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Peklo Na Zemi

Album: ''Peklo Na Zemi'' (1996 Demo)
1. Intro
2. Peklo Na Zemi
3. Checkotylo Rudy Rozparovac
4. Jesizuv Konec
5. Mesto Nazaret
6. Outro

Live In Bitterfeld

Album: ''Live In Bitterfeld'' (1999 Live album)
1. Intro - V popel a prach vse obraceno jest
2. Krev
3. Krajina zasvecena dablu
4. Peklo na zemi
5. Vladce hor
6. Geniove (cover of Masters Hammer)
7. Pomsta
8. Ve znameni ohne
9. Chram nenavisti
10. Stemmen Fra Taarnet (cover of Burzum)
11. Ztraceny ve lzich
12. Bonus - Geniove (cover of Mastes Hammer)

Moonblood / Inferno

Album: ''Moonblood / Inferno'' (1999 Split)
1. Ve znameni ohne
2. Geniove (Master's Hammer cover)
3. Kingdom Under Funeral Skies

Duch Slovanské Sily

Album: ''Duch Slovanské Sily'' (2001)
1. Pcichod slovanského ohne
2. Pohanské mece
3. Grdost, válka, nenávist
4. De stinech vlku
5. Za krev za kraj
6. Do srdce temnoty
7. Pro syny této zeme
8. Duch slovanské sily
9. Krev a sila nasich predku

Live From The Woods

Album: ''Live From The Woods'' (2002 Live album)
1. Pohanske mece
2. Hrdost, valka, nenavist
3. Ve stinech vlku
4. Za krev za kraj
5. Do srdce temnoty
6. Peklo na zemi
7. Duch Slovanske sily
8. Hrdi a silni

Nikdy Nepokřtěni

Album: ''Nikdy Nepokøtìni'' (2006)
1. Fanatizován lidskou moderností
2. Starý øád
3. Neživé stíny naší duše
4. Na znameni èerného rohu
5. Pøíliš hrdí pro pozemský život
6. Posedlý po svaté krvi
7. Ohnivé vize a upálení svìta

Sacrifice for Black Metal Magic/Flames of Torment

Album: ''Sacrifice for Black Metal Magic/Flames of Torment'' (2006 Split)
1. Uctíváni Bezbožného Kultu
2. Pochodem k Vlastnímu Pohøbu
3. Flames of Torment

Messages Written In Blood / Graveyard Smell

Album: ''Messages Written In Blood / Graveyard Smell'' (2007 Split)
1. Messages Written In Blood
2. Graveyard Smell



There are multiple bands/artists with this name.
A grind n roll band from Italy formed in 2003
A hardcore punk legend from Germany which formed in the early 1980s
A black metal band from Czech Republic which was formed in 1996
A black / thrash metal from Norway with Carl-Michael Eide & Einar Sjurso from Ved Buens Ende / Virus
A rock progressive power Metal band from Estonia
A black metal band from France
A thrash band from the Netherlands
A thrash metal band from Hungary
A death metal band from Venezuela
A gothic metal band from Ukraine
A heavy thrash metal band from USA
A rap band from Bulgaria
A punk band from Sweden which existed between 1984 and 1988. They released a couple of singles and consisted of, among others, Roger Karlsson (Tuk Tuk Rally) and Stefan Söderberg (Åka bil, Tuk Tuk Rally, Nittonhundratalsräven, etc).
A pop band from Sweden which released one album, "The Roman Empire" and two singles, "Ave Cleopatra" and "Sexual Excesses" before fading back into obscurity.
A gothic metal Bulgarian Band Still a fresh one.
A drummer, member of the well known Polish blackened death metal band Behemoth. He is considered one of the best death metal drummers in the world.

Inferno (EST)

The band history starts in a year 1998, when Daniil Shalagajev (guitar), Jurij Voloshkin (bass guitar), Oleg Baranets (drums) and Maksim Mashkin (keyboards) formed a band named "Accent". After spending some time rehearsing, band starts giving live concerts and participating in all kinds of musical contests. In one of these contests held in a city of Saku the band wins the 2nd prize.

In the year 2002 all of the members of the band leave their homecity of Kohtla-Jarve and move to Tallinn to study music and to continue with their band, which was decided to be renamed to "Waterfall". At the same time Maksim Mashkin, keyboardist of the band leaves the band. Band continues without keyboards, and after a band competition in Guitar Safari, where "Waterfall" takes the 1st place, comes the popularity amongst the public. With a help of Jevgeny Rybakov in February 2002 the band goes on tour to Sweden, where "Waterfall" plays several instrumental concerts in local clubs.

In 2003 two new members join the band: Viktoria Seimar (vocals) and Jefim Borissov (keyboards). New songs are being written and Inferno starts giving concerts featuring the new material.

At the moment, band is working hard on recording their Demo songs. More information about the band is available at the official Inferno site:

Black Metal

Anti-Christianity, Paganism, Slavonic History, War

Czech Republic (Karviná Hranice), formed in 1996

Undercover Records


Belphegor - Drums
Adramelech - Vocals
Azazel - Guitar, Bass
Pentaroth - Guitar (Vrolok (Cze))
Ska-Gul -Guitar (Silva Nigra, Vrolok (Cze))

Coroner - Vocals
Damien - Bass
Astaroth - Guitar
Skullthrone - Live Bass (Silva Nigra, ex-Old (Cze), ex-Evocation (Cze))
Lord Megosh - Bass (ex-Ritual (Cze))
Svarog - Drums (ex-Silva Nigra)
Volos - Bass (ex-Euthanasia (Cze))


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