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Into The Grave

Album: ''Into The Grave'' (1991)
1. Deformed
2. In Love
3. For Your God
4. Obscure Infinity
5. Hating Life
6. Into the Grave
7. Extremely Rotten Flesh
8. Haunted
9. Day of Mourning
10. Inhuman
11. Banished to Live


Album: ''You'll Never See'' (1992)
1. You'll Never See...
2. Now and Forever
3. Morbid Way to Die
4. Obsessed
5. Grief
6. Severing Flesh
7. Brutally Deceased
8. Christi(ns)anity

..And Here I Die… Satisfied

Album: ''..And Here I Die… Satisfied'' (1993 EP)
1. And Here I Die
2. I Need You
3. Black Dawn (Corpse cover)
4. Tremendous Pain
5. Day of Mourning
6. Inhuman


Album: ''Soulless'' (1994)
1. Turning Black
2. Soulless
3. I Need You
4. Bullets Are Mine
5. Bloodshed
6. Judas
7. Unknown
8. And Here I Die (Satisfied)
9. Genocide
10. Rain
11. Scars

Hating Life

Album: ''Hating Life'' (1996)
1. Worth the Wait
2. Restrained
3. Winternight
4. Two of Me
5. Beauty Within
6. Lovesong
7. Sorrowfilled Moon
8. Harvest Day
9. Redress
10. Still Hating Life

Back From the Grave

Album: ''Back From the Grave'' (2002)
1. Intro
2. Rise
3. Behold the Flames
4. Dead Is Better
5. Receiver
6. No Regrets
7. Resurrection
8. Below
9. Bloodfed
10. Thorn to Pieces

Fiendish Regression

Album: ''Fiendish Regression'' (2004)
1. Last Journey
2. Reborn
3. Awakening
4. Breeder
5. Trial by Fire
6. Out of the Light
7. Inner Voice
8. Bloodfeast
9. Heretic

As Rapture Comes

Album: ''As Rapture Comes'' (2006)
1. Intro - Day of Reckoning
2. Burn
3. Through Eternity
4. By Demons Bred
5. Living the Dead Behind
6. Unholy Terror
7. Battle of Eden
8. Epic Obliteration
9. Them Bones (Alice in Chains cover)
10. As Rapture Comes



Grave is a Swedish (Visby) death metal band. They started in 1986 under the name Corpse and changed it to Grave in 1988. From the beginning of the great European death metal movement Grave took charge with an incredibly tight band and a lot of atmosphere. Although eclipsed in popularity by many other, and usually lesser, bands, Grave have continued touring and releasing classic albums.

Death Metal

Death, Darkness, Dominion

Sweden (Visby), formed in 1988

Century Media


Ola Lindgren - Guitars, Vocals (ex-Corpse (Swe), Souldevourer)
Jonas Torndal - Guitars
Fredrik ``Fredda`` Isaksson - Bass (ex-Excruciate (Swe), Therion (Swe))
Ronnie Bergerståhl - Live Drums (Centinex, World Below, Mynjun, ex-Julie Laughs Nomore, Demonical)

Jörgen Sandström - Guitars, Bass, Vocals (ex-Corpse (Swe), The Project Hate, Krux, Vicious Art, ex-Entombed, Death Breath (Live Guest), Putrefaction (Swe))
Jens ``Jensa`` Paulsson - Drums (ex-Corpse (Swe))
Cristofer Barkensjö - Drums (Kaamos (Swe), Blackshine, Serpent Obscene, ex-Repugnant (Swe), Face Down)
Pelle Ekegren - Drums (ex-Coercion, ex-Mastication, Cauterizer)


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