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The Way Of Loneliness

Album: ''The Way Of Loneliness'' (1993 Demo)
1. Onanova øíše
2. Pedofilní chùva
3. Incest
4. Aroma lidského masa
5. Cunnillingus
6. Za zpìvu vran
7. Kamenáè Byll
8. Let perverzního lišaje
9. Cesta Osamìní

The Labyrinth Of The Round Square

Album: ''The Labyrinth Of The Round Square'' (1994)
1. Human To Human
2. The River Of Hate
3. Lost In The Rectum Of A Sallow Transvestite
4. No Name
5. Juice Extractor
6. To Fry Your Heart On The Pan
7. The Elephant´s Cemetary
8. In The Sorrow
9. The Sad Art
10. About The Pervers Aneb Zoofilní Hamburger
11. The Short Advice Before A Coitus
12. The Heaven Dance Of The Psychopatic Joy
13. The Labyrinth Of The Round Square

The Monuments

Album: ''The Monuments'' (1996 Demo)
1. I Couldn´t Thought Of A Better Title
2. The Monuments
3. An Angel With Shit On The Wings
4. The Chicken On The Roast, Statues On The Bridge
5. The Eden Called Hell
6. Imagine... And You Will Be Sorry
7. Not So Literally
8. Your Grinadry
9. The Sea Of Oil Tears



Masturbace is a czech band from Prague playing Groove/death metal since 1992.

Lately, they have become quite known thanks to the album called "Teplo domova vychází z pochvy" ("Home warmth comes from the vagina"), released in 2005.

Death Metal / Hardcore

Czech Republic (Prague), formed in 1991

Melody Gardos Production


Mára: Lead Vocal
Petr: Bass Guitar
Blenny: Guitar
Doctor: Drums
Aragorn: Guitar And Vocal


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