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From Shadows Came Darkness

"From Shadows Came Darkness" (2004 EP)

1. Hope Lies in the Heart of Even the Darkest Soul
2. Act of Sorrow
3. Blood Laced Tears
4. Ignite the Flames
5. Fatal Poison Whisper
6. Perpetual Sin
7. Glory Be Thy Name

1. Hope Lies in the Heart of Even the Darkest Soul

2. Act of Sorrow

In time I will rise to defeat these demons.
Demons are sent to slay, here in the night to haunt my dreams
The souls theyíve taken are tearing my flesh as I fall
I now succumb to their darkness.

From within this plague of ghost and shadows
Time does not heal
Eternal wasting
Still I hold onto this hope.

Survival rests in my hands, as does my destiny
I must prepare for Judgement Day.

3. Blood Laced Tears

In dark eyes lacking feeling or expression
Blood laced tears suggest life within this creature
A life so full of pain - devoid of spirit
Chastised, despised - so forced to fight
Against the peril of humanity.

In lucid dreams a precious life unfolds
The spell is broken by screams
Evil is calling

Put a bullet through its head if it canít win
To hell with that if the fuckers get away with it
Whereís the justice in the world if you canít destroy the one who ripped your life apart

Through its eyes we are feeling the pain of surviving
Its soul is living inside us all
We must rise - fuelling the spirit redemption
The cross will shine

He died for the sake of the of the good inside us
We must carry on his legacy
Rise and believe

4. Ignite the Flames

I canít stop, itís my addiction, now born again, it always beats me

Question me?
I have failed
The power reaches me
Come feel - It makes me feel

Reaching my shadow breaking trepidation
I canít resist when it cries
Trust in me

Ignite the flames (Raises me from eternal darkness I can see)
Awakening my soul
Now I feel (Its not real)
Like the spirit is my own

I will not trust. I will not take you now.

Glad to have met you but now that I see you are false I will trust in me

The guilt, the guilt, I cant handle the thought of it and who iíve let down
I need to be free, free away from you and temptation

Craving, needing, seeking, loathing
What I become when i'm with you, i'm dying
So close to death but yet I live
I order you rest in peace

We both canít function
We cannot co-exist
The war still rages
This war ignites the flames of life

5. Fatal Poison Whisper

...And in the end your words are poison
A simple line is fatal for whom that will believe
You infiltrate with toxic deceit
And no one can see it

Lies - your verbal disease is contagious

False friends are everywhere
And thatís your motivation
Manipulating feeble minds

Euphoria battles despair

Are you so far satisfied while I'm losing everything?

Trusting is suffocation - willing asphyxiation
Ignorance is self-infliction - ignorance is death
Fatal Poison Whisper

Crucify myself. Crucify
I shouldíve fucking stopped you
Eradicate your false flow
Push you to the limits
Cut your instincts
Slit your fucking throat and pull your fucking tongue
Slit your throat

Your time shall come when you fall
Trepidation is all that youíll feel
Fear will be your curse
Eternal Pain

Time will see you fall at my feet
In the end youíll be forgiveness
You will feel the pain I'm feeling
This is who we are

6. Perpetual Sin

As it goes on I donít know if I can take more of this
An everyday abandonment of a less painful time

Hedonistic, pessimistic, masochist, chaos
My silent truth, past well hidden
Do you realise what I am going through?
False life

Blind vision

God help save me, God help kill the demon raping my soul
God canít help save me; God canít help kill the demon raping my soul

I try to forget

I will make you feel like I did
Slaughter your hopes and your dreams then youíll see through my eyes
Come back blind to me

So far my dedication to succeed has got me through this time
But how much longer can a dream block out reality?
Could I always just block out reality?

If I were blind I wouldnít have to see
If I were deaf I would never hear
If I were dumb I wouldnít have to speak
My senses numb, a pleasure pain for me

Manipulation is vital for your way of life
Manipulation breeds
Plagiarism - steal your thoughts from someone else

Go to hell

I will survive to orchestrate your fall
Cleansing us all of parasite one - destroy
Repent your sin

7. Glory Be Thy Name

Imitate - you have become a clone
Your transformation has left me disgusted
Youíre selfish and full of lies
Without change your destined to follow
Your feelings of self worth
They will take you to the pits of inner hell
And when you reach out for my hand
I will not protect you

Take a look inside your soul
Tell me what you feel
Its guilt and you cannot deny it
But you will
Youíll be alone when you fall

Canít you see? Canít you feel? Canít you comprehend what it means to drift away?
It was you, it was I, it was our way. Is this the end?

Decide. The choice is simple
Days gone by - run towards them
They are where you come from
They are what youíre feeling
They are everything that
You are

Go to that place inside you
Cut the cancer eating at your lifeline
Your spirit strength will shine through
As the cancer dies


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