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Von Kriegern Und Helden

Album: ''Von Kriegern Und Helden'' (1995 Demo)
1. Medina-Whore Of Satan
2. Von Kriegern Und Helden
3. Father Of Locusts
4. Walpurgisnight

Morgenröte (Der Schrei Nach Finsternis)

Album: ''Morgenröte (Der Schrei Nach Finsternis)'' (1996)
1. Mittermacht
2. Morgana's Curse
3. Graveyard Dreams
4. Bloodlust (When The Wolf Awakes)
5. Throne Of The Night
6. Octobermoon
7. Medina (Satan's Whore)
8. Kiss From A Vampire
9. Ravens Dusk
10. Morgenröte


Album: ''Drachenblut'' (1998)
1. Ancient Words
2. Notrum- Sword Of Might
3. The Dragonslayer
4. King Of The Nibelungehord
5. Isenstein
6. Shadows Over Worms
7. Hagen Von Tronje
8. Blood From The Xantens King
9. Rheingold

Infernal Satanic Verses

Album: ''Infernal Satanic Verses'' (1999)
1. Intro - The Daemons Call
2. Undestructable Power Of Darkness
3. Hordes Of The Underworld
4. The Devilstone
5. Thorns Of Lies
6. One With The Antichrist
7. Black Legions
8. Fallen Christian Empire

Infernal Gods Of War

Album: ''Infernal Gods Of War'' (1999 Live album)
1. Blood From The Xanten's King
2. Isenstein
3. Octobermoon
4. Hagen Von Tronje

Kriegsgötter II

Album: ''Kriegsgötter II'' (2000 EP)
1. One Rode to Asa Bay (Bathory Cover)
2. Die Götter der Urväter
3. Azazel's Soulfly
4. Acheron (Medley)
5. Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost Cover)

The Great Beast

Album: ''The Great Beast'' (2001)
1. Hellish Maniacs
2. Hate
3. The Great Beast
4. Lucifier's Angel
5. Spirits In Black
6. Eyes Of Horror
7. Whore Babylon
8. Lost In The Garden Of Eden
9. And Evil We Shall Die


Album: ''Damien'' (2002)
1. Intro - The Revelation
2. 666 - Mark Of The Devil
3. God Is Dead - Satan Arise
4. Servants Of Twilight
5. Intro - The Omen
6. Kingdom Of Blasphemy
7. The Seventh Sign
8. Armaggeddon War
9. Intro - The Deduction
10. Unholy Alliance
11. Image Of The Antichrist

Open the Gates of Hell

Album: ''Open the Gates of Hell'' (2003)
1. Morbid Signs Of Destruction
2. Beyond The Black Dawn
3. Satanic Rituals
4. Awaken By Blood
5. Wings Of Death
6. Deadly Ghosts
7. Open the Gates of Hell
8. Spoken Words
9. Book of Shadows
10. Burning Souls
11. Demoniac Dimension

Album: ''Wings of Death'' (2003 Single)
1. Wings of Death (album version)
2. Wings of Death (single version)

Unholy Chronicles 1992 - 2004

Album: ''Unholy Chronicles 1992 - 2004'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Medina ( Whore Of Satan )
2. Octobermoon
3. Sword Of Might
4. The Dragonslayer
5. King Of The Nibelungenhort
6. Thorns Of Lies
7. One With The Antichrist
8. Hate
9. Hellish Maniacs
10. Spirits In Black
11. Servants Of Twilight
12. God Is Dead - Satan Arise
13. Open The Gates Of Hell
14. Awaken By Blood

