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Extreme Bizarre Seduction

"Extreme Bizarre Seduction" (2001)

1. The Cry of Adelain (Embrace the Lesbian Goddess)
2. Deep Melancholy State
3. My Crucial Story About the Jesus Sinner
4. Devil-Bride, Our Erotic Dark Desires
5. Extreme Bizarre Seduction
6. Gilles de Rais, Lord of Rais
7. Lapidis Funebris
8. ...And Ancient Witches Consume Psychotropic Teas
9. The Demon's Mark in my Skin

1. The Cry of Adelain (Embrace the Lesbian Goddess)

Raised from the tomb of the sun
Where the pure is primitive
As primitive as Saturnus and Cronos
She is the stars' veil

Created in the Horus-Aeon
Inside the rain of opium
And distilled from the celestial nectar
She's young and woman

In your forms
The nymph's seduction
Death and life,
I want you,
Babylon's whore

Princess of ecstasy
Child of vulgarity
Goddess of innocence
Daughter of desire
Mother of illusion

She lives in an incestuous romance
Beautiful symphony of the cursed
Your sanctuary are the woods
Flying in the universe of delirium

Muse of profane poets
Your dogma and law are the sin
In your lips: the black magiks
In your spirit: the spell of Caim

Eyes of tantric nature
As inspiring as the hills of Kanchenjunga,
Explicit female desire
Dawn of the unmistakable blood

2. Deep Melancholy State

In the eternal land,
In the sadness land,
In the sado-land,
In the lesbians' land,
In the suicidals' land,
In the sepulchral land

Just see immortal angels in majestic flights
And the swords be torn in the air,
See hideous nereids be raised of the sea's foams,
Hear the dramatic, distant and taciturn howls of the wolves

See Medusa smiling in front of petrified foolish men,
Hear trembling and moribund voices
And the wisdom of the ancient messages
It's the divine unconsciousness
Listening sepulchral whispers...

...Of a deep melancholy's state

Feel the coldness of the serenity,
Feel the winds crossing your soul
And the sweet smell of wines perfumed in the taverns

In a poetic suicide in the name of Loucyfer,
From the gates of Langsuyar, the death is the war

The death is the war

3. My Crucial Story About the Jesus Sinner

Living in the shadows
Orphan of the wisdom
Poor penitent
Under the night of prostitutions

In your cross: eternal sado/funny

The cry of the false monarch
Flowers to the lovers
Whore saint
A fervent virgin
Addicted by the sexual kiss

The sweet wine
In my sword
The bastard dead

Satisfied God?
Strange creature
Mad poet
Violator of the sense

He's weak, totally weak!!!

4. Devil-Bride, Our Erotic Dark Desires

...It's our splendor.
An archaic tragedy of
Our erotic dark desires,
I'm insane, totally insane

Nobody in the funeral,
Nobody cries to the solitary coffin
This lies under the candle's flame,
The flame dance as a sinuous and seductive body of
A viper woman

There are not flowers in the sad grave,
There's a sweet and empty forgetfulness sensation,
The blood is the essence of the life,
An endless anxiety, without course,
But there are still statues in marble of forlorn angels
They console the fertility of your bosoms,
They'll give as gift a black rose for you
But also there is not black flower,
Just a thorn of a cursed rose
Pricked in your angelical finger
And beautiful, the blood will drain

And my tortuous and serpentine tongue will dry this red tear,
When my chains involve you,
When your long and gold hair interlace
With strange force in my hands,
My journey will be long, but my time infinite
The angels aren't immortal.

5. Extreme Bizarre Seduction

Serene is my Psychopatia Sexualis,
I rape the nymphs
Immolating their innocence
Send me the Hell and Paradise
I kiss the horrible
"In the hell of the hallucinated vision
I saw mountains of blood
Filling the highway,
I saw the red innards for the ground"

Gothic life, Neo-Vampiric Society,
The future of necrosadophilia,
Nostalgia of Sodom

We are the children of Caligula,
Total vulgar erotasia,
We are feeling the fragrance of the hate,
You cannot dream, impure depraved!!!

Into the scenery of Shamballah,
I'm the seventh son
Of the Sun and Empusa,
Lover of the thirteenth candle.

6. Gilles de Rais, Lord of Rais

The moon wax in the horizon,
From the space cosmic the mist of the nightfall,
A sorcerer of carnal ferocity and the sadism wild

Your spirit possesses the eternal blaze in an cascade of impurity,
Beyond the eyes arise at a forest a dark temple of shadows

Master of the power sinister of the alchemy singed at a chapel,
In the days of all sancts a chant
Under the sexual inferno in your lasr circle

A black serenity and a diabolical hate run in your veins
A sorcerer devotee of the damned and the guardian of the lights of cruelty

During eight years, thousands of sancts and children are violated
Before the supremacy and fidelity to Baphomet,
The carnal pleasure is awake for the poetic feeling,
Holy inquisitors - eternal silence

Gilles de Rais, into the flame of the malice,
Gilles de Rais, into the malicious dream

Gilles de Rais, rise!
Gillesde Rais, rise!
Gilles de Rais.

7. Lapidis Funebris

Minha lápide fúnebre
Bela criança desnuda
Um semblante sacro
Teu véu carnal oculta a besta
Ser tão censurável
Quanto o clímax da Santa-Madre
Serenata ou grito agônico
Doce ou leal demonolatria
Filha: abrace e beije o morto
Pois tuas vítimas clamam pela orgia
Necronomicom em diário
Caprichosa alma tenebre
Luciféria em ardor letal
Tua lápide é nossa semente
Oh, Santa Cadela/bestificada noviça
Karma de Deus/musa bizarra
Sacia tua fome eclesiástica
Destrincha o inocente infante
Suga teu semítico néctar
Beldade rubra do sol, súcubo da lua
Obscena a humanidade cega

8. ...And Ancient Witches Consume Psychotropic Teas

Take your wife and daughters,
Then you will be banished to the Kingdom of Tshatogua,
So will fall rains of sulfur that will wash Sodom

And two archangels fall from the heaven:
The Ecstasy and the Incest,
In your home the damned old master impaler
Afterwards, he will burn and will sell your skins

Are the archangels made of flesh?
Are the ruins made to the eternity?
Is the statue of salt sweet as honey?
Madelaine in the paradise of my pleasure

It's cold as the death
Transcendental intense ardor
She has the equilibrium of the insanity
In your mansion rise the Armmagedom

In the sacred hill the blessed orgies and psychotropic teas in consumption,
Impure nights,
The old master fuck the wife Madelaine and your daughters,
Mediocre's children

Blind divine archangels,
They're violated
In the sacred mixture of semen and sulphur,
Sacred existence destroyed,
Andromeda in cancer

Toy of the pure eclipse
Humans destroyed, archangels destroyed.

9. The Demon's Mark in my Skin

Total disgrace
In my demoniac entrails

Apocalyptic dawn
Of the cosmos that falls in me
Misanthropic desires bleeding
Signs from the light

Sick body, diseased soul,
The demon's mark in my skin,
Cult me!!!

Total hate
In my diabolical thoughts

Plagues are kissing me forever
The black waters that run in my veins
I am a temple of gothic emotions,
Violence, suffering and sadism!!!

I'm the plagues,
I'm the black waters,
I'm the violence,
I'm the suffering,
I'm the sadism,

I'm the Seven Legions, I'm the Seven Demons
Hail Satan!!


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