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The Promise of Worse to Come

"The Promise of Worse to Come" (2005)

1. The Task Is Black
2. Born To Rule
3. Melting The Core
4. Morbid Utopia
5. The Age Of Deserved Doom
6. Noble Are The Warriors
7. The Grand Downfall
8. In Sin
9. The Last Nightmare
10. We Will Be Remembered

1. The Task Is Black

By demons
To deliver
For the meek

The task is black

Burns of the altar
Is sucked away
And Destruction
No one
Will be saved

The task is black

Is what we bring
We spit
On all things sacred
Our Revenge
Is justified
Is our task

2. Born To Rule

Total domination
We shall have
Born to rule the beauty
Born to steal virginity

ch: Born to rule, born to rule

Purity of human flesh
Is just a myth
We're all whores
Whores of babylon

ch: Born to rule, born to rule

We have the power
Over your flesh
We will control
Your evil lusts

ch: Born to rule, yes we were born to rule

3. Melting The Core

The night is ours
We don't know the sun
Darkness from our hearts
Discharges through...

...The corrupted ruins you call earth

Melting it's core
Burning it once and forever
We are the pure
And we are...

...The perverted

We are everything
We do everything you don't dare
We go through the gates
Of your moral...

...Burial ground

Digging all the skeletons from your closet
And tearing them to pieces
We show you the animal inside you
To rip the man...

...Out of you

4. Morbid Utopia

Your dreams
Of equality
And justice
Our morbid utopia

You can't accept
Our supremacy
So you hide
Behind the lies

Morbid utopia

We are the ones
You can't hide
You can only obey
Obey or die

We are the injustice
We are the masters of the future
Fruity gardens of life
Transforming to depths of Hell

5. The Age Of Deserved Doom

The last cycle of life
The cycle of sex and destruction
Orgy of hate
Violence and lust

The age of doom

Downward spiral
The path with no option
Extreme hedonism
To satisfy the morbid hunger

The age of doom

Weak rules the life
In the gutter of human scum
Nothing is noble
In the age of deserved doom

The age of doom

6. Noble Are The Warriors

Hate brought us
To this battle
Steel meets steel
When man meets another

Pride is at stake
And noble are the warriors
Deliverers of the only true justice
The bringers of merciless order

Call of the blood
Hungers for gore
War is life
And life is war

7. The Grand Downfall

We are all living
The grand downfall
Deep in your heart
You might feel it

We the incriminated
Speed up the process
While you still hold on
To your utopistic dreams

The grand downfall

We are not here
To make the better world
We are here
To destroy the present

When our work is done
We are free to reign
When our work is done
Your icons are forgotten

The grand downfall

8. In Sin

The sin will make us immortal
We kill your faith
Tormented are the believers
Tormentors are us
Truth will be vomited on your face
You cry in agony
Forgotten and raped
Are the souls of the holy

We revel in pain
We cause to others
On every living thing
Life is not and option
When we reign
Concept of heaven
Gets broken in half

In sin we maim
In sin we destroy
In sin we live
In sin we die

9. The Last Nightmare

The final nightmare
To end all dreams
We all can hear
The tortured... screams!

10. We Will Be Remembered

Acid pouring
Through the weakest spots
Corrupting everything
That can be corrupted
Blood and flesh are the same
With earth wind and fire
It all flies on the wings
Of hot winds of mayhem
Everything is in order
Everything is in disorder
Everything is how it should be
But nothing is in it's place
Chaos and magic
In harmony with total order

Your life is kept under control
By things slowly melting away
Burning the structures of your world
We are the ones who will last
We are the ones that will be remembered
When your culture is buried and gone

The night will be cold and merciless
And the dawn will be ours
Fire is eternal and the flame
is darker than black
Burning all that is and leaving
The world for the strong


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