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"Ozma" (1989)

1. Vile
2. Oven
3. At a Crawl
4. Let God Be Your Gardener
5. Creepy Smell
6. Kool Legged
7. Green Honey
8. Agonizer
9. Raise a Paw
10. Love Thing (Kiss cover)
11. Ever Since My Accident
12. Revulsion / We Reach
13. Dead Dressed
14. Cranky Messiah
15. Claude
16. My Secret Percent Shows Most
17. Candy-O

1. Vile

Your vile sawed in half
Exudes a demigogic school
And your little bit of dropper down
It lows and reaches up...
And I pray, and I pray
And slowly rise upon my knees
And praise the little bit of dropper down
That hardens in me

I'm wishin I could feel but I know
I know it's bigger
Cuz I know even though my pride's growin'
I could fall
Take it through the eyes like men
Your scared of what could come
Cuz I know my only pain comes through the eye
Through the eye

Wishing that I could feel it but I know
You can take yours
Cuz I know it's a runaround like a chump
[inaudible gibberish]

2. Oven

I coulda swore I gave my wedding ring to you.
Among the chewing gears you taunt me tear.
Elements are still alive to shake from ear to ear.
Pez are gonna let it slide, gonna burn what cotton decides are apelee.
My main oven drive, he took from under what's come over me.

3. At a Crawl

I'm crawling, on my belly crawling, sucking, living,
Flesh drawn flesh. And I'm crawling to the edge of somethin.
I'm crawling, on my belly crawling, suckin, living, divine mess.
Screaming with a vengeance. Laughing as you're mocking me, cry cuz
I'm not ready for it. You see?

4. Let God Be Your Gardener

Knee crawling alive and tasting
another way for lies to take it in
Listen kid your face is like porcelin
Worrys. Life is like a, garden.
Life is like a.

5. Creepy Smell

[intro from 'Holiday Inn' by Gene Simmons]:
I know you write me sexy letters
And you send your pictures for my wall.

With a will to learn
Just wait for cheap lil' bastard burn
To hide behind the face
Must destroy disgrace.

You disgrace me

Now you know what it's like to cry
Creepy Crover.

6. Kool Legged

The river where your legs meet
sprouts wings and runs and crawls
and kicks and now speaks.
The feelings I get now are close but I doubt
they could ever compete.
I remember drinking Kool-Aid
it's odour and it's taste
and drinking 7-Up to get well.
A picture of Jesus as an Indian over my bed,
and playing with parts of my self.
And now you're so forgiving.

7. Green Honey

Alien mouse comes,
Tyre vision headboard. Yeah.
Walkin' bright simple.
Come on, honey, green. Song.
Rollin' on wine
Think I'm smellin' love.
Pain in preparing the sinner,
There's a place downtown called red
And a pier.

8. Agonizer

Agonizer times ten your earther again.
Sometimes the bad things are felt from a bad place within.
The thundering heart hole a stone the strawberry mark.
The clothes of the body, weeper mind sifter, galore.
The sideways eyes on the floor.

9. Raise a Paw

Paw grant me, it's wisdom,
Oh yeah.
I felt your resistance and
distance of heartfelt relief.
It waits nothing EVER YOU NEVER

10. Love Thing (Kiss cover)

11. Ever Since My Accident

Ever since my accident
From her throat to her lips
And it's wild, is the wild
Well I stand all alone like a tree
All alone I stand.

12. Revulsion / We Reach


Repelled by just the sight
you take me you feel me comin on
It repells the big strong man
Now you want to take me for everything I am
Gotta word that's coming up coming up my throat.
It's a long ass word, gonna make me choke.
I like to hold my pride
right in between my hands.
so I can feel it hang.

We Reach

I could have hoped for a better piece of your man.
Better times I wrote for glass, less, wind.
From both behinds in back, we're reaching one of each, in time.
Heart like a picture to be.
Hardly, we reach.

13. Dead Dressed

One tenth of her.
I feel her talking thru my stand-up hairs.
Which of you, or does he touch them or is he daft.
It's hard boys alone and old,
it's really like her it wears her clothes.
I might be, I might be.
But you're not me and you don't know.
I'm back in the mine.
Don't be afraid my love for you to die.
It stands it's ground as I stand mine.
The ex-flesh of the temperature,
I'm just as beautiful as your light allows.

14. Cranky Messiah

Lip tight it's prophecy sealed,
wafer wise come dancing
caged and small in it's cavity.
But I can feel your heart
beat it's shape in my hand.
Pounded air patterns, convey messages
you're the brother sended, to the brother soul
yet. But my wounds don't heal.

15. Claude

The seeded truth be bare, my dear.
Those sub done potterys come quite clear.
Those who see both left and right
And claw
Excive dry bodies for a god to call.
And I can leave your handy.

16. My Secret Percent Shows Most

Into the pill I go
Would you save yourself
(Thrown at) your wish it
(Wanna) like a (like a)
Bit of
(Pouring something) like them
(Am I dope get some of my)
It's like a, like a
Like a..feeling I can
Like lemon several sickle like it.

17. Candy-O

Candy-O, I need you
Sunday dress ruby rings
Candy-O, I need you so
Could you help me in

Purple hum, assorted cards
Razor lights, you bring
And all to prove you're on the move
And vanishing
Candy-O, I need you so
Candy-O, I need you so


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