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Red Heaven

Album: ''Red Heaven'' (2007)
1. The Shadow Forge
2. Gates of Eternity
3. Soul Seed Sold
4. Jahanamiyun
5. Darkness Inside Yours
6. The Existance of Shadow
7. Red Heaven
8. Last Encounterment
9. Box of Agony
10. Arisen Outcomes
11. Black Line Fired
12. The Shadow Prevail
13. Wicca of Hayagriva (Bonus Track)


Hayagriva is a Dark Shadow Metal Band recently launch latest album entitled Red Heaven on September 1st, 2007. This album contains 12 newest songs of supreme dark shadow ways. Plus one extra track, “Wicca of Hayagriva” as a bonus to the loyal fans of the band. This darkest ever delivered album will unleashed by Ultra Hingax Production for local distribution. Hayagriva is hunting for the right Label/Distro to publish/distribute and promote this Masterpiece abroad.

Recently Hayagriva release a single entitled “Jahanamiyun” on March 1st, 2007. This single feature an advanced track for the up-coming album entitled Red Heaven. The song entitled “Jahanamiyun” features new members, Xamshakty and Solae Dradjun on Vocals and Bass respectively. Jahanamiyun track was then included in the local compilation CD entitled “Orkest Khejam” and “Mutation from Devastation (Comp #2)”. The compilation features bands from Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Hayagriva was formed by Mantheravathee (guitar) and Nhajasakthee (drums) in their hometown Ipoh, Malaysia in 1993. Aavimarga (vocals) and Venkhateswehra (keyboard) later joined to complete the line-up in 1994. After a year rehearsal, a debut demo entitled “Thy Lord of Never-Ending Wrath” was unleashed on the May 1st, 1995, under the style of Dark Shadow Metal. This six track demo really pushed the band into the local underground scene. Good feedback was received from both the local scene and listeners abroad.

Following the demo’s release, Hayagriva started performed live, beginning at Ipoh, "Witchin’ Hour" on May 23rd, 1995 at Dynasty Hall. Dyoraktha (bass) then joined the band to fulfill the line up for the upcoming schedule on live performance of the band.

With this five shadow brotherhood, Hayagriva went into the studio and recorded the first EP entitled “Silverian’s Art (Elergy Domain)” was unleashed on December 1st, 1997. This EP, containing six tracks of darkness, was released by the local label, Ultra Hingax Production. The response was magnificent, especially by Asian listeners. Hayagriva always received good reviews from publishers and listeners on this classic EP.

In Kuala Lumpur, the 31st of August 1997, after witnessing an elite performance by these purveyors of Dark Shadow Metal, everyone in Malaysia then started to talk about Hayagriva. Achieving one great performance after another, show after show, Hayagriva had then conquered the heart of the extreme metal follower of the country.

Once more the band went back into the studio, this time the “Beyond Firmament” EP was released the on November 8th, 1998. Four song of the latest opus was the hardest then before. Memories Records released this EP together with Singaporean Black Metal band name As-Sahar as a split release. To promote this EP, Hayagriva crossed the border to the South entering to crush the republic of Singapore for several dates of unforgiving impact on the Singaporean Scene. Several dates were then cancelled in Indonesia due to riot and unsecured environment at that country that time.

Several recordings, later to be included on compilations, were made while touring. These compilations included: two live tracks for the “Hell Fire in Battle Storm” compilation CD in 1998 which was released by Physic Scream Productions, and another two live tracks were recorded and released for "Ipoh Metal Militant (Supremacist)" compilation CD in 1999, which was an Ultra Hingax Production release. ”Ultra Violence” was another compilation by Ultra Hingax Production in 2000.

2002 was the beginning of the hardest time for local Metal music scene. Exploitation of some local media on the so called "Black Metal Issues– a rock music variant dominated by distorted guitars and occult imagery” made misinterpretation by the local authority. Which restriction was implies in few states here regarding Metal music.

No Releases, No Shows… Everything seems faded!!! The scene shrinks…After this issue.

Fortunately, following the Kreator show at Kuala Lumpur in 2005, the scene once again starts beating from the inside... This time more obscured then before; crawling just to survive in this confused country.

The band awaits more dates inside and outside the country to perform, perform… and perform!!! Next year’s material is already in the making to establish the return of the Silverian’s Shadow Hordes.

Melodic Black Metal

Dark Shadow Metal

Malaysia (Ipoh (Perak)), formed in 1993

No Label


Xamshakty - Vocals
Mantheravathee - Guitars
Solae Dradjun - Bass
Nhajasakthee - Drums (ex-As Sahar)
Venkhateswehra - Piano and Keyboards

Aavimarga - Vocals
Dyoraktha - Bass


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