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Red Heaven

"Red Heaven" (2007)

1. The Shadow Forge
2. Gates of Eternity
3. Soul Seed Sold
4. Jahanamiyun
5. Darkness Inside Yours
6. The Existance of Shadow
7. Red Heaven
8. Last Encounterment
9. Box of Agony
10. Arisen Outcomes
11. Black Line Fired
12. The Shadow Prevail
13. Wicca of Hayagriva (Bonus Track)

1. The Shadow Forge


Music by Venkhateswehra

2. Gates of Eternity

2 Ė Gates of Eternity

The flames of eternity was torch
Under the order of the lord
The blaze was burn from red to black
Give you all Impression

There is huge place with open gates
For you to enter
The gates are seven after all
As you been chosen
Where in the gate, create the mountain
Held there a slope, with all the cracks
Lay out the field, where there are factories
Inside there, is your room to live

Each of you will live alone
You friend is anger of dragon
Thousand head with tail and sting

Self torture with no control
Adding with heat of inferno
The loyal angel torture you all day long
Till the time goes forever

The past in grave horrible alone
Then come to field with the little hope
But the sin canít give up

Wait in line for thousand years
With torment from the sun above
And suffer all consequences
You did in the life before the doomsday

For Iím the keeper of the seven gates
For the king of the north, of the west,
of the south, of the east
Torture begin

Such the cover is being open
The smoke goes out in a black mode
Coming from all direction
Watch the smoke, they gathering around
The creatures start the chanting cry
And the shiver, tremble upon
Of the heart of the sinners

Asking lord save you from that
No return to be purified
But the lord shows his wrath

The gate of hell is open wide
Welcome you with all the heart
You canít walk but angel drag
Throw all away you deep inside within

Lyrics by Xamshakty
Music by Hayagriva

3. Soul Seed Sold

3 Ė Soul Seed Sold

Liar, betrayal, abysmal, mislead, disobedient, of promise you had made
Fastest, furious, stubborn, arrogant, no thanks to the lord almighty
Jealous, hatred, unsatisfied, greed, censorious, ridicule of the people peace
Ignorance, abuse, disparage, cruelty, destroyer, of all the earth contain

Afraid, fear, melancholy, confused, you afraid reality
Ashtray, figment, illusions, fantasy, hallucinated your own destiny
Insane, injustice, prig, profane, cruel for the king of injustice
Discriminate, torture, agony, suffering, the life of your reality


Just say what were you did
It will full of the sea
How long you will believe
On Satan that be your lead

That is your crime
Bet you get it right
Shame of your mind
Sacrifice your only life

Making much of crime for Satan, money
Making much of sin for Satan, happy

All is the crime
Pay it now on earth
Or pay it later
Till the punishment comes

Sending news behind for Satan, gossip
Sending much of line for Satan, stupid

Sigh on your heart
But lust is always right
All soul is sold
Make the Satan proud

Lyrics by Xamshakty
Music by Hayagriva

4. Jahanamiyun

4 - Jahanamiyun

Come forth offender believers
Dying with wrath of the earth
Destruction for self and others
Thereís no regret and apprehension

Little devil being expulsion
Just the disastrous angel
Extensive beard stretched hair
Being towed nemesis angel

Elder of transgresion Mislead by lust
Virgin of legion Misuse your life

The hand not binds the neck not chain
The face not black the eyes not blue
Wicked twin had been estranged
They are being put to another lay

Keeper of hell ambiguity
Who are they marching remarkably?
Group of insolent community
Past believer who become the sinner

Slave of lord Come to me
Tears in your eyes
Howling Blood
Betrayal of lord Crawl to me
Fire upon your eyes
Aeration Blood

Threw to dark eerie fire
Hell wonít burn believer
Order of lord must be obey
Fire grabs them like never before

Enduring there for a long time
Being suffered depend on their crime
Daily chant meant for resurgence
The regret words from the sinner

Beauty of fantasy Mesmerized by dream
Pitch to dark eerieThis is your fate

Sigh is on their face Grief on their eyes
Body being burnt Flesh is being grilled
Various tortures Infinite torment
Behind sympathy For the future wish
Getting belief For living new life

Lyrics by Xamshakty
Music by Hayagriva

5. Darkness Inside Yours

Lyrics by Xamshakty
Music by Hayagriva

6. The Existance of Shadow

Lyrics by Xamshakty
Music by Hayagriva

7. Red Heaven

7 - Red Heaven

Hell is made from the torch of the light
That being flamed for next thousand years
Color turn from red to white
For another next thousand year
Flame being burn again to make it dark
Make it black and darker again
Never being put out the blaze and flame
The embers will heat and heat forever

Leak on the ground The flame will burn all
Clothe hanging around The people dying
Shackle smash to the mount Will crush

Creature that be torture at west
East also burn by it the blaze
Abyss is too deep and far
Coal is idol and stone in the world
Décor is made by metal
Drink is from your blood and the fest
Cloths is from fire
To heat up the undying soul

Calling from
The senseless
For forty years
The guard is ignore
Praying from
The lust sinners
For millions years
Torture is made more

