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Metal Law

"Metal Law" (2004 Live album)

1. Metal Law (new studio song)
2. Introduction
3. Hail to Majesty
4. Reign in Glory
5. Heavy Metal Battlecry
6. Epic War
7. Into the Stadiums
8. Sword & Sorcery
9. Lord of the Damned
10. Fields of War
11. Heavy Metal
12. Keep it True
13. Falcon in the Storm
14. Ride Silent
15. Son of Metal
16. Metal to the Metalheads
17. "Reign in Glory" Mixdown
18. FanClub Choir Recording
19. Guitar & Vocals Recordings
20. Credits

1. Metal Law (new studio song)

In a night of glory, a night of history
The troops began to march for revolution
Can you feel the Fire? It's burning in your dreams
Set the black flame free from your illusions!

Like a falcon, flying in the storm
We're the children of the ancient riders of power and doom

We are the Metal Law!
Warriors, we're fighting
We are the Metal Law!
Never we fall!
We are the Metal Law!
In the night we're riding
We are the Metal Law!
Battalion hear our call!

Metal is our spirit, Metal is our soul
The scene is strong and we will make it sttronger!
We're born to reign on glory, with swords and sorcery!
We keep it true, our hearts are filled with honor!

Holy riders, riding with the wind
Sacred fighters on a quest, let our voices be heard!


2. Introduction

3. Hail to Majesty

The crowd is here, the stage is set,
the fire starts to burn.
All are ready for a final rage.
Feel the Metal-Atmosphere.
Ready to attack.
Now it's time for us to go on stage.
Guitars screaming loud in the air
The magic, the power is there.
And the moonlight is shining on me.
Raise your swords in the air for MAJESTY.
The drums shall shake the ground
With Metal-sound
Forever bound.
We will always play,
every night
and every day.
Forever we will raise our sword,
forever we will fight.
Play our music till the end of time.
The Amplifiers getting hot,
the rythm is loud and tight.
Everyone of you show me the sign.

4. Reign in Glory

Verse 1
There comes the fire, a thundering light.
It is a symbol, a symbol of might
For all the sons and daughters of steel.
Let´s get armed and storm the battlefield.
We live for Metal, ´cause Metal is strong.
We are always standing one by one.
In every stadium we´re raising our stacks.
We are born for a Metal attack.

Will you fighr a holy battle?
For the truth of Heavy Metal
Will you join a mighty legion?
Then raise your fist and swear allegiance now.
With sword in hand, until the end.

Reign in Glory
Seek for the steel.
Reign in Glory
March and kill!
Reign in Glory
Our banners high in the sky.

Verse 2
To all the posers in the media scene.
Another puppet on the TV screen.
True sons of Metal live to be free.
That is the only thing, that matters to me.
To all the fuckers making fun of this band:
Don´t you ever mess with our fans.
Hey poser, we know what you do.
So beware, we are huntin´ for you.


We got to shoot the canons.
Flags and banners high!
By wind and thunder we will reign the sky!


5. Heavy Metal Battlecry

Verse 1
The Battlefield is set, we´re here for attack.
Sworn to fulfil our dream.
When the lightning strikes down and the falcon comes out
My heart feels strong as steel.
Our union is strong but our crusade is long
We´re marching until victory.
With honor and truth our weapons are used.
Never stop until we´re free

Heroes of Metal now join our crusade.
The armies are marching again!!!

Heavy Metal Battlecry
Echoes in the mountains high.
Heavy Metal Battlecry
Hail! Hail! Hail!
Heavy Metal Battlecry
Fight until we win or die!
Heavy Metal Battlecry
Hail! Hail! Hail!

Verse 2
The drums shake the ground, the guitars shall sound
Like the fire of hell. You know what that means!
All of this place is rumbled by bass.
Can you hear my mighty screams?
This band is born to rock. Our battle won´t stop.
So join our legions with pride.
But if you don´t like our style: Fuck off and die!!!
Dig a grave and take your lies!!!


