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Metal Monarchs

Album: ''Metal Monarchs'' (1999 Demo)
1. End Of Time
2. Into The Night
3. March Of The Immortal
4. Snow Is On The Mountains
5. Majestic Pride
6. Son Of Metal
7. Holy Eagle Fly
8. Strong As Steel
9. Riding On Bloodred Clouds
10. Let Teckno Die!
11. Pray And Die
12. We Will Ride
13. I Wanna...
14. Ride Through The Dark
15. The Chronicle

Keep It True

Album: ''Keep It True'' (2000)
1. Keep It True
2. Strong As Steel
3. Hail To Majesty
4. Son Of Metal
5. Into The Night
6. Metal Force
7. We Will Ride
8. Last Revolution

Sword & Sorcery

Album: ''Sword & Sorcery'' (2002)
1. Sword & Sorcery
2. Fields Of War
3. Heavy Metal
4. Epic War
5. Ride Silent!
6. Fist Of Steel
7. Aria Of Bravery
8. Metal To The Metalheads

Reign In Glory

Album: ''Reign In Glory'' (2003)
1. Heavy Metal Battlecry
2. Into The Stadiums
3. Reign In Glory
4. Will Of The Cobra
5. Defender Of The Brave
6. Lord Of The Damned
7. Heroes
8. Thunder In The Silence
9. Troopers Of Steel
10. Falcon In The Storm

Metal Law

Album: ''Metal Law'' (2004 Live album)
1. Metal Law (new studio song)
2. Introduction
3. Hail to Majesty
4. Reign in Glory
5. Heavy Metal Battlecry
6. Epic War
7. Into the Stadiums
8. Sword & Sorcery
9. Lord of the Damned
10. Fields of War
11. Heavy Metal
12. Keep it True
13. Falcon in the Storm
14. Ride Silent
15. Son of Metal
16. Metal to the Metalheads
17. "Reign in Glory" Mixdown
18. FanClub Choir Recording
19. Guitar & Vocals Recordings
20. Credits

Sons of A New Millennium

Album: ''Sons of A New Millennium'' (2006 EP)
1. Sons of A New Millennium (Single Version)
2. Make It, Not Break it
3. Guardians of the Dragongrail (Orchestral Version)
4. Hail to Majesty (Live)
5. Ride and Fight (Remastered)


Heavy/Power Metal

War, Metal, Glory

Germany (Lauda), formed in 1997

Magic Circle Music


Tarek ''Metal Son'' Maghary - Vocals, Keyboards (Guitars 1997-2003) (Dawnrider (Ger))
Christian Münzner - Guitars (Civilization One, ex-Märchenwald, ex-Necrophagist, ex-Defeated Sanity, ex-Hatred (Ger))
Björn Daigger - Rhythm Guitar (R:I:P, Dawnrider (Ger), Anguish (Ger), ex-Irony, ex-Into Darkness)
Marcus Bielenberg - Bass (Mordor (Ger), ex-Vanize, Razorback, ex-U.D.O. (Live), Danton)
Michael Gräter - Drums (Dawnrider (Ger))

Chris Heun - Live Bass (on fall 2004 tour) (Dawnrider (Ger), Razorback, ex-Lanzer)
Udo Keppner - Guitars
Martin Hehn - Bass
Markus Pruszydlo - Keyboards
Andreas Moll - Keyboards
Ingo Zadravc - Drums
Rolf Munkes - Lead Guitar (Dawnrider (Ger), ex-Vanize, Razorback, Empire (Ger))


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