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Gluey Porch Treatments

Album: ''Gluey Porch Treatments'' (1986)
1. Eye Flys
2. Echo Head
3. Don't Piece Me
4. Heater Moves and Eyes
5. Steve Instant Newman
6. Influence Of Atmosphere
7. Exact Paperbacks
8. Happy Grey or Black
9. Leech
10. Glow God
11. Big as a Mountain
12. Heaviness of the Load
13. Flex With You
14. Bitten Into Sympathy
15. Gluey Porch Treatments
16. Clipping Roses
17. As Was It
18. Over From Under The Excriment
19. Easy As It Was
20. Now A Limo
21. Grinding Process
22. At A Crawl
23. Disinvite
24. Snake Appeal


Album: ''Ozma'' (1989)
1. Vile
2. Oven
3. At a Crawl
4. Let God Be Your Gardener
5. Creepy Smell
6. Kool Legged
7. Green Honey
8. Agonizer
9. Raise a Paw
10. Love Thing (Kiss cover)
11. Ever Since My Accident
12. Revulsion / We Reach
13. Dead Dressed
14. Cranky Messiah
15. Claude
16. My Secret Percent Shows Most
17. Candy-O

With Yo

Album: ''With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands'' (1990 Single)
1. With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands
2. Four Letter Woman
3. Anal Satan


Album: ''Bullhead'' (1991)
1. Boris
2. Anaconda
3. Ligature
4. It's Shoved
5. Zodiac
6. If I Had An Exorcism
7. Your Blessened
8. Cow


Album: ''Houdini'' (1993)
1. Hooch
2. Night Goat
3. Lizzy
4. Going Blind (KISS Cover)
5. Honey Bucket
6. Hag Me
7. Set Me Straight
8. Sky Pup
9. Joan Of Arc
10. Teet
11. Copache
12. Pearl Bomb
13. Spread Eagle Beagle

Stoner Witch

Album: ''Stoner Witch'' (1994)
1. Skweetis
2. Queen
3. Sweet Willy Rollbar
4. Revolve
5. Goose Freight Train
6. Roadbull
7. At the Stake
8. Magic Pig Detective
9. Shevil
10. June Bug
11. Lividity


Album: ''Stag'' (1996)
1. The Bit
2. Hide
3. Bar-X-the Rocking M
4. Yacob's Lab
5. The Bloat
6. Tipping the Lion
7. Black Bock
8. Goggles
9. Soup
10. Buck Owens
11. Sterilized
12. Lacrimosa
13. Skin Horse
14. Captain Pungent
15. Berthas
16. Cottonmouth

Bar-X-The Rocking M

Album: ''Bar-X-The Rocking M'' (1996 Single)
1. Bar-X-The Rocking M


Album: ''Honky'' (1997)
1. They All Must Be Slaughtered
2. Mombius Hiabachi
3. Lovely Butterflies
4. Pitfalls in Serving Warrants
5. Air Breather Deep in the Arms of Morphius
6. Laughing With Lucifer At Satan's Sideshow
7. How --++--
8. Harry Lauders Walking Stick Tree
9. Grin
10. In the Freaktose the Bugs are Dying


Album: ''Bootlicker'' (1999)
1. Toy
2. Let It All Be
3. Black Santa
4. We We
5. Up The Dumper
6. Mary Lady Bobby Kins
7. Jew Boy Flower Head
8. Lone Rose Holding Now
9. Prig

The Maggot

Album: ''The Maggot'' (1999)
1. 1. amazon 2. amazon(cont.)
2. 3. Amazon 4.Amazon(cont.)
3. 5. We All Love Judy 6. We All Love Judy(cont.)
4. 7. Manky 8. Manky(cont.)
5. 9. Green Manalishi, The 10. Green Manalishi, The(cont.)
6. 11. Horn Bearer, The 12. Horn Bearer, The(cont.)
7. 13. Judy 14. Judy(cont.)
8. 16. See How Pretty, See How Smart 17. See How Pretty, See How Smart(cont.)