Brothers hear my Heavy Metal Battlecry.
It echoes in the mountains through the sky.
The oath to keep it true forever in my mind.
See the spikes on my leather dress
and the patches on my denim vest.
They are symbols of a life fulfilled with pride.
Heavy Metal never dies!!!


6. Epic War

Down in the valley we stand
With our swords and our banners in our hands.
The feeling of power is in our hearts
And we know that the epic war shall start.

Under the moon and the shining stars,
we´re fighting an epic war.

Epic War
With our Brothers we´re marching on,
We don´t feel no violence.
Epic War
All together we´re strong.
We will never kneel!
Epic War
The wizards have cast their spell
In the wind of silence.
Epic War
Defending our powerfull law.
An epic war.

Strophe 2:
On the water our battleships sail,
On the ground all our warriors hail!
Battalions of hate marching on.
With our swords made of steel we´re so strong!

repeat Bridge

repeat Chorus

Battle Chorus:
Down in the valley the warriors stand.
Waiting to hear the final command.
Under the moon and the light of the stars,
We fight an Epic War!!!

repeat Battle Chorus

7. Into the Stadiums

Verse 1
In every art some times are hard, but our strenght won´t fail.
´Cause Metal is the greatest art, so Metal will prevail!
The time has come to sing a song about this powerfull scene.
About the greatest way to live, the world has ever seen.
Sing this hymn of victory, it will be our guide.
The way of Heavy Metal is a way of truth and pride.
I know the time will come, when all the world will rock.
This song was blessed by Heavy Metal Gods!

Verse 2
All the charts, they will be ours. ´Cause we will never stop.
We show the worls a sacred way. Bring Metal to the top.
Our strong words will spread around by media and mail.
All True Metal Warriors, come shout it out: All Hail!!!
I know there are people in the scene, who once lived it out.
Now they´re watching TV, prefer sitting on their couch.
But Brothers, the´re still bands around
who play their songs with soul.
So move your ass, come to our Metal Show!

Bring Metal to the stadiums.
That´s where it belongs.
Into the stadiums we ride.
We conquer all the stadiums with Metal and with pride.
Into the stadiums tonight.

All the crowds are growing.
Thousands side by side.
Sworn by blood, that they will all unite.
All over the battlefields our voices will be heard.
Right across the continent and all around the world.
Shout it out:


8. Sword & Sorcery

From the hills behind the lake
He heard the riddle of the brave
While standing in the twilight.
The mighty gods have called his name.
They said:"With Magic and with Steel
All your enemies will kneel,
Keep on riding through the dark night"
It was cold, he felt the rain.

He saw a fire burning, burning high up in the sky
And the clouds were bleeding, while his thoughts were rising high.

Sword And Sorcery
We stand on holy ground
Sword And Sorcery
Defenders of the crown
Sword And Sorcery
The Battle has begun
Sword And Sorcery
We know it will be won.

Strophe 2:
In the Forrest of the Dark
He met magician Kurasark,
Who became his teacher.
And he learned the magic spells.
Became the leader of some men,
And He gave the last command.
He sounded like a preacher:
"Ride on when you hear the bell!"

Bridge 2:
And the bell was ringing, ringing loud into the night.
So they started screaming, they were ready for the fight!

repeat Chorus

9. Lord of the Damned

Verse 1
A bloodred moon, a landscape black and grey.
A rotting graveyard, bones are on it´s ways.
There we´re standing, black robes we wear.
To call the master of evil. He´ll be there.

Hate is in our heart. The rhyte is starting.
We cast the secret spell. He will awake.
Let his spirit rise to bring the darkness
Right over the land, under his command.

We´re here to give you blood, to give you power.
We sacrifice a gift, a virgin girl.
Get out of your grave, oh Lord of darkness.
Your children will await to slaughter in your name.

Lord of the damned
You rule the land
Lord of the damned
Give us command
Lord of the damned

Verse 2
The fire is burning, flaming red as blood.
A giant cauldron. Dead meat we´re heating up.
The stars are falling, the sky is black.
We praise your glory. Lord please come back.

