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The Human Condition In 12 Fractions

"The Human Condition In 12 Fractions" (2001)

1. Failed Polygraph Examination
2. Broken Mouth
3. 75-25
4. The Montreal Screwjob
5. The Fault Of The Human Condition
6. Statement Of Being Followed By Followers
7. Prozac Anecdote
8. A Suicide Note In Braille
9. Withered Monarch
10. Marriage With A Guardrail
11. Castration
12. The Gestation Process

1. Failed Polygraph Examination

2. Broken Mouth

once again the pain has come blood fills my eyes another voice lies dying in the wind this remains constant repetition breeds normalcy just the dying whisper of an infected fool one more face has come and walked away with a piece of me leaving me along bleeding and speechless preserving silence please understand you've done this to yourself a dying flower and a piece of blame that I used to know I remember you staring back at me through broken glass so tear apart your memories and suck your fingers dry and look for another way to fill an empty life one more face has come and killed me slowly with its tongue leaving scabs to hide the words that fall on the ears of the deaf preserving silence it feels like I'm dying and this time its your fault tied to the gun tied to the knife watching you chase your own demise kill another minute wasting what you needed you've left yourself to nothing and tried to take me with you believing all your falsehoods you're drowning here alone I know that in the end you will burn for this you are falling from my hands a silhouette of disgust a chalk outline of a soul a sickened tortured figure rests its outstretched arms the damned leading the damned to a place for the forgotten a chorus of the lost in a room for the weak crying out turning blue suffocating in your sea of self hate and lust with apathy life washes past bloodied eyes and leaves a numb hardened wreck lying still in its place wasting what you took from me leaving me to mourn exhausting the space I've given you forgetting you in the end

3. 75-25

slave to monotony another breath breads futility this is not a life a trace of reality
disease of existing life holds only shame for me slipping from importance as I turn away
cold hands breaking apart this will not come to pass we are all so alone and I'm lying
here in a pool of my own disgust a frail ritual practiced with apathy if this is what
life has to offer color me dead and left to the vultures armed to the teeth with denial
suffocate the slave as therapy for the insane and a lesson the the unforgiven waking to
the bleak disturbing sound of nothingness no one to save us this has been set by the
eyes of the un-desired dead to the world and tapped clean of all effort tie the
tourniquet tight bleed the infection away know that an effort of trying is an effort
towards dying in vain life's a fable of pride taught to mask the pawn I've taken what
you've given and turned it into nothing killed myself to redefine suffering leave me
here to rot find a flame choose a stake close your eyes and pass away

4. The Montreal Screwjob

I can't forgive you this distance shorter as the embering flames show retraction
to your malice with my false judgement I can't fathom this commitment you were
lost in a time which I forgot and I'm backwards and you didn't think of me you're
beautiful I have never seen dangerous hands leave incisions they tear at me my
bleeding heart torn from its rightful place you're crushing I'm helpless you're
loving but heartless our fall has passed and a wintertime has set in it's touching
this soul it's touching this space that's not filled I wander alone in my perfect
world but an inch is missing remind me of that moment when my heart was alive for
you you're beautiful I have never seen your pretty hands leave incisions they
tear at me my bleeding heart torn from its rightful place save me a place in hell
save me a place in hell with you would you sit there staring at me confident but
all too depending as a sculpture that bleeds at me from her calloused deadened eyes

5. The Fault Of The Human Condition

lay down my heart in front of you a chalice will you take it a separation that
causes a dream demonstrated what does that make me? a frightened postured boy
I wallowed in a stream I chose to writhe loving everys econd that stretched to
eternity will you take this listening to every line? again? finishing your
goals that your hated life holds for you there were characters there were nothing
else and that's so clear I wallowed in a stream I chose to writhe loving every
second that stretched to eternity never have you realized this pain never have
you conceived endings never have you believed blieve in me there will be no direct
ties last words from your mouth were expressionless and meaningless again I'm fooled

