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The Art of Dying

Album: ''The Art of Dying'' (1993 Demo)
1. Bleed on the Cross
2. Hellspawn
3. Grace of God
4. The Art of Dying
5. Jesus Fails
6. Malevolently Reversed
7. Maniac Madness

Into the Frozen Shadows

Album: ''Into the Frozen Shadows'' (1994 Demo)
1. Lilith Demonic Queen of the Black Light
2. Into the Frozen Shadows
3. Mad Redeemer
4. Satan Divine
5. The Ancient Slumber

Kiss The Goat

Album: ''Kiss The Goat'' (1995)
1. Hymn of the Ancient Misanthropic Spirit of the Forest
2. Satan Divine
3. Grace of God
4. The Ancient Slumber
5. Into the Frozen Shadows
6. The Art of Dying
7. Osculum Obcenum
8. Mysterious Kingdom
9. In the Light of the Fullmoon
10. Lilith Demonic Queen of the Black Light

Enter The Moonlight Gate

Album: ''Enter The Moonlight Gate'' (1997)
1. Enter the Moonlight Gate
2. Unholy Spell of Lilith
3. Path with Endless Horizons
4. Lamia
5. Black Winter Blood-Bath
6. Forlorn in Silence
7. Belial Northern Prince of Evil
8. Realm of a Thousand Burning Souls, Part 1

The Unholy Crusade

Album: ''The Unholy Crusade'' (1999)
1. Summon the Legions
2. Unholy Crusade
3. War of Hate
4. Lord of Evil Spirits
5. Death Is the Gate
6. Bleed on the Cross
7. Divide et Impera
8. Master of Destruction
9. Night Divine
10. And Heaven Eternally Burns (Realm of a Thousand Burning Souls, Part 2)

Night Divine

Album: ''Night Divine'' (2001 Video/VHS)
1. Night Divine


Album: ''Angelgrinder'' (2002)
1. Dominus Bellum (Intro)
2. Angelgrinder
3. Satan Divine
4. Burn the Kingdom of Christ
5. Unrelenting Scourge of War
6. Wrath of the Antichrist Horde
7. Ungodly Passage
8. Kingdom of Infinte Grief
9. Odium Vincit Omnia (Outro)

Scythe of Death

Album: ''Scythe of Death'' (2003 EP)
1. Scythe of Death
2. Black Void
3. Possessed by Fire
4. Purify Sweden

Purify Sweden

Album: ''Purify Sweden'' (2003 Single)
1. Purify Sweden
2. Come to the Sabbath (Mercyful Fate cover)

The Seal Of Belial

Album: ''The Seal Of Belial'' (2004)
1. Prolusio: Acies Sigillum
2. Sons of Belial
3. Chariot of Fire
4. Abysmal Hate
5. Legio Inferi
6. Mark of the Beast
7. Armageddon Revelation
8. Scythe of Death

Mark of the Beast

Album: ''Mark of the Beast'' (2004 DVD)
1. Mark of the Beast

Nocturnal Beast

Album: ''Nocturnal Beast'' (2005)
1. The Invocation of the 68th Demon (Intro)
2. Succubi Infernal
3. Demonic Possession
4. Desolate Passage
5. Nocturnus
6. Insufferable Rituals
7. Monarchy of Death
8. Fleshbound
9. Spiritual Damnation
10. Indoctrination of Human Sorrow
11. Deathmarch (Outro)

Revelation - The 7th Seal

Album: ''Revelation - The 7th Seal'' (2007)
1. 7th Seal
2. Ancient Splendor
3. Aghast
4. Death as Solution
5. Unspoken Veneration
6. Death Cult Era
7. Vile Intervension
8. Gateway to Oblivion
9. Unholy War
10. Black Wings of Death
11. Grievance

lord belial


A swedish black / death metal group formed in winter of 1992. Their music could be described as Melodic Black Metal, but they are incorporating Swedish Death Metal influences. Lord Belial is one of a few Swedish Black Metal bands who have stood against the winds of change since the early 90s. Their succesful releases have proved their position as one of the leaders in their genre.

Current line up:
Dark / Thomas Backelin (vocals/guitar)
Bloodlord / Anders Backelin (bass)
Sin / Micke Backelin (drums)
Vassago / Niclas Pepa Andersson (lead guitar)

1993 - The Art of Dying (demo)
1994 - Into the Frozen Shadows (demo)
1995 - Kiss the Goat
1997 - Enter the Moonlight Gate
1999 - Unholy Crusade
2002 - Angelgrinder
2002 - Doomed by Death (SPLIT 7" with Runemagick)
2003 - Purify Sweden (PIC 7")
2003 - Scythe of Death (MCD)
2004 - The Seal of Belial
2005 - Nocturnal Beast
2007 - Revelation

Black Metal

Death, Evil, Lust, War

Sweden (Trollhättan), formed in 1992

Regain Records


Bloodlord (Anders Backelin) - Bass (Decameron, ex-Satanized (Swe))
Sin (Micke Backelin) - Drums (Vassago (Swe), Altus Ultionis, Latex)
Dark (Thomas Backelin) - Guitars, Vocals (Latex, Satanized (Swe), ex-Decameron, Sadistic Grimness, ex-Mastema (Swe), ex-Sacramentum)
Vassago (Niclas Andersson) - Guitars (1992-2000, 2001-2003, 2006-) (Vassago (Swe), Latex)

Daniel Moilanen (Runemagick, Relevant Few, Engel (Swe), ex-Dracena, The Project Hate)

Plague (Fredrik Wester) - 2000, 2002 (Incoma, Mastema (Swe))
Hjalmar Nielsen (Enthralled (Swe))

Jenny Andersson "Lilith" 1993-1999 - ``Kiss the Goat``
Cecilia Sander - ``Into the frozen shadows`` & Angelgrinder``
Catharina Jacobsson - ``Enter the moonlight gate``
Annelie Jacobsson - ``Unholy Crusade``

Jelena Almvide - ``Enter the moonlight gate`` & ``Unholy Crusade``


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