Smoke is turning up out of the earth now.
The virgin starts to cry, she feels the pain.
We´re falling on our knees to praise your glory.
The children of the night. In your hand we lay our lifes.

We look into your eyes, our hearts are beating.
We will sacrifice, give us command.
You´re the horned king, so you shall lead us.
Awaiting your desire. Come to us tonight.


666 - The great storm has begun
666 Your time has come
666 You shall be our guide.
Werewolfs barking az the moon.
You bring them doom.
Show them death tonight.

You are our only master, the reason why we live.
Turn the rivers red, darken the night.
You bring the world desaster.You make the dead alive.
23 red doomstars in the sky.

Demon, Demon, Demon
Get out of your grave.
Demon, Demon, Demon
Get out of your grave.
Demon, Demon, Demon
Ritual of the brave.
Demon, Demon, Demon
Get out of your grave

And show us all your wisdom, spread it throughout the land
All the worls shall fear the horned king.
Built the evil kingdom, your armies will defend.
Hymns of the forgotten rhymes we sing.

Demon, Demon, Demon
Get out of your grave.
Demon, Demon, Demon
Get out of your grave.
Demon, Demon, Demon
Ritual of the brave.
Demon, Demon, Demon
Get out of your grave

Lord of the Damned:
I salute you, my servants.
You brought me back to life.
I will cover the sun with blackness.
My kingdom shall be spread out wide.
Let everyone kneel in fear.
Doom shall reign.
May blood flow in the rivers.
Let the order go insane.

10. Fields of War

Strophe 1:
When I was a young man, I was proud, I was brave.
I punished, I conquered and won every race.
Through the Fields. I was holding my banner high.
But Then I got older, took a house and a wive.
The long war was over, years of peace have passed by.
But now again, the warbells ring through the night.

The enemy is strong and high in number.
Now my fellow brothers call my name.
I can´t sit and wait, I want to die in a battle.
With my Brothers. Ride through the land!

I was born with an iron will
Chosen by the stars.
I shall conquer an I shall kill.
My return to the fields of war.

Stophe 2:
In years of prosperity I lived like a lord.
But now peace is over, so bring me my sword.
I am old, but my will is stong as steel.
The feeling of power comes back to my bones,
I still feel the magic when I ride through the ruins.
I know, the bloodlust is still in me.

repeat Bridge

repeat Chorus

Awaiting the call of the gods,
he rode through the battlefield like thunder pounding loud and wild.
The wolves were howling,
while he was holding his sword up in the sky.
His Battlecry was echoing on the mountains round the valley
And he shouted: "Hail to my Brothers, the enemies shall die!!!"

repeat Chorus

11. Heavy Metal

Pounding hearts calling, like a storm from the north.
I will obey to my sworn oath.
Like warriors are waiting for the Battle,
True Heroes play Heavy Metal!

Strophe 1:
Coming out of darkness, powerfull like a fortress.
Glorious and raw.
Wearing spikes and leather, standing proud together.
Fight against the law.
Pounding like the Thunder, never we surrender.
Look inside our eyes.
Strong unification in the Heavy Metal nation,
for my Brothers I would die!

All together we are one, but the false we can´t forgive.
We are bound by truth and faith, forever we shall live.

Heavy Metal
Our Strength and our Religion
Heavy Metal
The meaning of our Lives.
Heavy Metal
We´re rebels with a vision.
Heavy Metal
We will keep on fighting till the end.
Until the end.

Strophe 2:
Some people laughing at us and even might ignore us,
but at the end they´ll see:
Their trends they´re living are a fuckin lie.
All the clubs of Metal, Brothers in the Battle,
fighting loud and proud.
All the Fanzine writers are Heavy Metal Fighters.
We salute the Underground!

repeat Bridge

repeat Chorus

12. Keep it True

I turned on the radio, it shocked me, yes it did.
I heard some dolls of media, interesting like a piece of shit
I turned it off and swore an oath, if I'll break it I shall die
I will fight for Metal the rest of my life
If you're playing Rock 'n' Roll, play it without lies.
Always be as brave and proud like an eagle in the sky.
If you want to be remembered, there is one thing you should do
When you play your music (you) gotto KEEP IT TRUE
If you look at the Billboard-Charts, position one to ten.
They change every fucking day, short is every trend!
Now it's time to raise your hands and tell them what we like:
Heavy Metal, loud and wild.