6. Statement Of Being Followed By Followers

how you came from the wall feeding me handfuls of anonymity a perfect mask can
hide a shallow smile a muted voice comprised of chicanery a prophet to the
disassembled a bleeding heart for a dying cause prays in tongues and kneels in
dirt hollowed without your face shows sickened ways a filter of reality shows
you in a league with a god with a leper's hand you reach with hate the first
stone is cast a masochistic game tear the jester's heart from its chest this
cycle never ends how the killers always come with a grin there is no need for
you here you're worth your weight in shit so play the sage in the eyes of another
bastard and fulfill your place in life again having played the fool once all
too often in the past everything has an end and everything dies and when your
word becomes as indestructable as the frequency of your lies then we'll discuss
promises I wish you increments of hell at one million a day

7. Prozac Anecdote

and with this we learn to appreciate true suffering the angry helpless feeling
of it all becomes something to take a strict comfort in the words that we use
become mundane and tired to us because all we have felt has remained constant
for so long the words we hear from you are cliched and worn and I can mimic your
every breath when we realize what it is we are looking for and understanding
comes a mix of omnipotence and banality a disgusting exercise in conceit and
condescend tear away the flesh and it is still there simmering in its own
terrible nature nobody asked for this nobody wants this but it kills us all
and I can mimic your every breath and we learn to appreciate true suffering

8. A Suicide Note In Braille

stab me in the heart again once for love and twice for the past it seems days
grow colder here now that death is in the sky I've choked on these words and
laid here rotting away I've sewn my eyes shut waiting for the worm to turn as
the clouds rest in the dirt with the ashes of angels wings let this room shine
like a star and let me forget to breathe starve the parasite laugh at me and
twist the knife you are the picture of perfection and I am the filth from beginning
to end it's the truth behind every word from a forked tongue that sucks out my life
and fills in the grave a heart on a shelf as a reminder of sympathy collecting dust
as a trophy as it burns as it tricks again you've severed your lifeline to me I res
in a bed of cedar wishing good night to my failures driving nails through my hands
resting and restless thrown down amongst the swine once constructed as divine
paralyzed by dignity and smothered by a memory dear walls stare analyze me it
lasted longer pitiful me conscious to find nothing again a vile reality runs
through my head and its fluctuating repiticiously in this hole twice preserved
I've failed

9. Withered Monarch

spite the hand that breeds innocence light the fires of impurity pull the
hood over your fucking face and hide away your real self if you've come here
to pass judgement leave your cause behind fade away you have come here to
tear me apart then come to me and take this life from me your your time your
chance to show your worth is fading fast when you wither I will ruin your
shell spend a life wasting your every breath and I will spend years wishing
you pain the pain of a thousand dead delivered to you as a gift of razor blades
through the eyes and a nail through the tongue drawing life from a body kill
it gently slowly give it the numbing feeling that you've given me before suffer
kill off the weak to purify leave them behind to teach the wrong make from their
bone an effigy of disease for the forgotten suffer to the end we've come for the
blood of a god

10. Marriage With A Guardrail

11. Castration

I have tasted your blood before and bled while you walked away I've seen Hell
through the eyes of the ruined I have walked with the feet of the dead looking
for a chance to make something from nothing my nothing rain poured down upon the
streets paved with the open chests of the brokenhearted and misbegotten the truth
of nothing is as it seems everything is black and the light at the end of the
tunnel is the fire that burns us bring another pain someday when we are not
distant the same life we share will be bound again in this day of decay we found
both our seperate paths to take this tired life of mine feels constructed for
you once more please don't repent I've sent for you

12. The Gestation Process

from your hands pulling at these strings my life is left to an empty frame cast
me aside at an arms length reach out to me lick my wounds leave me again with
fresh scars the end is loving bitterness is growing into a loveless cancer beaten
and drained as our dream has been sucked away in the end desperation makes an
addict out of us all the end is loving bitterness is growing in to a loveless
cancer my presence is weak I am the cure you never wanted please leave me alone
just let me be I'm dried of worth and not needed because your desperate the past
is the savior that's how you keep striving if you think of the present there's
not much to offer there's an anecdote that you get your hands on just let me be
just let me be


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