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Mellom Bakkar Og Berg

Album: ''Mellom Bakkar Og Berg'' (2002)
1. Mellom Bakkar Og Berg
2. Viking Era
3. Into The Fire
4. Anne Knutsdotter
5. Norge I Rødt, Hvitt Og Blått
6. I Granskogen Dyp
7. No Ser Eg Atter Slike Fjell Og Dalar
8. Pål Sine Høner
9. Under The Stars
10. De Underjordiske Våkner
11. Strid
12. Skumring (Outro)

Evige ┼satro

Album: ''Evige Åsatro'' (2003)
1. Lindisfarne - 793
2. Karl Den Store
3. S鴑ner Av Norge
4. En Stille Morgen - 1349
5. Fjellheimen Gir Meg Fred
6. Olav Digre
7. Set Sail To Vinland
8. Frostriket
9. Evige Asatro
10. Se Norges Blomsterdal
11. Om Kvelden N錼 Det M鴕kner
12. When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Til Dovre Faller

Album: ''Til Dovre Faller'' (2005 EP)
1. For Norge, Kjempers Fødeland
2. Flaumen Går, I Noreg Er Vår
3. Rolandskvadet
4. Norge i Rødt, Hvitt og Blått
5. Per Spelmanns Bane
6. Svart Natt
7. The Battle of Stiklestad



Glittertind is a norwegian one-man band founded by Torbj├Şrn Sandvik (b-1985) in 2001. He plays a mixture of punk, folk and metal, and most of the songs are his own version of old norwegian folk songs. The name, Glittertind, comes from a famous norwegian mountain with the same name.

Sandvik managed to sell about 2000 copies of his self-released demos (he made two different ones), before one of them made its way to Guldo Hejnens in Karmageddon Media. He liked it so much that he asked for a third demo, which, made in only ten ex., gave Glittertind a contract with Karmageddon.

His debut, "Evige ├ůsatro", was released August 23rd 2003 and everything on this album was made by Sandvik while he was 17 years old. At April 18th 2005, Glittertind released a 7-track MCD dedicated to norwegian freedom fighters thoughout the ages called "Til Dovre Faller". This release was slightly less punk, and more folk metal.

The cover on both albums are drawn by Skrymer from Finntroll.

Viking Folk Metal

Nordic History, Nature, Romanticism, Viking Themes

Norway ( Lillesand), formed in 2001

Karmageddon Media


Torbjørn Sandvik - vocals, all instruments
Anders Eek - Drums (Funeral (Nor), Fallen (Nor), ex-Myrkskog, Odium (Nor), The Flesh)
Andreas Paulsen - Bass (Dead Trooper)
Mads Lerberg - rhythm guitar & Backing vocals (Silent Vanquish)

Henri Sorvalli - session synth on ''Til Dovre Faller'' (ex-Ahti, ex-Barathrum, ex-Crypt (Fin), ex-Ensiferum, Finntroll, Moonsorrow, Lakupaavi, Larharyhmä, Luokkasota, Terrorthrone, The Wicked, Thunderdogs, Woods of Belial as Blood)


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