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Ziua ce vine

Album: ''Ziua ce vine'' (2004 Single)
1. Ziua Ce Vine
2. Last Breath

Last Breath

Album: ''Last Breath'' (2005 EP)
1. Ziua ce vine
2. Clipa
3. Last Breath
4. Dreams in Black
5. No More...



The band L.O.S.T. formed in March 2004, after one of the rehearsals of the band where three of the actual members were activating (Vlad, Dragoş, George). After a short period of time, BB Hanneman, also former colleague with the other members, joins the band. From that time, the line-up was:
- BB Hanneman - guitars, vocals (ex Adrenaline, Cronos, Abigail, Icon of Sin, Magma)
- Vlad Buşcă - bass, vocals (ex Abigail, Tornado, Cronos)
- Dragoş Hălmagi - keyb (ex Abigail)
- George Angel Tudor - drums, vocals (ex Abigail, Dust)

Having a vast experience on the Romanian scene, of more than 10 years, which contained, among others, numerous festival awards, radio and tv appearances and 2 albums recorded (with Abigail and Cronos), L.O.S.T. succeeded with its main objective, a fast impact on the underground scene, with excellent live shows and with a growing mass of devoted fans.

The band already has a playlist of 15 songs, and some of them were played at their debut show in Bucharest on November 5th, 2004 (along with Enthrallment - Bulgaria and Avatar - Romania). With this occasion it was released the first promo cd, of a great sound quality and artwork. The latest news from 2004 were the participation at the SUPER METAL LIVE III festival in Constanta, Romania, on December 4th, along with some other top Romanian bands like Magica, Avskild, Interitus Dei, Taine and Web.
The promo material is entitled “Ziua ce vine” and consists in 2 tracks (“Ziua ce vine” and “Last Breath”), recorded at Recreate Studio from Bucharest between October-November 2004. The band recorded a total of 5 tracks, which were released by Meta4 Productions as an MCD named “Last Breath” on March 4th 2005 at the show with the Austrian band Cadaverous Condition. Other shows in 2005 and 2006 were with Ancient Ceremony (Ger), Vokodlok, Avatar, Deviant, Interitus Dei, Grimegod, Bolthard, Avskild, Taine, The Claymore (Ger), Possession (Aut), Thunderstorm, Trooper, Gothic, Psycho Symphony, Hathor, Sepsys (Md), Holy Blood (Ukr), Cartwheel (Bg), MG42, Bucium, Luna Amara, Novembre (Ita), Obituary (USA), Behemoth (Pol) or Dismember (Swe).

Starting with September 2006, a new member joins the band: Dorin Costea, a young and talented drummer that formerly played with bands like Asgard, Kendo, Colt 44, Brainstrip. With this line-up the band is working at the new L.O.S.T. album planned to be ready in early 2007 and entitled “Remains of Pain”.

Band contact:

Melodic Death Metal

life, pain, death

Romania (Bucuresti), formed in 2004

Meta4 Productions


BB Hanneman - vocals, guitar (Abigail (Rou), Cronos (Rou), Icon of Sin)
Vlad Buºcã - bass, vocals (also in Abigail (Rou), Cronos (Rou))
Dragoº Hãlmagi - keyboards (Abigail (Rou))
Dorin Costea - drums (ex-Abigail (Rou))

George Angel Tudor - drums (Abigail (Rou), Dust (Rou))


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