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"Don't Metal With Evil" (1984)

1. Busted
2. Scared to Death
3. Justice for All
4. Trick or Treat
5. The Wicked Witch
6. Don't Metal With Evil
7. What a Nice Place
8. Haunted
9. She's a Teazer
10. Tales From the Crypt
11. Fight the Beast

1. Busted

Now, is no time, to lie about the truth
You got caught, it´s time to pay, you fool
This, is life, now it´s your turn to play
If, you want to live, do everything I say

You got busted, you can´t be trusted
I caught you
Yeah, busted now, I´ll tell you what to do

Play, with fire, and you might get burned
Do, you think, there´s a lesson to be learned
Play, the fool, your life may be the price
You pay, tonite, ha ha, I´ve caught you twice



So now you ask to be forgiven
For the life that you´ve been livin´
You want me to think it over
Hey, I´m bad, the king of law and order

You, got caught, with your panties down
Tried to tell, your dad, you weren´t foolin´ around
He´s, no fool (yes he knows) where you´ve been
Yes, he caught you one, he just caught you again


2. Scared to Death

I´m gonna show you how they live where I come from
See how they die when they don´t give, see how they run
And now you too can feel the pain that they must feel
I showed them all and now tonite you´ll know it´s real

You´ll be scared to death, no time to scream
Just a victim of Halloween
We fade to black, we can´t be seen
We´re hidden here within your dreams tonite

I´ve got a secret and I´ll show it to you now
If you trust me I´ll show you where and when and how
We live our lives on the edge of life and death
Now I must warn you what´s ahead may stop your breath


Eerie sights and scary sounds
That fill your head when we´re around
Tonight the feeling is in the air
A fear that lingers everywhere


Scared to death, tonite you´ll be
Scared to death, tonite you´ll be
Scared to death, tonite you´ll be
You´ll be scared to death tonite!

3. Justice for All

They don´t know what you´re going through
Too blind to see how you live
Hell is real and you know it too
Lose twice as much as you give
Goodhearted people get taken for a ride
Nothing left to show
Locked away for your innocence
No place you can hide, no...

Take you away from society
Play with your mind like a toy
Break you down, tear you apart
They try to make you cry
They turn their heads from the killers
They don´t care, no, no...
And they come down on the winners
It´s not fair, no, no...

And they call it justice for all, nobody cares
Everyone takes what they can
And innocent people don´t know what they did
Lay broken and dying again, no...

Justice for all liars and cheaters
Life is acrime, it´s too bad
Justice for all isn´t what it should be
There is no justice, it´s no justice, it´s sad!

4. Trick or Treat

Out on the streets at night, the wind is blowing cold
The reapers watching you, the warning has been told
Now you stand in front of me, ask me to spare your life
A wicked smile, I turn away, then cut you with my knife

Demon spirits, hiding from the light
Beggars and liars, roam the windy nights
Witches and warlocks, die in bloody fights
Trick or treat, it´s Halloween tonite

If you kneel before me, I´ll give you my advice
Run before I kill you, for human sacrifice
Stay away from here, full moon is in the sky
Killers on the loose tonight, trick or treat and die!


Out in the streets tonight in the cold October air
You can´t see the light, blinded by despair
Nobody will find you dead, no trace of life at all
Don´t be fooled by promises, no deal can stop the fall
Demon spirits die on darkened streets
Cold dead bodies, paying for their treat
Witches and warlocks, die in bloody fights
Trick or treat, it´s Halloween tonight

Trick or treat, face defeat, give me something dead to eat

5. The Wicked Witch

Like a fairy tale that you´ve been told
She wings across the sky
She isn´t pretty but she´s pretty old
And she´s after you tonite
Ugly as the dirt below, she puts the scare in you
She´ll cast her spell on you tonite, no matter what you do

The wicked witch is looking for you today
The wicked witch of metal is gonna make you pay

So you´ve been running from satan
She is the beast inside
The devil tries to penetrate, no matter where you hide
On Halloween she comes alive
She walks the streets at night
The spiders clear a path for her
And she destroys your life



6. Don't Metal With Evil

The Backwards Message:
Our message is easy to understand
Don´t metal with evil!!

