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Album: ''Forest'' (1996)
1. Òåíüþ íàä çåìë¸é
2. Òëåí è îãîíü ïðåä äàëüþ îòêðûòîé
3. Áàãðÿíûé â óòîïàíüè...
4. Enburnst the Christian
5. Âåòåðâîé ('94 rehearsal)

Like a Blaze Above the Ashes

Album: ''Like a Blaze Above the Ashes'' (1997)
1. Çâîíîì ìîëîòîâ çîâè
2. Õîëîäîì çíàíüÿ, çëîì âîçäàÿíüÿ
3. Ëþòîé ñòóæå
4. Òüìà
5. Untitled

Foredooming the Hope for Eternity

Album: ''Foredooming the Hope for Eternity'' (1998)
1. Unfinished Song of These Woods
2. In the Middle of Death, in The Face of Life
3. The Bolverk Spirit
4. To The Heart Flames
5. To These Distant Eyes...
6. For The Woe...
7. Untitled Track
8. Untitled Track

As a Song in the Harvest of Grief

Album: ''As a Song in the Harvest of Grief'' (1999)
1. Into The Mouth of Breath
2. By The Flame in Our Veins
3. To The Spirits Fire
4. Where the Truth is One...
5. Spilt Be, The Scum of Blood
6. As a Song in the Harvest of Grief
7. Storm till the Ocean's Heart
8. Untitled Track

In the Flame of Glory

Album: ''In the Flame of Glory'' (2005)
1. To Dare, To Burn, To Fight
2. Bardatos
3. Among the Fire and the Steel
4. Raven
5. Einherjers Reich
6. Towards the Flame of Glory
7. The Fatelancer
8. Deep Dark Forest (Absurd cover)


There are at least four bands called Forest:
1. Hip-Hop artist from Burlington, Vermont (USA)
2. British psychedelic folk rock band, active 1968-1970
3. Black metal band:
FOREST was born in 1994 as a project of Kaldrad (BRANIKALD) and Dagorath, the leader of another horde from Blazebirth Hall called RUNDAGOR (long time dead now). The concept of the FOREST was born after Kaldrad's and Dagorath's journey into the old woods where the long forgotten sacrificial places \ forest temples and burial mounds of ancient Slaws were situated. The unique atmosphere of these haunted woods, the ghosts of the past channeled the inspiration into the hearts and minds of FOREST creators and right after the return from this journey, in the Autumn of 1994 the debut reh. demo of FOREST was composed and recorded in intuitive \ \ spontaneous way. It has very strange sound and 2 of 4 songs were not Black Metal, but some weird folkish ambiental compositions on guitars. It was recorded only for close comrades / allies and never widely spread, although one track from this rehearsal, called "Winter Howl" is included to their later demo '96 "Forest" in original version, another song from '94, called "Like a Shade Upon This Land" is also included to FOREST "Forest", but in re-recoded form (1996).

Up from those days, FOREST could be characterized as the Norse-styled black metal, combining the rawest aggression, great DarkThrone-ish melodism, Isengard-like clean vocals and splendid unique atmosphere. After the rehearsal tape '94 and "Forest" album '96, another album "Like a Blaze above the Ashes" '97 was recorded in the same line-up, and on the next work "Foredooming the Hope to Eternity" '98 Ulv Gegner of RAVEN DARK joined FOREST project. Few months later Dagorath of RUNDAGOR (RIP) left everything he was involved in past: all the radical \ ideological activities, BM scene and so on. Later, after the terror-campaign waged on Dagorath by two remained FOREST members and their allies, he was forced to escape from the town where he lived, and now his whereabouts are unknown, as well as no one knows if he is still alive or not at all.

After all these happenings, in 1999, old session drummer Wizard was fired and FOREST was reinforced with the new skinsman Ransverdi - and they've recorded 4th work entitled "As a Song in the Harvest of Grief", which is another full-length album. In 2000 FOREST transforms into VARGLODR. During year 2000 VARGLODR recorded 2 full-length works - "When Only Dust, Ashes and the Fornicated Earth is Left Behind..." and "To the Flame of the New Day". VARGLODR drowns in yet the rawer and even more aggressive mood when compared to the FOREST, since now completely devoid of the clean vocals and with severed melodism. Since early 2000 time the drummer Ransverdi is kicked off and the future of VARGLODR is rather unknown.

4. a Czech Black Metal band

Black Metal

Anti-judeo-christian, Aryanism, National Socialism

Russia (Novomoskovsk), formed in 1994

Stellar Winter Records


Svyagir - music (Volkoten, Temnozor)
Kaldrad - music and lyrics (Raven Dark, Nitberg, Temnozor, Sternatis, Vargleide, Woods of Fallen, Branikald, Vandal)
Njard - lyrics

Ulv Gegner Irminsson : all music (ex-Raven Dark, ex-Wotansjolv, ex-Velimor, ex-Vargleide, ex-Sternatis, ex-Nitberg) (R.I.P. 1975 - October 23rd 2005, murder)

Ransverdi (ex-Nitberg)
Dagorath (Rundagor) (R.I.P.)


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