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Ad Arma

Album: ''Ad Arma'' (2004)
1. War Is Coming Soon
2. Bloody Frontline
3. Song For The Enemy
4. Vilkalokiai (Obtest Cover)
5. Children That Will Never More Wake Up
6. Paskutine Naktis



Luctus is a Lithuanian one-man black metal band, currently based in Italy, but Luctus himself is from Kaunas, Lithuania. Created in 2001, Luctus has so far released three albums and a split album with Argharus (Lithuanian black metal band from Šiauliai), called "Sonitus Caeli Ardentis".

The first album "My Sorrow In The Lifeless Landscapes", released in 2002, was rather amature, recorded only with an acoustic guitar in the middle of a Lithuanian forest. This album didn't reach the metalheads of the underground.

The second album "The Dawn Ov The Eclipsed Desperation" which was released in 2003, was recorded in a professional studio, however using a drum machine. This album didn't reach many metalheads, however, those who had heard this album said good words about it.

After a year, the currently latest Luctus full-length album, Ad Arma!, was released. The style had changed a bit: it had become more agressive and powerful than before. This time, the drums were handled by a live drummer. "Ad Arma!" received great reviews all over the underground. Luctus managed to find some three musicians and play a few live shows. Later, Luctus managed to recruit two permanent sessionists, from his hometown Kauns, to help him in live shows. They are both members of the Lithuanian technical death metal band Ossastorium: Sergejus Lebedevas (drums, also drumming in the occult black metal band Nahash) and Justinas Vabuolas (bass), while Luctus himself does the vocal kommando and the 6,(66) string assault.

Three years had passed, and Luctus released a split album with Argharus in early 2007, through Ledo Takas Records. Luctus have become more brutal, compared to what we hear in "Ad Arma!". The split contains these Luctus opuses: 1. World of Blades; 2. Filthy Blood, Guts and Shit; 3. Už Lietuvą! (In the name of Lithuania [meaning in English]); 4. Don‘t Sign the Armistice; 5. Age of Decadence; 6. No Future [for your future].

The latest full-length, Monument of Hate, is recorded, but still not released.

The logo of Luctus was created by the famous Christophe Szpajdel, who is known to have created logos for such bands as Emperor, Enthroned, Horna, Falkenbach and many other famous bands.

Luctus' main lyrical themes are as follows: war, nowaday decadence, patriotism, dying paganism. Luctus is against cosmopolitism, pacifism, democracy, communism, racial incest, christianity, USA, EU and other human-made weaknesses. He is in favour of Lithuania, war, patriotism, old pagan values and nature.

Black Metal (early) - Black/Thrash Metal (now)

war, patriotism

Lithuania (Kaunas, now Italy (Rome)), formed in 2001

Ledo Takas Records


Luctus - Vocals, Guitar, Bass (Fuck Off And Die!, Division of Death, Moonrise (Ltu))
Sergejus Lebedevas - Live Drums (Ossastorium, GodZero, Nahash, live for Mr. Jumbo)
Justinas - Live Bass (Ossastorium, ex-Zymosis (Ltu))
Gytis ``Kingas`` - live drums (ex-Antigonë, ex-Liûnuosna, ex-Zymosis (Ltu), Dreamland Poetry, Angis)
Agares - Session Drums (Ghouls, Throne of Decadence, Ars Onirica, ex-Metempsychosis (Ita))


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