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Incriminated / Bloodhammer

Album: ''Incriminated / Bloodhammer'' (2001 Split)
1. Suicidal Aggression/Nuclear Winter
2. Christ
3. The Mentor
4. Death
5. The Cult of the Weak
6. Hellmachine
7. Grand Desecration
8. Ancient Kings
9. Death
10. Uudet Barbaarit

Kings Of Misery

Album: ''Kings Of Misery'' (2004)
1. Filth Hounds Of Blasphemy
2. Tyrant, Usurper
3. Possessed By Lycanthropy
4. Loveless
5. Militant Aggressor
6. Uninvited Guest
7. The King Of Misery

The Promise of Worse to Come

Album: ''The Promise of Worse to Come'' (2005)
1. The Task Is Black
2. Born To Rule
3. Melting The Core
4. Morbid Utopia
5. The Age Of Deserved Doom
6. Noble Are The Warriors
7. The Grand Downfall
8. In Sin
9. The Last Nightmare
10. We Will Be Remembered

Barbatos / Incriminated Split

Album: ''Barbatos / Incriminated Split'' (2007 Split)
1. Victory, Blazing War!
2. Blue Swastikas



Incriminated from Finland formed in late 1997 to play old school death metal. The first 4-piece line-up recorded some demos and a split CD with Fulcrum Creak, then in late 1998 the band did 12 gigs in Germany and their style developed into more primitive, old school underground style of necrotic death metal.
In spring 1999 the drummer was kicked out and Harald Mentor and Susej were the only ones left, always to be the core of what is known as Incriminated. A new drummer was recruited in the form of Grotesque and only survived one disastrous gig, but quite some recordings were done with him. Grotesque was kicked out in spring 2002 and the band saw it better to continue as two-piece for a while. The band recorded a split MCD with Tuska and one song for the split 7" with Blasphemous Evil (to be released in 2004).

Incriminated began to explore even sicker sides of necrotic old school death metal than ever before, making something that can be seen very unique today in all it´s primitive ugliness and heaviness. Next in line was to record a 12" for Ordealis Records, who agreed to realise the band´s long-time fantasy, a four song 12" vinyl, loosely based in the concept of Hellhammer's classic Apocalyptic raids.
In the meantime, there were talks every now and then with Werwolf (Satanic Warmaster a.o.), who was always very much into Incriminated, that if the band wants to play shows, he would be more than willing to fill the drumseat... So, after some more talks, and the band knowing his dedication for the real underground plus his interest towards Incriminated, he was after all recruited as a full member of the band in autumn 2003. After some negotiation, a deal with From Beyond Productions was inked, to result firstly in Incriminated's second full length album Kings of misery, which was recorded in late December in the studio of Shatraug (Horna).
Incriminated's form of metal is influenced by old school real death and black metal, like Venom, Hellhammer, early Celtic Frost, Deatstrike, Master, early Onslaught, as well as older purveyors of extreme / heavy music from Black Widow, Black Sabbath, Motörhead and Discharge. While being absolutely careful about knowing their roots in the extreme metal underground, the band also does very sick and dark experimentations with atmospheres going much deeper in their world of misery than average "metal" bands nowadays could even dream of. Find that re-issue here. A lot of people want this album!

Black/Thrash Metal

Death, hate, nihilism, lust, evil, misery, torment

Finland (Imatra), formed in 1998

From Beyond Productions


Harald Mentor - Bass, Vocals (Conjuration (Fin), Irritate, Nailgunner, Ride for Revenge, Siviilimurha, Malicious Death)
Werwolf - Drums (Blasphemous Evil, ex-Blutrache (Fin), Gestapo 666, ex-Horna, ex-Kyprian's Circle, Mental Terror, ex-Pest (Fin), ex-Shatargat, The True Werwolf, ex-Vomitfago, ex-Warloghe, session for Krieg, Armour, Satanic Warmaster)

Pekka - Guitar
Susej - Guitars, Effects (Conjuration (Fin), Irritate)
Antti Suikkanen - drums (Scent of Flesh)


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