Oh no the gate is open
Place from up below
Each far away
Each inferno

Oh no the angel keeper
Big rough cruel forever
Pitch throws away
Whip iron tool
Entrance is for the chosen creature
Who got all the sin in their life?
Rank is upon their belief
On creator of universe

Leak on the ground The flame will burn all
Clothe hanging around The people dying
Shackle smash to the mount Will crush

Asking yourself which you belong
Before the time is coming around
Make note of yourself if you can
Change the immortal life for heaven

Lyrics by Xamshakty
Music by Hayagriva

8. Last Encounterment

8 Ė Last Encounterment

Death is just the beginning
The start of punishment unleash
From incapability
To the breathless of humanity
Thirst and dry of the throat
Drinking like never before
The eyes canít see anymore
The brain is out of control

The angels will come from the sky above
To show the mighty of darkness alone
Sitting on you in front of your eyes
Making parade along of your sight

Follow me, I show you immortal place
Of eternity

Then come Izrael the dark angel
The hunter of soul the cruelty of life
Ending your story to show to the world
You have nothing, you mortal of life

Evil soul, dark ages, devil lust, sinner joy,
Get out from this and come to me

Dark angel comes in his fierce way
Pull out the soul the hardest it can
Until the vein and organ will blast
And others angel is thrashing you hard

Just being out
The black closure
The smell of yours
Disturbing all
Sky is close
For your soul to enter
But throw it back to the earth

Lyrics by Xamshakty
Music by Hayagriva

9. Box of Agony

9 Ė Box of Agony

Come back with soul
See the darkness inside the box
Iím here alone neither sit nor move
This my stay before the day arrive
Here come two men, with the wrathful face
Bring with him the leper to be with me in here
Know I feel guilty for what I lost a chance
I know the time far late for me turn back again

The flash inside a mind
The sin I had been conceived
The betrayal I had posses
The hate of myself


First I ask you lord who create universe
How shall you know?
You never thought of it
Then I ask you prince who shows you the light
How shall you know?
You never heard of him
Hell he told a lie, angry me much more
Reincarnate me now, I show the faith
Why he told a lie show him a nightmare
Oh no, the heat of hell
Here the come
The torture of immortal
Thousand years of life
Nemesis for execution
To torment till rebirth

The grave
Of agony and suffering
Earth crushes my body
Maggot eat my flesh
Snake poison my soul
Scorpion sting my mind
Cat crushes my bone
Blind donít see my exile
The deaf never hear me scream
For that I had been punish
What left when lord meet me
I sure it will the worst


Lyrics by Xamshakty
Music by Hayagriva

10. Arisen Outcomes

10 Ė Arisen Outcomes

The siren has been sound loudly
The signal given to the life form
The call out to the dead is given
The day to meet the great judge of heaven

Wake from the nightmare
See surround is differ from the life before
Stand from the lay down
The sky is move the world is change
From past is weird

The human is walking in fear
The lines they form show their life
No friend or no evil
Every soul is same today indeed

The star and galaxies
Put together in one place for you to see
The sea of the fire
Fiercely look hungrily wants to eat
The breed of darkness
The soul that dead
The bone that decay
The body that rot
The vein that broke
The skin that perish
The hair that fall
Arise all of you to meet your master

The time is come
For you to believe
The crying the fear the judgment that comes
For those who is happy
For those who is guilty
Nobody will help just what left you did
Outcome is now you choose to be

Face like ape and others like boar
Those who blind, the deaf and mute
The tongue is bleed the body is tore
A lot of others you canít believe

The angel of the judgment
Stand in front
and watch for you before your turn
The sun lost it light
But the heat is on the head
Burning all your brain

The question and answer is started
Your witness is telling everything
The book is now been given
The king verdict unleash

Lyrics by Xamshakty
Music by Hayagriva

11. Black Line Fired

11 Ė Black Line Field

All the man is come around
To see the film of their past living
The sin the shame of what they did
Is shown in front of them for outcome

News had been told
Youíre not believe
What you do now
Itís far too late

Judgment is come
Hell open wide
Heaven left behind
Darkness in mind
Pure soul glitter
Around of your mind
What left for you just

Watch of you
Youíre drunken fool
Look at you
Youíre pitiful
You see there
A lot of ungrateful

Act of man
In the human race
Push my heart
That I can be saved
No else to go
This is the gather place

Judgment is come
You canít believe
Your book being brought
To see the verdict
The dark is much more
Where is the light?
What can you do?

Crowd with all
Form of human race
Come with them
The invisible race
Now you see
Who else in the place

You alone
In the dark place
Line with you
Of Satan race
What is this?
This is you final day

Talk with your life
Mind canít believe
Lust has been stunned

The verdict is out and being give to you
With the wrath of the lord
The right or left but sure the left
Itís mean you go straight to the hell

Lyrics by Xamshakty
Music by Hayagriva

12. The Shadow Prevail


Music by Venkhateswehra

13. Wicca of Hayagriva (Bonus Track)


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