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From the Cradle to the Grave

Album: ''From the Cradle to the Grave'' (2000)
1. From the Cradle to the Grave
2. Within the Soul of Autumn
3. Khan Asparough
4. Lord of Future
5. Keeper of the Cemetery
6. Tzar Samuil's Endless Night
7. Neath the Devil's Shadow
8. The Garden of Black Flowers

Album: ''Keeper of the Cemetery'' (2001 Video/VHS)
1. Keeper of the Cemetery



Korozy is a bulgarian melodic black metal band.
Born in 1994 at the second biggest Bulgarian Black sea town of Burgas they have established themselves as the best Bulgarian Black metal band. Still from the very beginning they appeared like completely finished act able to raise the inceptive Bulgarian extreme scene at a level never dreamed before. Basically inspired by bands like Arcturus, Emperor and Dimmu Borgir Korozy managed to create their own pattern in sympho-metal aesthetics. You would hardly find many other bands giving free space to keyboards so lavishly without losing anything from the basic aggression and the raw power of extreme metal.
Each one from their albums "Inscription" (1995), "Long Road To The Land Of Black" (1999) and "From The Cradle To The Grave" (2001) was a natural and confident step forward. But perhaps the most unique thing about this band is that listening to any of them you would hardly find even one superfluous tune or a mediocre track. Every song is created with big heart, performed with great skill and it get such a catchy riff inside that you would fairly call it metal hit.
But you could feel the darkness, brutality and symphony even more powerful when Korozy play alive. Quite zealous with their live appearances, they are always aiming to provide for everything that a real Black metal show must have: costumes, paints, female assistance and inner drama. There’s no need in much time to see them not just performing music but rather burning on stage. The crowd always catches it right and brings them back the whole powerful feeling twice. Sweet moments that every metal band dream of...
Their last album "From The Cradle To The Grave" blastingly shot Korozy on international level. It’s officially distributed in countries like Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Russia, the United Kingdom and the USA. The German metal magazine "Legacy" was the first that kindly turn his attention to the band, making an amasing review of the album (13/15 rate) and featuring them with exclusive article at the Newcomer’s section (issue # 11 / March 2001). Then followed almost the same response from everywhere and even the "big guns" like Orkus (7/10) and Rock Hard (8/10) were surprisingly favourable.
More active than ever nowadays Korozy find themselves in a constant fighting trim, working on the stuff for their 4th album and using every chance to taste it alive in front of their crowd of devoted fans. At the beginning of 2004 they recorded 4 completely new tracks, produced by Alessandro Azzali (the producer & manager of Ancient, Night-In-Gails, etc.) Their new material develops further the Korozy trademark: this is the traditional atmospheric sound, which now is even more strongly influenced by some folklore and electronic elements.

Symphonic Black Metal

Mythology, Darkness, Occult, Bulgarian Folk

Bulgaria (Burgas (early), Sofia (now)), formed in 1993

Nuclear Blast / 0.4.3.


MacManus - Guitars, Vocals (The Revenge Project)
Sevar - Guitars
Astaroth - Bass (The Revenge Project)
Trolon - Drums
Velzevul - Synths

Vampira - bass
Daniela - keyboards
Kalhas - drums (The Revenge Project)


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