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Unholy Chronicles 1992 - 2004

"Unholy Chronicles 1992 - 2004" (2004 Best of/Compilation)

1. Medina ( Whore Of Satan )
2. Octobermoon
3. Sword Of Might
4. The Dragonslayer
5. King Of The Nibelungenhort
6. Thorns Of Lies
7. One With The Antichrist
8. Hate
9. Hellish Maniacs
10. Spirits In Black
11. Servants Of Twilight
12. God Is Dead - Satan Arise
13. Open The Gates Of Hell
14. Awaken By Blood

1. Medina ( Whore Of Satan )

She adorned to master and she went to be his slave
The sins of hell she wants to feel and the fire of the damned

In the night she gave her blood
And crossed the acheron
Then she stands at the gate
Waiting for the opening

I'm your destiny - I show you things you're never seen
I'm your only dream - the leader of perverted things

She stands there with leatherclothes
Besides the throne of the night
Her hair is black and red lips
A whiplash in the right
Ready to do anything in his mighty kingdom
Fullfill his wishes because she is

Medina - whore of Satan

With her tongue she likes his dick to drink the honey from his phallus
With her fist she goes so deep in his wide opened anus
Her whiplash smashed on unholy flesh
Screams of lust and torture
The smell of death layed in the air, blood streams out of wounds

You are my master whore - I give you all you want
You are my master whore - for all eternity

"The reich of pain is lust for you
the hell your castle now
come be my wife you have go through
the torture by your side
even the shadows are your friens
and darkness looks at you
come go with me until the end as light turnes far from you"

2. Octobermoon

Autumn romantic lies ahead
The smell of winter is near
Your promises me eternal love
Princess of the night

I layed all my love for you
But you gave me nothing
A puppet on your side
Blinded by your false eyes
"I will love you forever my dear
hahaha you lie
I love you for all my life
No you fucking lie"

You spinned your arms around me
And you blinded my sad eyes
I run to you with open arms
But you gave me the knife

Octobermoon when we met
A night so clean and gold
Octobermoon was it love from you
Only the white stones knows

Now I know it was a fault
To praise my love to you
The only thing you really love
Is yourself and you

You will never know how much
You heard me in that time
But you'll get what you deserve
A never pieceful mind

"I will carry your child
hahaha you lie
you're the snake that bites me
no you fucking lie"

I'm not the yellow snake that is in your dreams
I'm the man who wants to save you
And your weird thoughts

Octobermoon is over now my life without you
Octobermoon all was a lie because the snakes is you

Now all is lost
You ain't no more
Promises are gone
Hate is what we had
Secrets that you gave me
I will never understand
Under the moon I know
You never stand by my side

3. Sword Of Might

In a castle of Xanten he lived
the king of the Netherlands
with his wife and son
who's name was Siegfried
his greatest wish was to go out
and have adventure and war
it was so boring for him
a hero he wanted to be

His father wants him to aduce
knightinnes virtues
but all his strenght and will
could not blind from false behaviour
so he sended him out
to a smith called Mimer
the smith should make him a man
and a future king

[Father of Siegfried (Sigmund) speaks:]
"My son you go with master Mimer
he should treat you like a common apprentice
and such hard work I hope will quit you
and form your mind to a bride knight".

and in the dark of the force
where he only heard hammer and anvil
many stories where told
about a dragons called Fafnir.

[Siegfried speaks:]
"No one has conquert this dragon so far
it menaces the whole land
but I will go out and defeat him
and then I have my fathers bright".

In the night he made a sword harder than the steal
an armour and a shield to stand against the evil
with the strenght of the bear
and broudly like a knight
he walked in that night away from master Mimer

then he stood in the darkness
put on his glamourous armour
with only one thought in his mind
to defeat the old dragon
a vision of the great king
he had in that night
now he's in the world of great adventures and war

Suddenly he heard a noise
someone has followed him
and as he looked behind him
a knife shines in the night
someone from the smith
would killed him from behind
but with his sword he turned up his head

and he went to the dragonstone

4. The Dragonslayer

With his armour sword and shield
he walked through the night
and in the light of the moon
he shines like a warrior
he walked till the break of dawn
and above his head
the dragonstone was ahead
dark and threatening

on his way he saw a wagon
with a farmers family
he told the man full of pugnacity
what's in his mind
that he wants to free the land
from the plague and pain
and from the smell of sulfur
the fire and the dead

"Take the horse that came yesterday it's former owner is dead
as you he would kill Fafnir but he wasn't an opponent
he dies in the flames of hell no scream were heard that night
the Lindworm is undefeated and someday he will destroy us".

with the dead behind he rides through a former happy land
now destruction and fear in his eyes
darkest feelings in his mind, then he saw a ravine where
all his live would end or glory will begin.

the dragonslayer

then he saw the head of the dragon looking in his eyes
bones of soldiers who had died in the battle of dead
it's mouth was opened wide and the fire burned to take his soul
but with Notrum the magic sword he will fight until his dead.

and then the battle began
Siegfried fought hard like a dog of the war
and with the last strenght he had
the sword runs into the dragons heard

"From which tribe you come, who'd painted my hard red
the dark steel is in me and burns my soul
your sword was stronger, I'm defeated
it's live must Fafnir leave now and forever".