Album: ''Crybaby'' (2000)
1. Smells Like Teen Spirit w/Leif Garrett
2. Blockbuster w/David Yow
3. Ramblin' Man w/Hank Williams III, Henry Bogdan (Helmet)
4. GI Joe - w/Mike Patton
5. Mine Is No Disgrace w/Foetus
6. Spineless w/Skeleton Key
7. Divorced w/Tool
8. Dry Drunk w/David Yow (Jesus Lizard), Godzik Pink
9. Okie From Muskogee w/Hank Williams III, Henry Bogdan
10. The Man With The Laughing Hand Is Dead w/Bliss Blood
11. Moon Pie w/Kevin Sharp


Album: ''Electroretard'' (2001)
1. Shit Storm
2. Youth of America
3. Gluey Porch Treatments
4. Revolve
5. Missing
6. Lovely Butterflies
7. Tipping The Lion
8. Interstellar Overdrive

Pigs of the Roman Empire

Album: ''Pigs of the Roman Empire'' (2004)
1. III
2. The Bloated Pope
3. Toadi Acceleratio
4. Pigs of the Roman Empire
5. Pink Bat
6. Zzzz Best
7. Safety Third
8. Idolatrous Apostate
9. Untitled & Hidden Track

Neither Here Nor There

Album: ''Neither Here Nor There'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Bar-X the Rocking M
2. Night Goat
4. The Fool The Meddling Idiot
5. Revolve
6. Colossus Of Destiny
7. Manky
8. Oven
9. With Teeth
10. If You Get Bored
11. Let It All Be
12. Boris
13. Forgotten Principles
14. Prick
15. Mombius Hibachi
16. At A Crawl
17. Hooch
18. Eye Flys

Sieg Howdy

Album: ''Sieg Howdy'' (2005)
1. Halo of Flies (Alice Cooper cover)
2. The Lighter Side of Global Terrorism
3. Lessons in What Not to Become
4. Those Dumb Punk Kids (Will Buy Anything)
5. Kali-Fornia Uber Alles 21st Century (live)
6. Wholly Buy Bull
7. Voted Off The Island
8. Dawn of the Locusts (remix by dalek)
9. Enchanted Thoughtfist (remix by Al Jourgensen)
10. Caped Crusader (subway gas/hello kitty mix)



Melvins are an eccentric American heavy rock band that usually performs as a trio. They are responsible for influencing genres like sludge, grunge and doom metal. Singer/guitarist Buzz Osborne (aka "King Buzzo") and drummer Dale Crover are constant members while several bass guitarists have cycled through the group. The band was named after a grocery clerk at the Thriftway in Montesano, Washington where Osborne was employed. Melvin was the most-hated fellow employee and the band felt it to be an appropriate name.

Melvins' music is influenced by Black Flag's My War-era punk and Black Sabbath-style metal, but their idiosyncratic approach, bizarre sense of humor, and experimentation make neat categorization difficult. Like SF noisenik predecessors Flipper, their love of slow tempos and sludgy sound were a strong influence on grunge music, especially Nirvana and many other bands from Seattle. Their protegés, however, tended to use more conventional musical structures with this sound. They are one of the pioneers of the sludge genre.

Though the group has received mostly positive critical notice, Crover's drumming has been especially praised; Patrick Kennedy describes his work as "astonishing, powerful, and daring."

While never finding and probably never even seeking great mainstream success, Melvins maintain an impressive schedule of new albums and tours, including a collaboration with Fantômas in The Fantômas Melvins Big Band and two releases with former Dead Kennedys front man Jello Biafra, and have a dedicated cult following. (The band has been colloquially known as "The Jelvins" during Biafra's current tenure). In appreciation of these devoted fans, Melvins have released various collectables through the years that have included two-headed dolls, an eight-track tape, and a plastic fetus in a jar.

Melvins are currently performing with bass player Jared Warren from Big Business, who participated on their album (a) Senile Animal along with Osborne and Crover. Coady Willis, the drummer from Big Business, has also been inducted into the band - he and Crover both take up the position of drummer simultaneously, contributing extremely heavy-hitting, explosive rhythms in synchronization with each other.

Doom/Stoner Metal/Post-Punk

United States of America (Aberdeen, WA), formed in 1983



King Buzzo (Buzz Osborne) - Guitars/Vocals (Fantômas, Venomous Concept)
Dale Crover - Drums (Nirvana, Fecal Matter)
Jared Warren - Bass (Big Business, ex-Karp, ex-The Whip)
Coady Willis - Drums (Big Business, ex-Murder City Devils)

Mark Deutrom (Clown Alley)
Lori Black (Lorax) (Clown Alley)
Joe Preston (ex-High on Fire, Thrones, ex-Earth (US), ex-The Whip)
Matt Lukin (Mudhoney)
Dave Stone (ex-Get Hustle)
Kevin Rutmanis (Tomahawk (US))
Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant, Electric Masada)

Jello Biafra - on "Never Breathe What You Can't See" and "Sieg Howdy" (Dead Kennedys, Lard, Tumor Circus)
Mike Patton - on "Millenium Monsterwork" (Faith No More, Fantômas, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk (US))

Mike Dillard


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