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The Ten Commandments

Album: ''The Ten Commandments'' (1991)
1. Memorial Arrangements
2. Premature Burial
3. Remnants of Withered Decay
4. Multiple Stab Wounds
5. Impaled Existence
6. Thou Shall Kill!
7. Sacrificial Annihilation
8. Decadence Within
9. Injected Sufferage
10. Malevolent Creation


Album: ''Retribution'' (1992)
1. Eve of the Apocalypse
2. Systematic Execution
3. Slaughter of Innocence
4. Coronation of Our Domain
5. No Flesh Shall Be Spared
6. The Coldest Survive
7. Monster
8. Mindlock
9. Iced


Album: ''Stillborn'' (1993)
1. Dominated Resurgency
2. The Way of All Flesh
3. Dominion of Terror
4. Geared for Gain
5. Stillborn
6. Ordain the Hierarchy
7. Carnivorous Misgivings
8. Genetic Affliction
9. Ethnic Cleansing
10. Disciple of Abhorrence

Live Death

Album: ''Live Death'' (1994 Split)
1. Jesus Wept
2. Infecting the Crypts
3. Premature Burial
4. Slaughter of Innocence
5. Decadence Within
6. The Law
7. (Cadence Of) The Dirge
8. Desecrator
9. Hung, Drawn and Quartered
10. Blood Bath


Album: ''Eternal'' (1996)
1. No Salvation
2. Blood Brothers
3. Infernal Desire
4. Living In Fear
5. Unearthly
6. Enslaved
7. Alliance Or War
8. They Breed
9. To Kill
10. Hideous Reprisal
11. Eternal
12. Tasteful Agony

In Cold Blood

Album: ''In Cold Blood'' (1997)
1. Nocturnal Overlord
2. Prophecy
3. Compulsive
4. Narcotic Genocide
5. Violated
6. Leech
7. In Cold Blood
8. Visions of Malace
9. VII
10. Preyed Upon
11. Millions
12. Condemned
13. Seizure

Joe Black

Album: ''Joe Black'' (1997 Best of/Compilation)
1. Joe Black
2. Self-Important Freak
3. Sadistic Perversity
4. No Salvation (Remix)
5. To Kill (Remix)
6. Tasteful Agony (Remix)
7. Genetic Affliction
8. Raining Blood (Slayer cover)
9. Remnants Of Withered Decay
10. Impaled Existence

The Fine Art of Murder

Album: ''The Fine Art of Murder'' (1998)
1. To Die Is At Hand
2. Manic Demise
3. Instinct Evolved
4. Dissect The Eradicated
5. Mass Graves
6. The Fine Art Of Murder
7. Bone Exposed
8. Purge
9. Fracture
10. Rictus Surreal
11. Scorn
12. Day Of Lamentation
13. Scattered Flesh


Album: ''Envenomed'' (2000)
1. Homicidal Rant
2. Night Of The Long Knives
3. Kill Zone
4. Halved
5. Serial Dementia
6. Bloodline Severed
7. Pursuit Revised
8. Conflict
9. Viral Release
10. The Deviant`s March
11. Envenomed


Album: ''Manifestation'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. In Cold Blood
2. Condemned
3. Nocturnal Overlord
4. Fine Art of Murder
5. Scorn
6. Blood Brothers
7. Impaled Existence
8. Living in Fear
9. Manic Demise
10. To Die is at Hand
11. Infernal Desire
12. Bone Exposed
13. Alliance or War
14. Mass Graves
15. Joe Black
16. Self Important Freak
17. Multiple Stab Wounds (live)
18. Eve of the Apocalypse (live)
19. Slaughter of the Innocence (live)
20. Monster (live)

The Will To Kill

Album: ''The Will To Kill'' (2002)
1. The Will to Kill
2. Pillage and Burn
3. All That Remains
4. With Murderous Precision
5. Lifeblood
6. Assassin Squad
7. Rebirth of Terror
8. Superior Firepower
9. Divide and Conquer
10. The Cardinal`s Law
11. Burnt Beyond Recognition

