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Revenge On Mankind

Album: ''Revenge On Mankind'' (2003 EP)
1. Malice
2. Parliament of Whores
3. Deviant Pregnancy
4. Marched At Gunpoint
5. Avowed
6. Introperversion
7. Salvation Through Incest

A Master

Album: ''A Master's Discipline'' (2005)
1. Scattered Christian Ashes
2. Bastard Dreams
3. Surrogate
4. Cripple the Chastised
5. A Master's Discipline
6. Marched at Gunpoint
7. Burn the Treaty
8. Malice
9. The Depression Ritual
10. Undisputable Misery
11. Fascinate, Mutilate
12. Reek of Putrefaction (Carcass cover)
13. Undisputable Misery (live)
14. Introperversion (live)



Graymalkin is a death-grind band from Auckland, New Zealand.

Graymalkin was formed in East Auckland in 1999 by Michael Rothwell and Phil Osborne as an experimental two-piece goregrind band, heavily influenced by the likes of Hemdale and Embalmer. During the first two years of Graymalkins existence, the pair recorded two demos: "Pleased To Meat You" (1999) and "Deciphering the Deranged" (2000), both of which served as raw, gruesome predecessors to the present Graymalkin sound. Keen to expand their sound and repertoire, Rothwell and Osborne brought in the services of Dawn of Azazel/Forced To Submit guitarist Joe Bonnet on bass guitar towards the end of 2001. The trio continued to write songs furiously and further developed their signature sound.

In May 2002, Graymalkin played their first live show at Wellington's Bludgeoning and Burning Festival with Martin Cavanagh (Skuldom, Forced To Submit) and Rigel Walshe (Dawn of Azazel) helping out with an insane, dual vocal performance. The very next week, Rothwell met Gareth Craze whilst engaging in some medicinal relief at Auckland University's common rooms. Craze auditioned for the vacant vocal position and was promptly brought into the fray by the rest of the band, who were impressed by his commandingly brutal voice and professional, no holds barred approach to performing. Thus a completed, workable Graymalkin line-up had been formed, and the remainder of 2002 saw the band play numerous shows in the Auckland area and develop a reputation for ruthless, chaotic performances, further enhanced by a sound that many have deemed to be a perfect midpoint between the technical virtuosity of death metal, the by-numbers heaviness of hardcore and the speedy relentlessness of grindcore - a savage yet sophisticated melting pot of twisted riffery, light-speed drumming, groaning bass and erratic and varied vocal patterns.

Graymalkin went into Rockbottom Studios to record their debut promotional release "Revenge On Mankind" in December 2002, though the CD would not see the light of day for almost another seven months. Further performances throughout the North Island followed in 2003, until Bonnett left on good terms in April 2003 to concentrate on his other musical projects. He was soon after replaced by Phil Kusabs (ex-Spine), who brought a new distorted dimension to Graymalkin's sound, further increasing their already established ultra-heaviness. During this time Graymalkin supported veteran US death metal band Incantation on their New Zealand tour.
Graymalkin's "Revenge On Mankind" promo CD has just been released on Jailbait Records; the lengthy wait and speculation surrounding its delayed release have further increased the interest in this uniquely brutal band and will no doubt maintain the bands increasing popularity and infamy for many moons to come.


New Zealand (Auckland), formed in 1999

Jailbait Records


Gareth Craze - vocals
Michael Rothwell - guitar (Ulcerate, Grenade Kills 3)
Marko Pavlovic (The House of Capricorn, Asphyxiate (Nzl))
Phil Osborne - drums (ex-Dawn of Azazel)

Joe Bonnett - bass (Dawn Of Azazel, Forced to Submit)
Phil Kusabs - bass (ex-Ulcerate, Vassafor)


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