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Revenge On Mankind

"Revenge On Mankind" (2003 EP)

1. Malice
2. Parliament of Whores
3. Deviant Pregnancy
4. Marched At Gunpoint
5. Avowed
6. Introperversion
7. Salvation Through Incest

1. Malice

Blood is my inebriant
Every fetid drop
Drives my sick impulses
An envy of the slaughtered
My cold desires rage
Every kill's a trophy
Just another victim
One more to quell my pain
To calm this agitation
Bear witness to this malice
An undying thirst for vice
The sight, the smell, the taste

Fear this day, it is your last
Prepare for me, your die is cast

Survival unreal, all hope is lost
Beg now for my mercy
Give me just a reason and I'll fucking destroy you
This power is me, a force of gods
It's over you'll see
Give me another reason and I'll fucking destroy you

Fuck you come get some of this shit

2. Parliament of Whores

Through your lies you've laid foundations to a throne of hate
And through this guise you've manipulated sympathy
For freedom at a price
Throughout time each unsolicited fool will shed its blood for their greed
As the assembly of the slovenly makes more into whores


This parliament of whores
A sluttery for the despots

Truth denied our judgement cometh
Sinners shunned by sluts for the ethical mass-subversion
Feeble men as mice for freedom at a price

3. Deviant Pregnancy

The child of a debauched, rancid harlot
A beggar for the crippled
Enveloped in the waste of the neo-malformed
The infant of despisal
Upon his cross before the world
Fucked by all

Created in its image of twisted fabrication

Immaculate misconception
Nothing born from nothing
Cast into the jackals, the foremost judges
It shall not be worthy
Abortion - a necessary evil to spare us from the scum

Fuck the deviant, tear the seed
An ovarian rupture uproots the weed

Created in its image of twisted fabrication
And hung by a cord
What would give it life shall choke it
Fucking choke it!

4. Marched At Gunpoint

Marched at gunpoint through the ranks
Each motherfucker to his death
For every kill is sacrosanct
And every tomb's an honour

Clinging in dependence
To the fewer and fewer remnants
Of a life of no expectance
Eyes that freedom flashed before

Darkened skies of tyranny
Cloud any dreams of liberty
Wounds so deep they will not heal
A gouging tear to control

Trickle down another drop
To butcher one's way to the top
Leave the rest to burn and rot
Cast them all aside like each bullet-riddled corpse pissing with blood

Pummelling heads and a'tearing out spines - no respite
Devaluing flesh to the price of a gun - hit and run
Target the face, watch a trembling daze - see them cry
Another put down, one more clone in the ground - smell them rot

A live product goes under
To a manufactured grave
As each motherfucker to his death
Gets down on his knees

5. Avowed

Your sacrilege is my course of worship
Every page I'll spit upon
For every untruth I'll forge a war
Of handmade icons and personal demons

Bow to your disgrace (I'll never)
Fall to your distaste (I'll never)
Cower before the lambs (I'll never)
Fall prey to godly plans

Episcopal death, my atheistic objective
Slaying the righteous who stand in my path
Forever bound to the knowledge of myself
Without ecclesiastic undue influence

6. Introperversion

With an inspired mind of thoughts impure
I'll conceal my pain, the torture aflame

Fucked in the mind
Jaded design
Cerebrally divine
Rationale benign

Feed the misery intent on destroying me
Bleed from the brain, this vestige of horror
Scream eternally, the possession not dying
Bi-polar dreams of insipid scorn

Feed the misery I sent to destroy me
Bleed from the brain, introverted slaughter
Laugh eternally, a masochists blood-joy
Perversity - a sickness lone

A violent innovation deep in my hate
The taste of spite so pure, the sting of defeat

I am the introperverted

7. Salvation Through Incest

Inbreeding their collected stock
Hypnotising these indifferent fucks
Corrupting the individual right
And spawning a nation of shit

A political genepool poisoned and starved
Famished beyond redemption
Entrenched in mutual gluttony
A ravaged unions claim to power

Brothers and sisters as commanded to be
Fuck your mongrel society
Salvation found through incest?
If that's the truth you bring then fuck you all

Fuck your government, their sanctimonious bullshit
Fuck your government's utopian incest
Fuck your ideals
Fuck your beliefs
Fuck your homogeny
Fuck your utopia


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