The good book told you how to live your life
But you chose the wrong way, now you have to fight
Satan´s bible is in your hand
You shouldn´t mess with things that you don´t understand

Don´t metal with evil, you´re gonna lose control
Don´t metal with evil, you´ll just destroy your soul
Don´t metal with evil, you should fight off satan´s ways
Don´t metal with evil, in the end it´s you who pays

Darkness & evil, hell is real, you can feel the heat
Don´t be so willing to fall to your defeat
The wicked call you listen, can you hear their cry
The devil watns you tonight, he takes your life



All sinners follow a deadly trail
Don´t cry to god for help, when your ways fail
I tried to warn you, stay away from hell
It might be too late now, can you hear the bell?



7. What a Nice Place

Hypnotising and sacrificing, playing on our fears
Eerie sound on dark lit grounds, strangers to our ears
In our homes the spirits roam another night to give
Late at night we hear them sing, what a nice place to live

What a nice place, nice place to live!

Energised and mesmerised we play for you today
Down those halls, turn through those doors,
They search to get away
The moon is watching, minutes wait,
Another night to give
Late at night we hear them sing, what a nice place to live!



Oooh! Penetrate and saturate the darkness of the night
Shrieking cries that mystify added to our plight
Late at night we hear them scream
What a nice place to live!


8. Haunted

Every night inside my head
I feel the presence of the dead
Spirits wander through my mind
Rotted bodies left behind
I try to run, there´s no escape
I know my soul is being raped
Their coming from beneath the floor
I´m taken by an evil force

I´m haunted, locked within these doors
I´ve been possessed taken by force
Images trapped in my mind
Of haunting spirits left behind

Choirs sing into the night, warnings of an evil plight
Evil dwellings where fires burn
Maybe someday you will learn
Once the spirit enters you, there´s no way out
Nothing you can do
Sinners wander through my soul, evil spirits want control




9. She's a Teazer

Blond hair, blue eye, her body was so nice
Her loving ways could fill my days
But her heart was cold as ice
She says she wants to love me
She said she wants me today
She said she wants to please me
But then she turns away, ´cause

She´s a teazer, a crowd please, and she knows what to do
But she´s a killer, a heart chiller
And she´ll be (killing/teasing) you!

Her body moves like a beauty queen
She´s got her act all tight
This little lady is the best I´ve seen
She´ll keep you up all night
Her fingers dance like rain on the trees
Her eyes like snakes in the grass
Her mind is working like a sneaky bitch
And your fantasies won´t last




She´s a teaze

10. Tales From the Crypt

I have seen the dead, lying in their bed
I have seen things I shouldn´t see
I have felt the fear of the dangers here
And I´m trying to break myself free
Licked in a room in this misty tomb
I have felt the wrath of their grip
All the faces of man, look here in my hand
I have brought you tales of the crypt

The fires below have started to grow
And devil tries to escape
From below in hell he casts his spell
On the innocent men in the grave
Witches roam the earth from the birth
Warlocks celebrate death
I have seen the pain again and again
They will kill kill there´s nobody left

I have watched them grow, and I know they´re real
I have seen them kill, rape and steal
Fire in their (eyes/hands), blood on their lips
They bring a warning, tales from the crypt

11. Fight the Beast

Peering out his window into a massive crowd
He could see a million faces screaming hate out loud
Without a clue or reason he held his sword up high
He tried to fight the masses, then laid his head to die
To die, ohh!!

Hung above the city like the smoke that fills the air
Arms stretched out above us and no one seemed to care
His death was planned to save us, but the blind have not yet seen
The evil that´s around us, the evil that´s between

And though we cannot see him
We know that he´s still there
Fighting for our freedom
To show that he still cares, oh!


He´s coming back to take us to the promised land
He´s not gonna stop the pick the lawyers from the bands
He knows if we´ve been waiting paying for our sin
And he´s the one who will lead us there and god will let us in

I´m not saying you should go to church
Or listen to the priest
Just remember he´s still out there
He´s gone to fight the beast

To fight!
The Beast!


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