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Preamble to Precipitate the Destruction of Religious Artefacts

Album: ''Preamble to Precipitate the Destruction of Religious Artefacts'' (1997 EP)
1. Omens of approaching disaster
2. Never to be soiled by the sun
3. Constructed by depuration
4. Back home (paradise burning)
5. Dry on your cross
6. Levend vuur



Iconoclasm is the name used by two groups: a group playing metal from Belgium, and the alias used by Bemani artists dj TAKA and Jun Wakita (who works under many aliases). Follows the unedited text of the biography for the former group.

Iconoclasm hails from Belgium and was formed Anno Bastardi 1994 by guitarist Serge Impens and Drummer Bart Bonne. Their first feat of arms was a mcd, baptised "Preample to precipitate the destruction of religious artefacts.", released in December 1996. This mcd was a thirty-minute long epoch of hate, melancholy and aggression. This album, containing 5 tracks and 1 intro including "Levend vuur...", brings you fierce Black-metal, with some Death-metal influences. It's a big Fuck off in the face of the mummified Messiah. Shortly after the release bass-player Chris decided to leave the band. To compensate this, Steve Folens (guitars, backing vox) was recruited to reinforce Iconoclasm on stage. In 1998 vocalist Steve Demuynck suddenly left Iconoclasm. From then on vo-kills were taking care of by both guitarplayers. Finally the line-up was completed with the arrival of Duncan Spittael as new bass-player. In the cursed year 1999 Iconoclasm recorded their second attack upon the weak. This product of hatred shall be known as "Marching Evil" and will be a powerful new weapon against the vile pest of christianity. 9 tracks in total and over 40 minutes of playing time will bring you pure, yet original Black-metal, with great power and an old-school feeling to make a pagan heart beat faster. Tracks featured on this newly bred spawn of hatred are: Lady of the Ruins Kashaptu Land of the Brave Rebel of Hate Unto the Gods of War Bir-na-Hog Bloodlust Walpurghisnight A Dark Elf's tale This record has finally been released by "Horned Productions" in association with "Soulreaper records", after a 1 year delay, caused by the Italian label "End of life", who suddenly dissappeared from the face of this earth, together with the master-tapes of "Marching..." As a result of this delay Iconoclasm has allready a lot of new stuff and will record this in the near future .Live Iconoclasm brings Mayhem and Chaos like only a few do... Having played with notorious bands like Emperor, Absu, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Enthroned,...Their live-performance has been renowned since the show at the cult underground festival "With a dragon's Blaze..." featuring a real Bloodbath. The year 2000 brought Iconoclasm a mini-european tour trough Belgium, Holland and Germany with the mighty Limbonic Art on which they conquered even more souls to join the legion in the unholy battle. 2001 came and went and in the fall of 2002 work started to record new material. Iconoclasm recorded the mini album “Iconoclastic Warfare” featuring three new songs entitled: Iconoclastic Warfare Deamonz The other cheek However shortly after these acts of blasphemy Drummer Bart Bonne left the band and Bassplayer Valraven moved to Germany. Iconoclasm found a suitable replacement for Bart a couple of months later. Furio,aka Jeroenymous, drummer of Agynguerran took up the place behind the Iconoclastic wardrums and was baptised in battle during two gigs in mighty Scotland just one month after he had joined the cult. Unfortunately the horde did not succeed in finding a new suitable bassplayer so Steve took up the subsonic weapon, ensuring a solid basis for the Horde. Iconoclasm, now a PowerTrio, started to work on the preparations for a Brazilian tour, which would lead them to battles in 9 cities troughout the country playing with bands like Mystifier, Unearthly, Imperious Malevolence and many other great bands. In 2005, the band came up with a new attack upon mankind called ”Iconoclastic Warfare”. This album was released in March 2005 through Lugburz productions for Europe. The Brazilian label Moondo Records released an exclusive version of “Iconoclastic Warfare” in South America. The year 2005 brought Iconoclasm a new guitarplayer. Der Nevetser a.k.a. Stevain, former member of “Wapenspraak en Drinkgelag” joined the band and performed in Belgium, Holland and mighty Scotland. 2006 will be a good year for the Cult session maniacs with upcoming gigs in Brazil and throughout Europe.... Iconoclasm will continue to wreak havoc on stage, spreading mayhem and smashing false Icons... Kult Session !! Impens Serge Ooststraat 18 9620 Zottegem Belgium

Black Metal


Belgium (Aalter), formed in 1994

Lugbúrz Productions

On hold

Serge Impens - Guitar, Vocals (Demonizer)
Steve Folens - Bass, Vocals (ex-Catafalque (Bel))
Der Nevetser - Guitars (Zwaardbroeder, ex-Wapenspraak & Drinkgelag)
Hendrik ``Henne`` Vanwynsberghe - Session Drums (Demonizer, Anal Torture, Impedigon, Paragon Impure, Panchrysia, Taranis (Bel))

Steve Demuynck - Vocals (Spithead)
Bart Bonne - Drums
Jeroen - Drums (also in Aguynguerran)
Duncan Spittael (aka Valraven) - Bass (Megaera, ex-Geweih)
Chris - Bass (Chalice (Bel))
Berdunnor - Session Bass (Aguynguerran, ex-Wapenspraak & Drinkgelag)


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