The Best of Malevolent Creation

Album: ''The Best of Malevolent Creation'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. Eve Of The Apocalypse
2. Sacrificial Annihilation
3. Monster
4. Dominated Resurgency
5. Multiple Stab Wounds
6. Genetic Affliction (Demo Version)
7. Geared For Gain
8. Slaughter Of Innocence
9. Premature Burial
10. Decadence Within
11. The Way Of All Flesh
12. Iced
13. Carnivorous Misgivings
14. Remnants Of Withered Decay
15. The Coldest Survive
16. Thou Shall Kill!
17. Mindlock
18. Piece By Piece


Album: ''Warkult'' (2004)
1. Dead March
2. Preemptive Strike
3. Supremacy Through Annihilation
4. Murder Reigns
5. Captured
6. Merciless
7. Section 8
8. On Grounds Of Battle
9. Tyranic Oppression
10. Ravaged By Conflict
11. Shock And Awe
12. Jack The Ripper (Hobbs' Angel Of Death cover)

Conquering South America

Album: ''Conquering South America'' (2004 Live album)
1. Eve Of The Apocalypse
2. Multiple Stab Wounds
3. Manic Demise
4. Blood Brothers
5. Kill Zone
6. Rebirth Of Terror
7. Slaughter Of Innocence
8. To Die Is At Hand
9. Coronation Of Our Domain
10. Monster
11. All That Remains
12. Alliance Or War
13. Infernal Desire
14. Living In Fear
15. Malevolent Creation


Album: ''Retrospective'' (2005 Best of/Compilation)
1. Blood Brothers
2. Living In Fear
3. Alliance Or War
4. In Cold Blood
5. Vision Of Malice
6. Preyed Upon
7. To Die Is At Hand
8. Manic Demise
9. Homicidal Rant
10. Kill Zone
11. Halved
12. Confirmed Kill
13. The Will To Kill
14. All That Remains
15. Rebirth Of Terror
16. Divide And Conquer

malevolent creation


One would think that after more than ten years of cranking out the most blistering of death metal, Malevolent Creation would be willing to rest on their laurels, having nothing left to prove. But for the band, every show and every new album is another chance to show the world the true definition of malevolence.

With unmatched speed, skill, songwriting and sheer force, Malevolent Creation is the Mike Tyson of death metal, coming up swinging after every knockdown and biting on the ears of anyone too deaf to listen on their own. They've endured censorship, massive lineup changes, infighting, and attacks by religious groups, mass media, government and right wing thugs. Through it all, Malevolent Creation has stood tall and strong and has never compromised one note nor surrendered one inch of ground. If anything, they've become more and more aggressive and caustic with each new album. The release "The Fine Art of Murder" proves the point. The best linup since their inception, the album devastates from start to finish, and is undeniably their best release to date. The return of the best members in the band's history bring a fire to the album that can't be extinguished by all the holy water in the world. Gone are John Paul Soars, Jason Blachowicz, their first florida drummer JoeWitch Schnessel who currently plays with Hellwitch ,and Derek Roddy, who played on the previous album, "In Cold Blood". Filling their boots are Rob Barrett, Dave Culross, Brett Hoffmann and Gordon SImms. Even the captain of the ship, guitarist Phil Fasciana maintains his uninterrupted position behind the wheel. Looking back from their perch atop the pile of corpses of those who have tried and failed, the road that lead them to where they are today seems a long and winding one.

The origin of Malevolent Creation can be traced back to their formation 1987 in Buffalo, NY. There they made and gave away 100 copies of their first legendary demo tape, taking their first sure-footed step into the death metal underground. Their 1988 move to Florida set the stage for the recording of their second demo which pressed 1000 copies, establishing them as legitimate contenders in the field. On this second demo, Malevolent Creation used a new drummer and also added John Rubin on guitar. The next year saw another drummer change with Mark Simpson taking position at the skins. With their strongest lineup at that point, a third demo was recorded leading to a deal with Roadrunner and the release of their first full length album, 1991's "The Ten Commandments".