As the dragon lived no more
Siegfried felt it's blood
it was like a second skin
where no steel came through
so he put his body in the sea of blood
but a lime-tree leaf felt on his back

on that little place on the back
he wasn't safe
against the steel of the enemies
he must face in future life
there was silence in the land
and he put his weapons on
to tell his father what he'd done and to get his respect.

After a while he left Xanten
visit other foreign lands
and he came to a realm called Nibelungen
he heard from big treasures there
which were safed by dwarfs and giants
but his mind reached out for the Nibelungenhord

5. King Of The Nibelungenhort

"I'm the king of the Blackalbs, Alberich is my name
since thousand years I hold the treasure in my hands
but you can't see me cause a magic hood is on my head
come join my realm but beware or you're soon dead".

As Siegfried stood in front of the gate
he saw twelve mighty keepers
and he knows behind that door, must be the Nibelungenhord
then he met two kings of them Schilbung and Nibelung
this two kings were in a fight whose the treasures owner.

Then the kings had killed themselves their blood laid on the ground
and Siegfried took the sword Balmur to lead the kings as their new king
the dwarfs had watched the whole happening
and in the mountain they told Alberich,

"Master of the blackening world out there is a new king
he had killed the former lords now he wants the treasure
you have sworn until you dead to defense all areas
now go out and fight him with your magic hood".

suddenly Siegfried felt pain someone is punching at him
but he can't see someone here angry he fights with Balmur
then something was in his hand the magic hood in his own
and a creature he saw Alberich stared at his eyes.

"please my master let me live your slave I will be
the treasure of the Nibelungen I give to you for free
but in Island is another enemy for you
Brunhild is her name and she's undefeaded".

"I'm the daughter Odins with the warrior soul
thousand came to reach my heard but no one get the chance
three competitions you must win and then I'm yours
but when you lose your condemned soul is mine".

Siegfried told his knights to built a ship of war -
with Alberich his on the way to Island
to face another victory and an unknown adventure
and to defeat the proud of Brunhild.

6. Thorns Of Lies

"God tonight your holy temple will be destroyed"

Died on the cross for all human sins
Called himself a hero arrogant nazarene

Controlled by the darkness lost by the power of god
A puppet in Satans hand lead us in false promised land

Blinded mankind by wonders cheap tricks were his game
Sucked out the innocent victims used poor peoples pain

The holy ghost burnd in hell holy father too
Under the regime of Satan devote slaves for you

Fuck the christians stupid spirits
Thorns of lies in the blooded head
Drive the nails deeper in the flesh
Turn the gross into a crooked

"As he hung there on the cross
an erge to lick the cock of christ
to drink the sperm for Satan
whore Maria si my name"

The mother of all innocence
A ridicolous bitch she was
Blinded by the holy god
Fucked in the name of Satan

As I bore the Satans child
No god has saved ist soul
His christian preach all was a lie
To iritade humanity

In the second of the dead
Jesus spit on god
Swor to fight the heaven
With sadistic war

"Oh my father whitch you live in hell
hallowed be thy name
come to take my soul tonight
spread your massive kingdom"

Deamons awake in the heart of Jesus soul
Lust in his eyes as he saw Maria
With obsessed eyes he tried to catch her body
And then a roman pailed him in his heart

In the hall of the dead ones
Satan craped his soul
And then fallen angel
Take his body down

7. One With The Antichrist

We are one with the Antichrist
We are one with our master Satan
Have your ever seen the darkened eyes
And the flames of immortal power

In the deeps of hell we arise
And we came to destroy christianity
By our side unholy armies will ride
And Satans kingdom is built soon

In the desert where all deamons came out
Five of Satans lightkillers were born to destroy
In the name of Satan they were pointet as snakes
And they saw all the christians
As their enemies
For a dream of a new dawn where no light exist and a
New regime of the unholy is built
In the sign of Satan they were ready to fight with their weapons
Who where the sword and the flame

You'll die

Five crooked grosses they bounded their way with the hell
Unholy curses they bounded their way with the dead

And in the silence of desertly lounliness
Prayings to Luzifer and to his ghost
And in the lounliness of desert storms and winds
Rituals to the godfather's is done

Oh belial save out trip and mission
Fron his tormenting christians
We know that the last battle is near and we must
Built our reich again

From the stars a helldog came lead all their souls into the lies
It were the master of their dreams manipulated in their brain
From hell arise the whole deamons eating dead bodys on the graves
Fortune and dead is in their veins suffer and pain in their souls

We are the serpants of unholy time
The true deadbelievers of eternity

"Seven sins the devils will
the serpants shell arise"

