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The Human Condition In 12 Fractions

Album: ''The Human Condition In 12 Fractions'' (2001)
1. Failed Polygraph Examination
2. Broken Mouth
3. 75-25
4. The Montreal Screwjob
5. The Fault Of The Human Condition
6. Statement Of Being Followed By Followers
7. Prozac Anecdote
8. A Suicide Note In Braille
9. Withered Monarch
10. Marriage With A Guardrail
11. Castration
12. The Gestation Process

On Earth As It Is In Hell

Album: ''On Earth As It Is In Hell'' (2004)
1. Faithless (Pt.1)
2. Bring Out Your Dead
3. The Serpent And The Flower
4. American Hollow
5. Late Night Faith Healer
6. Misery Dance
7. Valley of Solitude
8. The Last Words of Any Meaning (I. Diagnosis)
9. (II. Terminal)
10. Beneath the Plague
11. Into Stone
12. The Dead Reprise

martyr ad


There is nothing pretty about despair. Martyr AD is back to show everyone just how brutal metal and hardcore can be when anger and frustration set in. Martyr AD is returning with their Victory Records debut, ‘On Earth as it is in Hell‘. This is the sound of three years of discontent, dissatisfaction and corrosion of life and society around you. When things looked bleakest, Martyr AD survived. Not only have they bulldozed everything in their way, they have turned that experience into a record that takes the emptiness, greed, and deception of this world, and turns it into vitriolic mixture of aggression and rage, delivered with a ferocity sorely needed in the music scene today. With the release of ‘On Earth as it is in Hell‘, Martyr AD is creating a new chapter in an already extensive career. After releasing the punishing debut full-length ‘The Human Condition in Twelve Fractions‘ in 2001, Martyr AD toured the continent relentlessly, sharing the stage with bands such as Poison the Well, Throwdown and the Haunted. Just as they were winning over fans with their punishing, ungodly mix of metal and hardcore, the band parted ways with two members, and the runaway train set to crush the masses was seemingly derailed. The metal and hardcore scenes were left to sift through a plethora of bands who replaced fury with conformity and empty self-absorption. The excitement generated by Martyr AD’s extensive touring still boiled, and the seething hordes anticipated the band’s return. Rising from the ashes, this is the new Martyr A.D. Still fast, still technical, and still annihilating, ‘On Earth as it is in Hell‘ is a testament to learning from the past, but founding a new road ahead. Beginning with the sound that made them famous, Martyr AD has taken that familiar sonic rage and melded it with a classic Bay Area thrash influence and Swedish melody, creating the sound of a new devastation. Martyr AD isn’t picking up where they left off. They’re taking a huge step forward and dead set on destroying what you thought you knew about them as a band and heavy metal and hardcore in general. Look for their Victory debut, ‘On Earth as it is in Hell‘ in stores April 20, 2004 Consider yourself warned.

The band has since seperated.


Inner struggles, misanthropy, society

United States of America (Minneapolis, Minnesota), formed in 2000

Victory Records


Tara Anderson (ex-Disembodied) - Bass
Joel Johnson (ex-Disembodied) - Guitar
Charlie Johnson - Guitar
Karl Hensel - Drums
Andy Hart - Vocals

Justin Kane (ex-Disembodied) - Drums
Michael James Fisketti (Enola Grey)
Chris Drake (Enola Grey)


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