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Live Death

"Live Death" (1994 Split)

1. Jesus Wept
2. Infecting the Crypts
3. Premature Burial
4. Slaughter of Innocence
5. Decadence Within
6. The Law
7. (Cadence Of) The Dirge
8. Desecrator
9. Hung, Drawn and Quartered
10. Blood Bath

1. Jesus Wept

Your entire life, your religion is embedded in your mind
Words spoken from a book, tell you never to change
After death you are taught, your soul will cleansed
But even reduced to ashes, the misery still prevails

The day has finally come for you to be put to rest
As your body enters the furnace

Searing fire begins its bath
As your entity begins its path

There will be no rebirth of your soul
Emptiness that clouds your depression
Forced in to see the light, knowing jesus wept

Only one thing clinging to your mind
The prayers to the feeble god whom you once beleived in

Looking at the mortal from your cauldron of pain
Weeping as you know nothing will make this end
But now an ever greater pain engulfs you
Reincremation did you no good, return to inflict others

Your credulous family somehow hears your pityful cries
They take the urn which contains what is left of your mortal life
It's taken back to the crematory to attempt once again
The brutal burning of your soul, thought to cleanse

2. Infecting the Crypts

Exhume the wretched body from its timeless slumber
Thrashing the tomb to reveal what's inside
A maggot-infected corpse stares dismal
Inhabited by worms chewing holes through your carcass

These ancient lands beckoned the burial of humans
The unfertile soil infecting the crypts
Of the once deceased bodies not through decomposure
Ending their peace, their chances of hell

A vomit-type substance is formed from its innards
A featering slims that reveals inside

The substance erupts and its stomach bursts open
Forced down your throat to regurgitate life

3. Premature Burial

Scratching at the box, hand stretches from the earth.
Deceased before I am dead, denounced since birth.
Alone in this dark void, left to deal with my fear.
No way to escape the embrace of the dead.

Body nnumb does not respond, my mind sees all.
Coroner tags me for burial, ignoring life's call.

My body left to rot yet the blood still flows.
Lowered down into my plot, the soil is now my home.
Release of my soul is impossible to me.
When I still possess it how can it be free?

Not dead yet, why am I ignored?
Mourning for the dead.
Not dead yet, while I still live.
Premature burial, premature burial.

Pronounced dead, I still see I lie motionless.
A mind that's still alert while function cease.
Awake, I still am forever trapped.
The light of day it now will never be seen.

The crawling of the insects, is all that I now feel.
Alive upon my flesh, my death is not real.

Not dead yet, premature burial,
Mourning for the dead, premature burial,
Expiration met, premature burial,
I still live, premature burial,
Kill me, premature burial.

4. Slaughter of Innocence

Mind of the tormented, twisted arcane.
Born from the black bowels of hate.
Psychotic cringe, from any light of good.
The sight of blood is only understood.
Piercing the body to release the life.
Another soul to steal, stalking in the night.

Feel the wrath of a soul wired to the core of pure power.
Power sent to crush, mean to destroy and dismantle.
Wielding tools of demise set to conquer lives,
Total retribution.
No lives are spared, his goal, his hate.
His hate, this hates, his hate.

The seething feeling writhes from inside.
Now you taste the corners of it's mind.
It's acrid bile clutches at your throat.
Rips you open, achieving attack mode.

Your body is not your own, subconscious overthrown.
Corpse still warm lying still.
Another body bag to fill.

Slaughter of innocence.
Die motherfucker!

Blood upon his blade, set fourth to annihilate.
Crushing life and limb to dust.
Never enough to fulfill his bloodlust.

Random kill of chance, victim of innocence.
Can not be silenced. Instinct to murder.

Tasting the power to destroy.
Any means of deceasement, stand employed.
Contact of steel into warm flesh.
Crimes of the mind to fully infest.
Take full credit for the kill.
Urge again burns inside, result is homicidal.

The entity must slay to survive.
Feel no remorse, has no conscious for it's crimes.
Legacy to kill until the end of time!

5. Decadence Within

Cruor falls upon a disobedient time.
Holocaust claims the weak and feeble lives.
Sickness wells, bursting within.
No escape from the bludgeon, except to give in.

Deep depression enters your mind.
Premeditated oppression conquers all thought.
Striving with little reason to be.
A wretched subject of this cryptocracy.

The wreath which is weaving, woven full of lies.
Bore out of teachery, it snuffs out your cries.
Spawn on this Earth, to bring out suffering.
Avaricious hunger fulfills its voracious legacy.

A say we don't have, where it's written we shall.
Your life stripped away, destined to fall.

Wanting to die for your faith.
Everything you are is laid to waste.
Blood falls free from your open wounds.
Sets souls free to complete doom.
Dying and killing for your crimes.
Forever your eyes are smitten blind.

