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Album: ''Don't Metal With Evil'' (1984)
1. Busted
2. Scared to Death
3. Justice for All
4. Trick or Treat
5. The Wicked Witch
6. Don't Metal With Evil
7. What a Nice Place
8. Haunted
9. She's a Teazer
10. Tales From the Crypt
11. Fight the Beast

Album: ''Live from the Crypt'' (1984 Live album)
1. Intro
2. Scared to Death
3. What a Nice Place
4. Nobody's Home
5. Cry Out
6. Don't Metal with Evil
7. It's Just Like Makin' Love
8. Bass Solo
9. Rest in Peace
10. Justice for All
11. To Fight the Beast
12. Busted
13. Tales From the Crypt
14. The Right to Rock
15. She's a Teazer
16. Trick or Treat
17. Poisonous
18. Haunted
19. Guitar Solo
20. Tonight
21. Drum Solo
22. Wartorn
23. The Wicked Witch

Trick or Treat

Album: ''Trick or Treat'' (1984 Single)
1. Trick or Treat
2. She's A Teaser

Victims of the Night

Album: ''Victims of the Night'' (1997)
1. Intro
2. Welcome
3. Victims of the Night
4. No Place
5. Rest in Piece
6. Candy Caine
7. Nightmares
8. Angel
9. Love 'em and lose 'em
10. Children of the Witches
11. Revelations 23:1 (the dream)

4.0 - Tricks, Treats, and Other Tales from the Crypt

Album: ''4.0 - Tricks, Treats, and Other Tales from the Crypt'' (2003)
1. Welcome
2. Tales from the Crypt
3. 7 Years
4. Fighting Words
5. Crawl to the Alter
6. Black Skies
7. She's A Teazer
8. Vicious Lies
9. Trick or Treat
10. Lights, Cameras, Action
11. What a Nice Place
12. No One Gets Out
13. Die Forever (live)
14. Fire Still Burns (live)



"Official BIO"

"A Creep Show for children of all ages", That's what it's all about for this self proclaimed "Heavy Metal Horror Show". A hair raising, horrifying good time has been their theme ever since emerging on the rock scene on Halloween night.
With 5 highly sought after independently released albums to their credit, these Detroit MI. shock rockers still hold a high ranking with fans around the world. Their stage shows are legendary and always attract plenty of attention. Music and mayhem which run the gamete from life & death, good & evil, to fun & fantasy, fear, freaks, beauties, and beasts! A Halloween show is an experience for your eyes and your ears! It's like Broadway with balls!
The band has performed to fans around the world, and now with their long awaited new CD "Horror Fire" released simultaneously with the new E.P., Evil Pieces in June of 2006, they are once again poised to take on the world, and reaffirm all of your fears! Are you ready for a date with the darkness?
Every day to us is Halloween.... Today could be your day!!

Heavy Metal

Halloween, Horror, ...

United States of America (Detroit, Michigan), formed in 1984

Motor City Metal


Vocals: Brian Thomas
Guitars: Donny Allen
Bass: George Neal
Drums: Rob Brug

Rick Craig, Billy Gray, Tommy Vendetta

Billy Adams, Billy Whyte, Tommy Stewart, Jason (J. Dawg) Rossvanes

John Guarascio


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