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Album: ''Live Like A Worm (Live demo)'' (1998 Demo)
1. Corridors of Blood
2. Drain Your Soul
3. Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse cover)
4. I Am the Worm
5. Paedophilia Cum Sadissmuss
6. She Speaks No More

Meant to Suffer

Album: ''Meant to Suffer'' (1998 Demo)
1. Paedophilia Cum Sadissimus
2. Meant to Suffer
3. Drain Your Soul
4. I Am the Worm

The Dead Live On

Album: ''The Dead Live On'' (1999 EP)
1. Corridors of Blood
2. Paedophilia Cum Sadissimus
3. The Dead Live On
4. She Speaks No More
5. Exaggerated Torment

Promo 2000

Album: ''Promo 2000'' (2000 Demo)
1. Ex-Oblivion
2. Impamiiz Graa
3. Rewind into Chaos
4. Entangled in Thorns

Revelation of the Sadogod

Album: ''Revelation of the Sadogod'' (2001 Demo)
1. Intro
2. Before My Altar
3. Sadogod
4. Trapped Within
5. Zombie Ritual (Death cover)
6. The Revelation (Outro)

Beneath the Folds of Flesh

Album: ''Beneath the Folds of Flesh'' (2002)
1. World Impaled
2. Trapped Within
3. Sado God
4. Temple of Flesh
5. Rewind into Chaos
6. Impaniiz Graa
7. My Fever
8. Before My Altar
9. Ex Oblivione

Revealed And Worshipped

Album: ''Revealed And Worshipped'' (2004)
1. No Belief
2. The Imminent Vision
3. We Did Not Come to Heal
4. Revealed and Worshipped
5. The Unrest
6. Grotesque Plague Mass
7. The Foul Smell of Humans
8. In the Gallows
9. The Cleansing
10. Havoc
11. The Ideas of Revolution


Album: ''Ikon'' (2007)
1. A Ravenous Discharge
2. Unbind My Hands
3. By Habit
4. Depleting the Non-Being
5. Into the Cold
6. Breathing the Black Dust
7. Doubt Denied
8. Entangled in Thorns
9. The Magnet Soul



Insision is a Swedish brutal death metal sound with a non-Swedish sound. Drawing inspirations from Cryptopsy, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and Deicide, the group is better associated with death metal from North America.

They have yet released two full lengths, "Beneath The Folds of Flesh" (2002) and "Revealed and Worshipped" (2004). Beside those they have released 3 demos titled "Meant to Suffer" (1997), "Promo 2000" (2000) and "Revelation of the SadoGod" (2001). They did a split with Inveracity called "Revelation of the SadoGod" in 2001. The Insision part is also the aforementioned "Revelation of the SadoGod" demo.

After being plagued with a few line-up changes (Toob Brynedahl and Thomas Daun both left the band for personal reasons and Marcus Johannson has joined the band as drummer) Insision has recorded their new album in November 2006. The new album will be named "Ikon". Insision swas dropped from its previous label Earache Records in April 2006 as the label was having financial difficulties.

The band is currently trying out a new guitar player called Magnus, who will play with Insision on their gigs with Vital Remains in May. They now have signed a label deal with Dental Records and will release their new album in May 2007. However, the album has been delayed again by the label due to "problems with the distribution", setting back the release date to a still unknown date.

Brutal Death Metal

Satanism, Misanthropy, Hate, Death

Sweden (Stockholm), formed in 1997

Dental Records


Carl Birath - Vocals (Superior (Swe), Azatoth)
Roger Tobias Johansson - Guitar (Killaman)
Magnus Martinsson - Guitars (ex-Bloodride (Swe))
Daniel Ekeroth - Bass (Dellamorte)
Marcus Jonsson - Drums (Pandemonic, Flagellation (Swe), ex-Bloodshed (Swe))

Toob Brynedal - Guitar (Cromb, Genocrush Ferox, Flagellation (Swe)) (2002-2004)
Joonas Ahonen - Guitar (1997-2000) (ex-Repugnant (Swe))
Thomas Daun - Drums (Dismember, Repugnant (Swe)) (1997-2004 including 'Revealed And Worshipped')
Janne Hyytia - Bass (1999 only)
Johan Thornberg - Vocals (1997-1999)
Chrille Svensson - Live Guitar (on 2005 tour) (Construcdead)


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