In 1992, Rubin and Simpson were replaced by longtime pals Rob Barrett on guitar and Alex Marquez on drums for their second album, 1992's "Retribution". On 1994's "Stillborn" release Rubin rejoined the band and drummer "Crazy" Larry Hawke was hired, replacing Marquez and Barrett. After the 1994 tour to support "Stillborn", Hoffmann left the band and bassist Jason Blachowicz assumed the vocal duties while Dave Curloss was hired for drum duty, further illustrating the bands revolving door policy. Fasciana makes no excuses for the continual membership changes, stating "If your too slow, you've got to go." Personal and personnel problems have never stood in the way of the thundering war machine known as Malevolent Creation, and those who were injured in battle and left behind must be content with the knowledge that they were part of this behemoth for even a short time.

"The Fine Art of Murder" marks the triumphant return of Malevolent Creation in true feral prowess. The album is a scarring bestial ambush of utter terror and brawn, as their musical knife is whetted once again on the stone of all things weak and trendy. The 13 songs represent nearly one hour of bulldozer riffing, supersonic drumming and inhuman vocals. The murdering continues and Malevolent Creation returns to grab you by the face and drag you one step further into damnation.

Death Metal (early) - Death/Thrash Metal (now)

Death, War, Hate, Violence...

United States of America (Buffalo, New York / Fort Lauderdale, Florida), formed in 1987

Massacre Records


Brett Hoffmann - Vocals (ex-Silent Death (Che), Down the Drain)
Jon Rubin - Guitar (1987-1990, 1993-1996, 2005-) (ex-Monstrosity (US), HatePlow)
Phil Fasciana - Guitar (HatePlow)
Fabian Aguirre - Drums (Synapticide, Angel Negro, ex-MistyFate)
Marco Martell - Bass ((Divine Empire)

Ariel Alvarado
Mark Simpson
Dave Kinkade - (D.O.T.A.C., Divine Empire, Council of the Fallen, Insatanity)
Justin DiPinto (Mortal Decay (US), Pyrexia, Vukodlak, ex-Insatanity, Divine Rapture)
Tony Laureano - (ex-Acheron (US), Angelcorpse, ex-Astaroth (US), Aurora Borealis (US), ex-God Dethroned, Internecine, ex-Nile, Devolution (US))
Alex Marquez - Drums (ex-Divine Empire, ex-Solstice (US), ex-Demolition Hammer, ex-Hellwitch, ex-Disincarnate, ex-Resurrection (US), Anger)
Derek Roddy (ex-Hate Eternal, Deboning Method, Internecine, ex-Nile, ex-Council of the Fallen, ex-Aurora Borealis (US), ex-Divine Empire, Blotted Science)
Gus Rios (ex-Sickness, Upon Infliction, Manntis, Divine Empire)
Dave Culross - Drums (Disgorged (US), ex-Gorgasm (US) (session), HatePlow, guest for Suffocation (US) (session), ex-Incantation, Malebolgia)

Lee Harrison (ex-Atheist, Monstrosity (US))
Jeff Juszkiewicz (ex-Leviathan (US))
John Paul Soars (Divine Empire, Wynjara, Paingod, Burner (US))
Rob Barrett (Eulogy (US), Cannibal Corpse, ex-Solstice (US), ex-HatePlow)

Kyle Symons (Sickness (US), HatePlow)

Jason Blachowicz <i> (and Vocals for Eternal/In Cold Blood Recording Sessions) </i>(Divine Empire, Murder 101)
Mark Van Erp (ex-Monstrosity (US), ex-Cynic (US))
Gordon Simms


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