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Glory and Victory

Album: ''Glory and Victory'' (1995 Demo)
1. At the Spirits of Nazaré...
2. Azimã: The Doctrinator of Sexual Arts
3. Reverência ao Bode
4. Gilles de Rais, Lord of Rais
5. Fall of Loucyfer
6. The Triuph of Shatanas-Panteau
7. A Star in the Skies
8. Glory and Victory
9. The Great Black Goat God (the Lord of the Flies)
10. Nocturnal Meeting
11. Outro: Andante

Under Delight of the Black Candle

Album: ''Under Delight of the Black Candle'' (1997 EP)
1. Intro: In a Ceremony...
2. Meditating in the Contemplation's Horizon (Solitude)
3. Under Delight of the Black Candle

The Dance of the Satan

Album: ''The Dance of the Satan's Bitch'' (1998)
1. The Dance of the Satan's Bitch (For the Tetric and Vamipiric Winds of Hades...) - (Intro)
2. Canção em Lua Negra de Averno
3. Azimã: The Doctrinator of the Sexual Arts
4. Além dos Jardins Nosferáticos
5. Poderoso Sangre de la Serpiente
6. The Great Black Goat God (The Lord of the Flies)
7. Drink Your Own Blood
8. Under Delight of the Black Candle
9. Outro: Reverência ao Bode

Extreme Bizarre Seduction

Album: ''Extreme Bizarre Seduction'' (2001)
1. The Cry of Adelain (Embrace the Lesbian Goddess)
2. Deep Melancholy State
3. My Crucial Story About the Jesus Sinner
4. Devil-Bride, Our Erotic Dark Desires
5. Extreme Bizarre Seduction
6. Gilles de Rais, Lord of Rais
7. Lapidis Funebris
8. ...And Ancient Witches Consume Psychotropic Teas
9. The Demon's Mark in my Skin

Destroying the Symbols of Lies

Album: ''Destroying the Symbols of Lies'' (2002)
1. Moonblood's Domination
2. Warpagan's Heart
3. Burn at Midnight
4. Devil Killing Christ Again
5. Golgotha in Flames
6. Destroying the Symbols of Lies
7. My Last Touching Battlefield
8. Insatiable Thirst for Blood
9. Total Wargasm

Fourth Empire

Album: ''Fourth Empire'' (2003)
1. Fourth Empire of Horror and Lust
2. Nokturnal Meeting
3. The Strong Is Stronger Alone
4. LIving Dead In The Summerlands
5. Keys To The Sorrow
6. 666 Reasons To Kill The King Of Jews
7. Hosannah In The Satan's Claws
8. Forgotten Reuins In The Middle Of The Forest
9. BBlaspehming God



There are now two black metal bands called Malkuth - an older band from Brazil, and a recent band from NYC (an NNCK side project).

Black Metal


Brazil (Jaboatão dos Guararapes, PE), formed in 1993

Skull Records


Lord Nightfall (Carlos Eduardo Gomes de Melo) - Vocals (1993-1999 and 2005),Drums (2000-2004) (ex-Seges Findere)
Priest Vampyr Ashtaroth (Vital Pereira dos Santos) - Guitars,Vocals( 2000-2004),Keyboards (1993) (ex-Seges Findere)
Demitrius (Wanderson Rodrigues Marques) - Guitars
Darkfenriz - Bass (ex-Empire of Shadows)
Nekrogod (Ricardo Douglas) - Drums (True Violence, Sabbatical Throne)

Kleudde - Bass
Invoker Diabolic Flame - Drums
Flammelian Azoth - Bass (2001-2002)
Maniac for War - Drums
Azazel - Guitars
Protheus - Drums
Foehnmephys Occultus - Bass
Samir - Drums
Holocaust - Bass
Daniela Nightfall - female Vocals, Keyboards


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