In the night all sadistic souls came to bring their
Pleasures to unholy spirits
And they will fight
Put their lives for a Satans work and they built
Invasions of the Armageddon
And they will fight

Races will die and the blood all will flow
Feeling the evil inside
Lords of destructions will guide us the way
All for our brothers of lust will be sinned

The fallen one had won the battle religions are destroyed
A new race for the evil god will stand for it's own victory

8. Hate

God said "let there be light" and darkness came
God said "Ye shall go to heaven" and hell broke loose
He sent false prophets the lie was born
Priests of greed and intrigue under the grab of the lord

The holy war commenced killed in the name of god
Abused human moroncy abduct the gold of our earth
Do you see the path of lies? They mislead you
Follow the sign of the serpent experience endless lust

Hate fo those who play hide and seek
Hate for you and your god
Hate fo all you christians you
you lie, deceive!

Hate for you, ceatures of cowardice
Hate for you and your mirror of light
Hate for everyone with a facade
You lie, deceive!

God said "you shall be free", enslaved only by him
God said "the sun will shine", but rain set in
Suppression and murder are real, only the strong
Laws of unity
Justice a mockery

Hell has arrived, only few can see
Liberated from the burden of god, no one before us
Prayers are worn out, no use for them
The sins shall be free, respect for the new doing

Hate for you
Hate for your lies
Hate for you
Hate for your intrigues

9. Hellish Maniacs

Ancient tales tell us of his return
Old shamens saw the deamons coming
Prophets had visions of legions from hell
Witches swore live long devotion

And now prophecies turned reality
The ghosts of the past reveal their faces
Fire will fall from the heavens
And the smoke of infinity will conquer earth

The great beast is behind us
Old tales come true
Like a storm falling on us
They will destroy everything

The great beast shall come upon earth
To take all souls
Hell will arrive and destroy wasteland
All the humans shall prevail

The great beast will appear
To show you the wiff of death
To bring the end of days
He shall kill all that was born

The great beast has you in his hand
Shall never release you
Squeezing ever harder
Till your last breath has come

10. Spirits In Black

11. Servants Of Twilight

The prince of the darkness sent out his servants
To protect the son of darkness
They resemble man and beast and will risk their lives for him
Within their souls dwells the demonic
They are meant for their master
See the blackness in their eyes
The light on earth will shine no more
Armies of ravens are on his side
No one can escape their spell
Beastly rottweiler in the shadow of the night
In their muzzles greed for holy blood
They are the servants of the twilight
Ready for the fight
They are the servants of the twilight
No one can hide
They are the servants of the twilight
They keep the Christians away
They are the servants of the twilight
To protect the unholy one

With the power of the dark evil
They will rear his kingdom
Many had to die as well as his family
From the mists of perdition
They play their games
The only purpose in their lives
Is to die for him

And in the shadow of the wolf he will come
The winds to become his weapons
He will tolerate no one beside him
So he will also murder his brother

The false prophets prepare the country for his rule
His energy is reflected in their bodies
The shouting of the raven lets the world stop in it's tracks
The barking of the gods lets everything shiver with fear

12. God Is Dead - Satan Arise

The sky turns red
The flames get right
The dead will walk
The storms arise

This will be the end
The signs of the last days
This will be the time
When day turns into night
Everlasting shadows
Spread their wings above
Crawling creatures
Send from hell will kill
God is dead
Satan arise
God is dead
Satan arise

The serpent's awake
And twilight will follow
The rise of the dead
Will bring christ the end

This will be the day
When day turns into night
This will be the time the godless will rise
No one can stop them
From ending their work
A dimension of pain
Opens a new law

"God you have failed"

13. Open The Gates Of Hell

Unholy voices call his name
The dead will rise again
Demons creep out of the fangs of hell
To seek revenge for satan

Spirits of death dancing shadows
Children of the night strange symbols
Priests of madness
Armies of devils bring perdition

Open the gates of hell

Give birth to the reign of evil
Open the gates of hell
Open the door to the underworld

Lightning and thunder are the signs
The sky is soaked in blood
The lamentations of the gos you´ll hear
Hades spreads his wings

Legions of darkness howling wolves
Armies of snakes will kill
Wizards of evil, Demon warriors
The bringer of light will appaer

Midle part
Black abyss is opening
They jump in ecstasy
The realm of hell will swalow them
A thousand torments they will sufer

14. Awaken By Blood

A mystic full moon shines from the sky
Dark clouds obscure his light
The might of invocation has come
Priests of darkness are gathering

Satanic rituals
In the name of Satan
Satanic rituals
To get closer to hell

The place is surrounded by ancient stones

Those have gathered the energy of evil
In the center burns a black flame
Around it symbols of darkness are drawn

Satanic rituals
To call the spirits
Satanic rituals
To conjure up the unholy power

They have tasted the flesh of fallen angels
They have tasted the devils black blood
They have seen beyond the world of skin
The architecture of blood and bones and marrow


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