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U.S.A. For M.O.D.

Album: ''U.S.A. For M.O.D.'' (1987)
1. Aren't You Hungry
2. Get A Real Job
3. I Executioner
4. Don't Feed The Bears
5. Ballad Of Dio
6. Thrash Or Be Thrashed
7. Let Me Out
8. Bubble Butt
9. You're Beat
10. Bushwackateas
11. Man Of Your Dreams
12. That Noise
13. Dead Man/Most/Captain Crunch
14. Jim Gordon
15. Imported Society
16. Spandex Enormity
17. Short But Sweet
18. Parents
19. Confusion/You're X'ed
20. A.I.D.S.
21. Ruptured Nuptuals
22. Ode To Harry
23. Hate Tank


Album: ''Surfin' M.O.D.'' (1988)
1. "The Movie"
2. Surfin' U.S.A.
3. Surf's Up
4. Sargent Drexell Theme
5. Mr. Oofus
6. Party Animal
7. Color My World
8. Shout

Gross Misconduct

Album: ''Gross Misconduct'' (1989)
1. No Hope
2. No Glove No Love
3. True Colors
4. Accident Scene
5. Godzula
6. E Factor
7. Gross Misconduct
8. Satan's Cronies
9. In The City (Fear Cover)
10. Come As You Are
11. Vents
12. Theme
13. P.B.M.
14. The Ride
15. Dark Night

Rhythm of Fear

Album: ''Rhythm of Fear'' (1992)
1. Objection/Dead End
2. Get Up And Dance
3. Step By Step
4. Rhymestein
5. Minute Of Courage
6. Irresponsible
7. Override Negative
8. I, The Earth
9. Spy Vs. Spy
10. Intruder
11. Jive Time Jimmy's Revenge
12. Rally (NYC)


Album: ''Devolution'' (1994)
1. Land Of The Free
2. Devolution
3. Repent
4. The Angry Man
5. Resist
6. Crash N Burn
7. Supertouch
8. Rock Tonite
9. Behind
10. Running
11. Time Bomb
12. Unhuman Race

Dictated Aggression

Album: ''Dictated Aggression'' (1996)
1. Dictated Aggression
2. Silence Your Sin
3. Damaged
4. Shot Glass
5. Stand Or Fall
6. One Was Johnny
7. Nation
8. Empty Vision
9. In My Shoes
10. U.S. Dreams
11. Hippypottomus
12. Just Got Fired
13. Whiteout
14. Brutal Beats

Rebel You Love to Hate

Album: ''Rebel You Love to Hate'' (2003)
1. Wigga
2. Rebel You Love to Hate
3. Making Friends is Fun
4. De men of Stein
5. Rage Against the Mac Machine
6. Get Ready
7. Ass-Ghanistan
8. He's Dead Jim
9. Get Ready (Almost Live Kinda)

Red, White & Screwed

Album: ''Red, White & Screwed'' (2007)
1. Balls On Bread
2. Alphabet City Stomp
3. Red, White & Screwed
4. Dance Around With Snakes
5. The Big It
6. Hardcore Harry
7. I Gotta Get Away
8. Speaking Truth To Power
9. Jose Can You See?
10. Suicide Bomb Pop
11. Bullshit Politics
12. We Are Nothing
13. G.L.E.T. (Greatest Lies Ever Told)
14. Goddess/Devil (bonus)


M.O.D. (Method of Destruction) was a crossover thrash band, formed in 1986 by vocalist Billy Milano after the disbandment of crossover pioneers S.O.D.. Their first album, MOD for USA, was produced by SOD/Anthrax guitar player Scott Ian. The band followed in the footsteps of SOD with politically incorrect, humorous lyrics but some felt they became increasingly pro right-wing. Milano's later lyrical content concentrates more on making fun of left-wing icons such as Michael Moore for his weight and Rage Against the Machine for making money in the music business.

The humor yet serious nature of the songs is considered by fans to be excellent entertainment. For example, The Rebel You Love to Hate, an album released on Nuclear Blast Records in 2003, has a single called "Wigga". The lyrical content of the song makes fun of white teenagers who rap and embrace a sub-culture that is not their own by ironically adopting hip-hop beats and parodying white rappers like Vanilla Ice. The hypocrisy of the lyrics and the music is a pattern that Milano and company follow in an effort to make the music humorous, entertaining, and not necessarily to be taken seriously.

Billy Milano - Vocals/Bass
Joe Affe - Guitars
Danny "DNA" Burkardt - Drums

Thrash/Hardcore Crossover

Humor, Politics, Society

United States of America (New York, NY), formed in 1986

Index Entartainment


Billy Milano - Vocals (ex-The Psychos, Stormtroopers of Death)
Scott Sargeant - Guitar (Skinlab, Gack, Wrekking Machine, Killing Culture, Lääz Rockit)
Derek "Lennon" Lopez - Drums - (Anthem)
Christopher "Dawson Clawson" Dawson - Bass

Tim McMurtrie (1987), (1992)
Louie Svitek (1989) (Mindfunk, Zoetrope, ex-Mayhem Inc., ex-Ministry)
Tommi Klimchuck (1994) (Pro-Pain, Crumbsuckers)
Joe Young (1996)
Jon Aaron (Graveyard BBQ)
Joe Affe

Ken Ballone (1987-1988)
John Monte (1989) (Mindfunk, ex-Ministry)
Rob Moschetti (1994) (Pro-Pain, Mutilation (US), Undivided)
Sparky Voyeles (2001) (Dying Fetus, Misery Index, ex-Criminal Element, ex-Fear of God, Sadistic Torment)

Keith Davis (1987)
Tim Mallare (1988-1989) (Overkill (US), The Bronx Casket Co., Speed Kill Hate, FA.Q)
Dave Chavarri (1992-1996) (Gothic Slam, Lääz Rockit, Pro-Pain)
Kevin Talley (2001) (Dååth, ex-The Red Chord (Live Drums), Soils of Fate, ex-Misery Index, ex-Decrepit Birth, ex-Dying Fetus , ex-Chimaira, Hate Eternal (Session Live), ex-Cattle Decapitation, ex-Dark Days)
Danny "DNA" Burkhardt
Darren Verpeut

As Guests:
Scott Metaxas - Keyboards (ex-Nuclear Assault)
Paul Crook - Guitar (Anthrax, Sebastian Bach & Friends)
Sooch - Guitar (live in 1987)
Tony Portaro - Guitar (live 1993) (Whiplash (US), ex-Jackhammer, Caligula (US))
Tony Scaglione - Drums (live 1993) (Whiplash (US), ex-Cause for Alarm, ex-Deathrash, ex-Slayer (US), ex-Ludichrist, ex-Jackhammer, ex-Zero Hour (US) Sheer Terror, North Side Kings, Raging Slab, Mantra (US))


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