Economical structure falls from our grasp.
Just the beginning to the core that's now cracked.
Fractures inflict the corporate level.
Wickedness infest life's everyday drivel, drivel.

Cities lie fallen, broken with disgust.
Citizens mangled with deceit and mistrust.
Crimson tide swells, flowing through the streets.
Decadence, the swift end that you will meet.

Eyes blackened blind to these lustful crimes.
Decency falters and is all left behind.
Nothing left for your, except fear for the world.
Evil abounds as the darkness unfurls.
Can't see no reason for what really matters.
Nothing on this planet can outlast it.
Cold outstretched hands reach for the sky.
Decadence surrounds all that will die.

Decadence, despair falls on your faith.
Why doesn't God hear your prayers?

Decadence remains the only thing for you.
Self pity and denial, play you for its fool.
Evil takes your life, beckon to its call.
Evil claims your souls, laughing at its fall.
Laughing as you fall.

6. The Law

"Do what thou will shall
be whole of the law"
(Aleister Crowley, Liber Oz)

fires are burning inside
and you barely stand on
two feet
there's scars arranged all
over you
I'm governing my needs

I hear an ego bleeding
resounding hints of false
I'm in progression while
you regress in idolatry

I'm reading what I want to
you read what you're
expected to
i'm thinking what I want
to think
as your mind denies the

conscience and sin
conscience was
while sin was never here

I don't need your systems
I don't need your
I don't need your deities
to purge me
what's so wrong with
satisfy instinct
homo sapiens, you want to
shit, eat, fuck and sleep

it's law vs. law

I want to run through
the streets, with my
genitals bouncing free
but your law dressed in
blue takes me away
'cause I'm hung better
and if I'm not, he'd be too
scared to prove it
that proof is all that

it's gonna infiltrate your
and the young adults
that you've failed to raise
already know the score
and in a solid blow
we will crush religion
and politics

[repeat chorus]

7. (Cadence Of) The Dirge

onto the street proceed
the hearse and limousine
laying in the casket, the
corpse of inner joy
questioning time
all hope for loving died

greying haze of the
autumn skies
stone cold hearts retract
amongst the knives
within a dream that
commits itself to grief
resurrected by a black


heaving sob-seizures
roused by the view
of true love embalmed in a
grovel, beg, plead for a
sign, but never mind
'cause bliss is now a word
left far behind

bliss buried in a sepulchre
by the hand of rage
the birth of a violent age
reminds all that
abstinence makes the
heart grow floundering

perish the memory
scream in agony
love is late, love is late

a sorrow-raising surge
lies in the cadence of the

8. Desecrator

My religion is myself
Desecration's my belief
Your misfortune's my enjoyment
And I thrive on your disease
I don't care about your feelings
Pain and torment's what you'll get
I'll rape your heart of love
And I'll make you eat my shit

I'll piss on your grave
Total desecration
I spit in your face
For no apparent reason
I'm sick and depraved
Society's garbage of what I'm made
Devoted to hatred
Unholy war and violent ways

Virgin Mary's cursed to hell
Who needs her anyway?
The Pope is slaughtered in the street
Catholics grieving at his feet
Painting of satanic stars
Desecrating church's walls
I have no rules, I have no mercy
No remorse, I feel no pity, life is death to me
The desecrator

Agnostic beliefs
Defecate before the holy world's maternity
Origin of the species, strongest shall survive
Blitzkrieg tactics upon your family life
I need no reason, there's no cause
All I need is victims to exercise my hateful laws

My pleasure is your pain, your grievance is my gain
Desecration's my greatest pleasure in life
Your children will be my sacrifice
Offspring slaughtered, lacerate your spouse
My itch is scratched, I feel relieved
That I brought your fucking world down to its' knees

Fuck your God
No regard for your religion
No need to pray for my forgiveness
Exhorted coitus
Beg me to release your life
Slaughtered child
How could your lord allow him to die?

Placid world once alive
Dig your grave and jump inside
Never trust, never love
Dig your grave it's just as such
You weakened hearts are torn to shreds
A lying beast now has your head
Kill, rape, hurt, steal
No living time to heal
Desecrated, desecrated, desecrated, desecrated, die!!

9. Hung, Drawn and Quartered

Cries of laughter beneath me
As I hang by my neck
Choking on a rope
Till I'm near death
Suffocating rapidly
It's my last breath
Cut to the ground
And stabbed in the chest
Hung, Drawn and Qurtered

Bloods then drained out
In a gory way
Spilling out memories
The soil turns red
Sucked through my torso
And ripped apart
Severed into quarters
Rigor-mortis sets in

10. Blood Bath


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