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Preamble to Precipitate the Destruction of Religious Artefacts

"Preamble to Precipitate the Destruction of Religious Artefacts" (1997 EP)

1. Omens of approaching disaster
2. Never to be soiled by the sun
3. Constructed by depuration
4. Back home (paradise burning)
5. Dry on your cross
6. Levend vuur

1. Omens of approaching disaster

Embalmed in a cloak of leaves I am buried under the oak. My corpse is but food for a being,almost immortal. Lowered down in my mother's womb, I feel the love and warmth reminding me at my time of birth. This is where I belong, at the home of herne, my father

2. Never to be soiled by the sun

I dwell in darkness
To hell i am condemned by the heavenly father coz I dared to question his almightiness.
Forever i will walk the earth, this is hell obsessed by the moon, it's light I adore.
Sunlight burns my skin,condemned to the night.
Blood is life,life is blood

They call me demon, mortals do fera me I am as eternal as the night.
Blood and love,love and blood
You long for the kiss i'll give

3. Constructed by depuration

The love of those beyond I won't fear
Haunt my dreams, when I awake only a memory remains.
My sleep, gratifies my desire for rest
My brain crossed the galaxy,dimensions unseen Yoggoth,dark star, all knowledge collected.
In my dreams I did see those I don't fear
They rule all those who obey the liar

4. Back home (paradise burning)

I waited a thousand years, now my time has come
As I stand here with my legions in front of the pearly gates
Cover the golden walls with red blood of angels
Their wings broken on their backs.
I declare war to you, and you won't exile me a second time
Coz I'm back here to reign in what was once my home
I proclaim my throne for another millenium
I conquer back my paradise and it is burning
Purgatory-flames-cleansing-impure my angels
My paradise

5. Dry on your cross

I love the wood they nailed you on
Bloodstained and sweat on the sacred iron
I enjoy your pain, for they knew what they've done
I now see the life draining out of the forgotten prophecies become fulfilled.
Praise to the Romans for they obeyed your wish
Dry on your cross. I won't cry a single tear
The hammer they used, forever I adore
The nails in your flesh, I worship even more

6. Levend vuur

Rage war sons of Odin
Swing the axe and wield your swords
Let the steel sing its song of death.
Fight as the bravest of men
Valhalla will be your destiny when descend on our winged horses to take thee with us
Let the one-eyed god be proud of his children
Hails sons of frost


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