ancient German Black Metal Act) cover "Leather & Metal" for the compilation World Domination II (a double CD). On this compilation, we could check that the label was interested to work with retro-thrash-core bands and not Original Metal Acts like MYSTIFIER (those bad trends...).

The Group didn't depressed!! (Never surrender to the trends!!). They have developed more and more their own concept of playing the Unhjoly Metal Musick born into 'Underground Philosophy'!! Face them, if you can!!

The song "Give the Human Devil his Due" (from the Group's third album) was added in the soundtrack of the movie "Gummo" (that was written by the same one of "Kids"). Absu, Bathory, Mortician, Brujeria and more Metal acts took part on that.

Beelzeebubth decided to re-release all MYSTIFIER titles in Brazil. The first one to be authorized was their debut album "WICCA" plus the single "The Evil Ascension Returns" (as bonus track) on CD format. It was re-released in September of 1997 on Demise Records. It was a bad choice considering that label has had so many financial problems with all bands in their cast.

MYSTIFIER After the recording of the cover song "Warriors of Death" for the tribute to Sepultura "Sepultural Feast", the drummer Aab Benaia (Lucifugee Rocalee) left the group for not being able to conciliate the Group heavy duty work with his private jobs. Louis Bear (who plays in other bands) was contracted for replacing him. A second guitarist was recruited - Thony D'assys (ex-Carnified). The first presentation of both with the Group was in the Rotting Christ Brazilian tour - as opening act.

Celebrating MYSTIFIER 10 years of evil existence, was released on Demise Records (paying for that bad work on the debut re-releasing) the maxi-single "Demystifying The Mystified Ones (For A Decade In The Earthly Paradise)", with 07 new songs and a version of the 2nd album song "Beelzeebubth".

The Group has been invited by international labels to take part in several tributes and collections, recording songs of Metal Cult Acts (as Sarcofago, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Sepultura, and so on) (Actually, the Group stoped all participation on those money-hunt events). For some recordings, Beelzeebubth had to contract the musicians Tiago Nogueira and Martin Mendonça (drummer and guitarist, respectively) for the incapability of some members.

Thony D'assys, after participating on several recordings and concerts, was fired for not giving the due dedication to the group.

MYSTIFIER The Belarussian label Eldritch Music relerased the first Group's recording - demo-tape "Tormenting The Holy Trinity" on CD formnat. Besides the 10 songs of that were add as bonus tracks: 02 new compositions - "Dethroning Nazarenus" and "Woman Of Thousand Men's Dream"; a cover of the Sarcofago - "Satanic Lust" (originally released on the Tribute to Sarcofago); a cover of Poison - "Leahther & Metal" (originally rekleased on the collection World Domination II); and the first raw mixing of the maxi-single "Demystifying The Mystified Ones...". You can watch a CDROM video clip of the song "Dethroning Nazarenus". This relasing was entitled "Fourth Evil Calling From The Abyss - Tormenting The Holy Trinity". The vocal lines and the video clip were recorded by vocalist Sathanael due that Asmoodeeus was traveling during the recording sessions.

After Beelzeebubth had to record all guitars parts of the new 02 songs on the Belarussian releasing, He decided to assume the 06 strings definitively. Paulo Lisboa was fired, therefore he didn't have as reconciling his schedules with the Group's obligations. Beelzeebubth recruited the bassplayer Brunno Rheys and keyboard player Leandros Kastyphas to complete the line-up.

The Brazilian label - Encore Records released the Group's fourth album entitled "Profanus" with 13 compositions. Beelzeebubth resolved re-record all the maxi-single songs ("Demystifying The Mystified Ones..."), so that that bad label (Demise Records) can not trade it as unpublished stuff. One year later, it was also released in USA by Crash Music (ex-Pavement). We hope to release it in Europe too.

One more version of the Group first recording was re-release on longplay (vinyl) format, on the Dutch label From Beyond Productions (Displeased Records' sublabel), entitled "Tormenting the Holy Trinity - Since The Beginning", as bonus track was add the legendary single (7'EP) "The Evil Ascension Returns". it was a limited edition of 500 copies. Unhappily, many MYSTIFIER worshipers weren't able for getting their copies... But, the Ancient Metal Underground Elite supporters can wait for a possible re-pressing.

Following the course of the re-releasings: Mutilation Records (Brazilian label) re-released on 02 versions (LP and CD formats) the already consecrated Group's first album - Wicca. All items were selected properly to be a worthy releasing for MYSTIFIER worshipers. Some live recordings samples, covers of Sarcofago and Poison were added as bonus track. This is the best version from the six ones already released throughout the world.

MYSTIFIER The Group played in one of the Iconoclasm (Belgian Black Metal) Brazilian tour dates. In the opportunity, Louis Bear hesitated to play with the Group due that one of his other bands had a concert on that same day. Beelzeebubth didn't hesitate to fired him. Bear has lost the interest for playing Underground Metal Musick with the Group a long time ago. He was in the Group as a "contracted" member. The Group had that hurriedly to invite the drummer Leandro AnĂşbis to accomplish the event.

Brunno Rheys (bassplayer) left the group to be devoted to his personal projects. Leandros Kastyphas, besides the keyboards and backin' vocals will assume the 04 strings. At the same time, Bruno Brittus came to assume the 06 strings.

Finally a void was repaired in the Underground Brazilian Metal Scene. After 10 years, it was re-released the second album of the Group - "Göetia". A meticulous production: artcover redone, re-mastered, all full lyrics, new old group pictures, etc. It was released in November of 2003 on the Brazilian label Dying Music (A label from the same Group region - Northeast from Brazil). An fresg song was recorded speciaaly for that relerasing "Church Of Molested Children", besides the inclusion of the single of 1990 ("The Evil Ascension Returns").

The drummer who replaced Louis Bear was fired for not having skilled time to be devoted to the Group. He just participated of a recording session and a concert with the Group. From now on, the Group will be more cautious when publishing new members in definitive.

Arnald Asmoodeeus decided to leave the Group to join a new trending act. In fact, he wanted to stay in both bands, but it was impeded by Beelzeebubth. MYSTIFIER has struggled per years for maintaining His intact honor. Keep a member who could be called of flatterer by the antagonists, it would be to put everything to get lost. Soon, Beelzeebubth shall reveal us the new MYSTIFIER voxman.

Right now, MYSTIFIER is finishing the compositions for the fifth album, definitely, entitled "Summoned Unto Disobedience To Rebel". Songs as: "Possessed by Christian Filth", "Demolish The Towers of Heaven (In The Center Of The World)", "Index Expurgators", "Let's Bath With Satan (In The Lake Of Fire)", unleashes all the Group skilling of playing their own Unholy Metal Musick.

----Copied from the Myspace-page of the band.

Black Metal


Brazil (Salvador, BA), formed in 1989

Genocide Prods


Beelzeebubth - Guitars
Leandro Kastyphas - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards (Eternal Sacrifice)

Arnaldo Asmoodeus - Keyboards (Ungodly (Bra))

Bhruno Brittus
Paulo Lisboa (Headhunter D.C.)

Bruno Rheys

Alex Rocha (ex-Ungodly (Bra), Inherit, Impetuous Rage)
Aab Benaia (Lucifuge Rofocale)
Louis Bear (ex-Drearylands, Cobalto)
Thiago The Shade


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