The Bloody Path of God

Album: ''The Bloody Path of God'' (2006)
1. Psalm of the End (intro)
2. The Bloody Path of God
3. Doomsday Prophecy
4. Nine Plagues of Egypt
5. The Grim Reaper (intro)
6. The Grim Reaper
7. Riders of the Apocalypse
8. Hellborn
9. Church of Sacrifice
10. The Forgotten
11. Unholy Terror
12. Memento Mori (Outro)
13. Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost cover. Bonus track)

mystic circle


The leading German death/black metal trio MYSTIC CIRCLE were founded back in 1992 by bassist/singer Beelzebub and after releasing three demos they launched their debut CD "Morgenröte" in 1997, which was released on Last Episode, followed by the albums "Drachenblut" (1998) and "Infernal Satanic Verses" (1999). Let's call this the "German" episode. The international chapter began in 2000 when MYSTIC CIRCLE signed to Massacre Records and released "The Great Beast", followed by their stroke of genius "Damien" in 2002 and "Open The Gates Of Hell" in 2003. After the release of their first Best Of album accurately related to "Unholy Chronicles 1992 – 2004" they signed a contract with Dockyard 1, which marked the commencement of a new Mystic Circle area. Now they're taking a new step with their 7th full length album "The Bloody Path Of God" - citing the old Black Metal roots, but evolving further into the no man's land between Death and Black. Changing guitars between blastbeats and tight riff-picking show a mature band very eager to go beyond the boundaries.

Guitar player Ezpharess comments: "We're taking one step back to our early black metal roots with "The Bloody Path Of God" We used keyboards again, to provide the haunted atmosphere songs like "Doomsday Prophecy", "Riders Of The Apocalypse", "The Forgotten" or "Unholy Terror" deserve. Also singer Beelzebub is screaming again, and doesn't use the death-metal-alike growls of "Open The Gates Of Hell" anymore."

"The Bloody Path Of God" features 12 Tracks and the last one is a CELTIC FROST cover of the all time classic "Circle of the Tyrants". The Album was recorded September – December 2005 with producer Alex Koch at his new "State Of The Art" Studio in Ludwighafen. Going backwards to their roots musically, they are making a big step forward soundwise and against the sensibly flat kept sounds of the early 90´s classical Black Metal albums, guitar and drum got the voluminous sound they deserve.

Vocalist and bass player Beelzebub comments: "We wanted a sound like this since over ten years, finally we found a producer who was able to create it." Even though he had left the band as an active member in autum of 2005, for the recordings Koch changed his engineer seat once more against his old drum stool, stepped back into his moniker as "Necrodemon" and played the drums himself. His successor will soon be presented for the first shows, till then the line-up stays reduced to the max – guitarist Ezpharess and vocalist/bass player Beelzebub performing the ultimate "infernal duo".

As being undoubtedly one of the most active touring bands in Europe - right from the start in 1992 Mystic Circle continuously toured with bands like Dimmu Borgir, Marduk, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Gorgoroth, Old Man's Child and Immortal - in other words with every well-known band in the death/black metal genre – for sure first live appereances are confirmed for 2006 as well. Mystic Circle will perform this years Wacken and With Full Force Open Air and there is more to follow…

Melodic Black Metal

Anti-Christianity, Satanism

Germany (Ludwigshafen), formed in 1992

Armageddon Music


Torsten, der Unhold (Torsten Hirsch) - Vocals, Bass (Agrypnie, Nocte Obducta)
Ezpharess (Stefan Heintzelmann) - Guitars (Pit, Rough)
Vike Ragnar (Tobias Drabold) - Guitars (Ab:Norm)
Astaroth (Gianni Cutrona) - Drums (Ab:Norm)

Abyss (Marc Reign) (Destruction, ex-Orth, ex-Graaf, Lord Brummell, Stormwind)
Aaarrrgon (1992-1999) (ex-Zorn, Isegrim, Mord (Ger))
Necrodemon (Alex Koch) (2001-2005) (Scapegoat (Ger))
Dementum (Ahab, session for BlackDust, ex-Legacy (Ger), Dead Eyed Sleeper, ex-Mortified (Ger), Deadlock (Ger))

Agamidion (Thorsten (Smog) Aschenbrenner) (Malignity (Ger), Excess (Ger))
Isternos (Thomas Pfänder) (Isegrim, ex-Subconcoius (Ger))
Mephisto (Mark Foltz)
Xeron (1999)


Graf von Beelzebub (Marc Zimmer) - Bass / Vocals (ex-Crematory (Ger), Gloomball as Marc De-Vil)


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