13. Falcon in the Storm

I am sleeping in the dark.
There is blackness in my heart.
I´m calling to the gods.
Give me the power for my march.

Verse 1
Up in the highlands, there´s wisdom and silence.
Where thunder and wind is in the air.
My spirit was sleeping. Enbodied and deepened
Down in an unholy sphere.

And now it´s been wakened. The mountains were shaking.
A rumble accured in the sky.
My eyes start to see and my old wounds are bleeding.
I know I was sent back to life

Down in the halls I was chained down to the ground.
I lost my power.
But now these chains broke and I know
This is my hour.

I, I am the leader of men and land.
I, I am the captain, so I command.
Born to be the ruler, they hail my throne.
I free the land by the oath that I´ve sworn.
Like a falcon in the storm.

Verse 2
I´m settling my black horse to ride on my old course
Down to the fortress I know.
The path down the valley, once built like an alley,
Is destroyed, but I know where to go.

I feel true power, as I see the old tower.
It is covered with snow in the storm.
As my people now see me. My brothers, my army.
They welcome their leader with horns.


When the cold wind blows throughout the trees
And the snow is falling down.
Than a rider knows his destiny,
Because he knows the gods are calling him so loud.

Let us ride over the fields of war.
Follow me into the night.
See the valkries flying through the stars.
Let us win or let us fall to earth with pride.


14. Ride Silent

Strophe 1:
In the cold of the night, in darkness we hide.
Waiting to come out and slaughter.
Making no noise will leave them no choice.
The can not run away.

All our warriors waiting deep inside (the) Forrest.
I wait until I hear (the) command.
Deep in my heart I feel the pathos of war.

Ride Silent!
They don´t know we´re here.
Ride Silent!
So they can´t hear.
Ride Silent!
When surpise is on our side all the enemies die.
Ride Silent!

Strophe 2:
Their women are crying when we´re coming out.
They don´t know what happened.
We cut off their heads when they come out their beds,
Before they reach their weapons.

repeat Bridge

repeat Chorus

15. Son of Metal

The strengh of the wind and the power of the night.
They are always in me, they'll always guide.
Might of steel, is what I feel.
I am a rebel, my feelings are real.
The power of Metal is my pride.
Yes I am the chosen one.
(I'm almighty and I'm so strong)
I am a Metal-son.
By the wind, the moon, the stars and the sun
(All my brothers sing this song)
I am a Metal-son
Magic and fire are taking me higher,
as high as the mountains which I admire.
Some people always cry, I know they will die.
But I'll life forever cause Metal is on my side.

16. Metal to the Metalheads

Strophe 1:
Now the storm is coming, we´re riding through the night.
When the thunder comes down, Brothers shout it out loud: We rise!!
The power of Heavy Metal is present in our minds.
We are hearing the sound our hearts start to pound and cry.

Sons of Metal, join the Battle!

Metal To The Metalheads
Just for Metal Brothers
Metal To The Metalheads
Don´t care about the others.
Metal To The Metalheads
It´s our damnation
Metal To The Metalheads
To spread it through the nations of steel!

Strophe 2:
Brothers, we are fighting, together side by side
For the glory of steel. For the might we all feel tonight.
Now and forever, we will never die.
With an iron will we shall never stand still, we ride.

repeat Bridge

repeat Chorus

Strophe 3:
Now the Metalgods unite, as we´re riding through the night.
We are strong as steel.
For the glory and the might we are standing side by side.
We will never kneel.
We will always keep it true, we are playing it for you,
we will never lie.
All the enemies will fall, we crush their heads against a wall.
Let all the posers die, cause we play Metal!!!

United we stand

17. "Reign in Glory" Mixdown

18. FanClub Choir Recording

19. Guitar & Vocals Recordings

20. Credits


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