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Icons Of The Dark

Album: ''Icons Of The Dark'' (2003)
1. Blindfolded By Misery
2. Our Age Has Now Begun
3. In Silence
4. Myrk
5. Within The Burning Darkness
6. When We Raised The Sign
7. I Am The Symbolic Torture
8. Nightwinds
9. The Spell



Myrk started in ´97, in the beginning it was just Myrkur and some mates from other metal bands playing his songs. But the lineup was never stable cause they couldn´t commite to Myrk for they were so active in their own bands.
So in the beginning of 2000 Skog, Storm, Icortus and Myrkur got to know each other and Myrkur joined their band Mictian. In the beginning of summer 2001 that band was put to rest, because of musical differences with the other guitarist in the band.
Four of the band members plus a keybordist decided to continue playing blackmetal and started rehearshing the songs Myrkur had written in Myrk. A decision was made to call the new band Myrk.
In the fall 2001 the members in Myrk went to their mate who had a little studio in his bands rehearsal place and recorded an 5 song demo. That demo circled around the underground metal scene in Iceland. Shortly after the recording of the demo the keybordist was fired and a decision was made to not use keybord in Myrk´s music.
In the summer of 2002 Myrk made a new demo at the same studio which contained 2 songs, one new and a rerecording of a song from the earlier demo. Later in the winter of 2002 Gaddur joined the band as a second guitarist and Myrk became heavily active playing concerts in Iceland and gained reputaition for their cold corpse painted blackmetal assault.
In early 2003 Ketzer records released both of Myrk´s demos on cassette as the “Promo 2002”. In the spring 2003 Myrk recorded it´s first fulllength cd and continued to be active playing concerts.
Later in October there was a unseen tension within Myrk and Icortus quit the band because of personal differences regarding it. Skog, Storm and Abhzar, who had replaced Gaddur on guitar, all decided to leave the band too. After they all splitt from the band Myrkur decided to continue with his music and Gaddur rejoined the band. They have now decided to go on as Myrk with a new lineup.
The cd Icons of the dark will be released before the end of year 2003 by Ketzer records.

Black Metal


Iceland (Reykjavik), formed in 2001

Ketzer Records


Kobbi - guitars
Bjarni - guitars

Kristján - drums (ex-Potentiam, Momentum, Vrolok (US))
Zeraph - guitars (Momentum)
Erling - bass (Momentum)
Örn - vocals


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