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Killing Something Beautiful

Album: ''Killing Something Beautiful'' (2002 EP)
1. Killing Something Beautiful
2. Parasite
3. Retience
4. No Escape

From Shadows Came Darkness

Album: ''From Shadows Came Darkness'' (2004 EP)
1. Hope Lies in the Heart of Even the Darkest Soul
2. Act of Sorrow
3. Blood Laced Tears
4. Ignite the Flames
5. Fatal Poison Whisper
6. Perpetual Sin
7. Glory Be Thy Name

This War Will Last Forever

Album: ''This War Will Last Forever'' (2006)
1. What We Have Become (intro)
2. Beneath A Burning Sky
3. Stand As One And Fight For Glory
4. Remains Of The Day
5. Chapel Perilous
6. The Mourning Aftermath
7. Poisoned Hearts
8. Withered & Torn
9. Resurrecting Hope
10. For Blasphemy We Bleed
11. The Reaper Waits
12. The Black Death

The Dead Live By Love

Album: ''The Dead Live By Love'' (2007)
1. Burning Fear
2. The Fight
3. The Dead Live By Love
4. Fuel The Fire
5. Gravedigger
6. Our War
7. Blood Brothers
8. Through Dead Eyes
9. Reload 'N' Kill
10. Take Me As I Am
11. It's Not Over Yet
12. Thirteen



Mendeed is a metalcore band, formed in Dumbarton, near Glasgow, Scotland. In December 2003 Mendeed signed a recording contract with UK label Rising Records. The bands first recording for the label was the mini-album "From Shadows Came Darkness" which was released in September 2004 and produced by Mark Daghorn. Since its release tracks have been played on all the major rock and metal radio stations and a live session was recording and aired on BBC Radio 1 Rockshow. 4K reviews in Kerrang! magazine for "From Shadows..." and a live performance in london along with positive words from Rocksound magazine and countless webzines soon followed. Relentless touring and intense live performances up and down the country have saw the band expand their fanbase and encouraged people to sit up and take notice. Their current album "This War Will Last Forever" was released on 6th February 2006.

Melodic Death/Metalcore

Unconformism, Violence, Personal struggles

United Kingdom (Dumbarton, Scotland), formed in 2000

Nuclear Blast Records


Dave Proctor - Vocals
Steph Gildea - Guitars
Steven Nixon - Guitars (Anterior)
Chris Lavery - Bass
Kevin Mathews - Drums


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