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In the Flame of Glory

"In the Flame of Glory" (2005)

1. To Dare, To Burn, To Fight
2. Bardatos
3. Among the Fire and the Steel
4. Raven
5. Einherjers Reich
6. Towards the Flame of Glory
7. The Fatelancer
8. Deep Dark Forest (Absurd cover)

1. To Dare, To Burn, To Fight

Through the ashes of oblivion
As a Burning FireSpear of the Path
As a Sunrise of the Spiritual Height Resurrection
Into the fair midday
By the Struggle of Fire and Steel
Of Irrepressible Powers
To Rise, To Dare
To Burn, To Fight
With the merciless, uncompromising passion
Power in its Pride
To taste the light of skies with its shadow
And with light to touch the darkness of the graves
To measure with the gift of blood
The ascendancy of lands
- Where lies the power of the ones
- And where the powerlessness of the others
To know where is the each ones place
BY birth, by lineage
- Either Asgard of the skies
Or rot of the graves to stay inside

Thirsty for Blood Battle Elms
The Hands of the Warriors were Fight does harm
Painted into scarlet waters Red are the distances
In the blizzard of arrows To the fields of steel

And to destroy in separation
To burn with hatred
To down bring into the dust, to lead into the chaos
The lower herd-like nations
From Darkness and Fog to hunt them down in awe:
The threads of fates of calves hearts
As an apparition of Werewolf
To cut them down and tear apart from the circle of life
Before the Spirit of the Height as a Flame of Revival
Furious, Unevitable, Unavoidable
The one that will
As a Struggle of Fire and Steel
Of Irrepressible Powers
Rise to Dare, To Burn, To Fight

His winged, firm sail of ravendark
Is always drunk with fiercest wind - by the Flame of Heroes
The wind fair enough for Us and for Death
To descend from skies as Undead Immortal Horde
Will Triumphantly open the gates of VALHALL
All the gates of VALHALL!

2. Bardatos

Come, Brother of Axes, drink from the chaps of flesh
From the pulse of life, from the wine of living bodies
Crush the mounting of the fed-up prosperity
Cut down the snake which poisons up the Spirit

Sing your Song under the skies of sorrow
Entwine yourself into the hymn of FIERCE ONEíS Sons
Into reality of action
With the Fangs of Predatorís Will
Sink your teeth and dare
By the Spear of Lifeís Mastery
To engift your Fate with single Purpose

Come, sharpbreasted ships, throw yourselves upon the cliffs
(Forward, Wolfs of fields of sharks!)
Upon the shores of eternal tears and pleads
(To the woe of narrowminded ones!)
Clad them with the Cloaks of Fire
(Bury them in Ashes!)
Serve the feast to the Winged Kin of Wolves
(Slake the thirst of FIERCE ONEíS heralds!)
To fill the Sails with swift movement
(Enwinged by the Breath of Storm)
Fly among the restless Daughters of the Storm
(Soar upon the crests of waves!)

And leave the scars on the breasts of
Distant foreign shores
With the Spearbearing Assault
To mark with the Games of Sparks
With the whip and horror of the dales
The Supremacy of HEIGHT
Above the average and equalized Bottom

Cutting and throwing to the winds all the chains of rot
To the coldness of pain in the victorious crunch of the chariots
Burning in the signs of fates and predeterminations
The wine of wounds will wash and enthrone the Bravery of Sons
To Fill with Might the Biting Mouth of Spear in Deadly Flight

3. Among the Fire and the Steel

Torment the soul - drink from the flame of blood
Sing with hatred - the hymn of the will - ye, eternal spirit
Let the fierceness pulse through the veins
And let the hearing melt
In the Storms of Tragediesí Tide

Cut all the rotten threads of life
All the bonds of fed-up calmness and stretch the strings
Whose wildest ring of steel
Would undress all the softness of soul and body philistines
And descending in the wild march
It would create the battle Storm-tide
Would wash away without any regrets
Your mundane yesterdays

With the salted breeze - harsh
From the spirit of Wolf - flesh
With Ice and Fire forged
Washed in the blood of the Dragon
The Spirit was reared as Proud and Powerful
Upon the apogees of Glory
Among the boiling winds of Tragedy oceans

The calling horn of war
Encouraging blood with fire
Unresting pulse of the conqueror
Crush the ice of calmness
Intoxicating Rhythms of Thunder Strikes
TO the Forthcoming battle
And H a m m e r - H e a r t
Sweep away the shields of foe

As a familiesí parter - to the shores of calmness
As a murderer and vandal to the well-measured of mundane days
Wolf of the Northern Seas - A King above the Kings
His Triumph comes among the Fire and the Steel

4. Raven

RAVEN - In the roar of the deadly thunders
Black scald sings of glory
RAVEN - Among the stars in his flight
Would last till itís end in twilight
Upon this thing of blind and wretched ones
Find a crystal clear gaze
High from these narrow halls
Through the Nine Worlds carry it through

RAVEN - fierce brother of the winds
Falkon of the Wild Hunt of Storms
RAVEN - the horror of garish cripples
Tear all their prayers asunder
From the pit would fly towards Sun
Ye, beloved fosterling of tears
With your screach bewitch the tops of these trees
Cast upon the enemy all the curses of heights

RAVEN - In the white whirlwind of snows
Upon the banner of the scarlet skies
RAVEN - the merciless enemy of the weak
Flies high in the shape of the broken cross
Above the fields of the underdreamt wars
Above the seas of the iron waves
Above the coffins of the burning homes
Above the lands of the crying widows

RAVEN - Warrior of the severe battles
His armour of feathers is covered in blood
RAVEN - In this fight the luck to my sword
The Sign of victory - your glorious feast
Slake the anguish of hunger
Ye, Eternal Singer of Funerals
With the Runes of Wounds upon the body of Hero
Engrave the Song of Victories

5. Einherjers Reich

The Clearness of the Will to the Jarls of the Race
Would empower in thousand times
Furious Howl in the glacial landscapes
- Hungry is the brother of ravens

The horn roars forth the call for assault
To the Whitehaired Beast
The feast to the wolves is served everywhere
With ravens do they share

The flagstaff of our battle banner
Drinks from the wound like a spear
Upon the Bloodred banner Black Sun
Would Rise above this soil

In the World of the Sonnenmench
In the song of the Valhall gates
Yet it burns the hearts of the week
With the sparks of the merciless metal

In the gleam of starlight
Furious battle blazes and screams
As a saga of Glory to the Sons of the North
Would become the arriving Blitzkrieg

The Gods of the Battle march forth
In the black uniform of Storm
Two broken thunderbolts
Coil down with silver on black

The keel of the mighty sea horse
Crushes the fragile boats of sleep
In the flood of the castrated words
Upon the dark loose shores

With the pulled snouts
Scour about the trough
Cowardly pigs
Seek a shelter there

There was a mirth -
Valkyries they saw
Hundreds and hundreds
Did kiss the witch of the blood

Pity gathers in pools -
Belly is in wounds
Tears in the eyes of Einherjers
Are the only ones of laughter

Let engift all the beggars
With the gold of conflagations
As grinning dragon tears apart
Those inhabitants of pigsties

Hammer crushes the walls of sorrow
Wolves do slake their hunger

To the Song of Our Triumph -
Thousand years of length
One sip of victorious mead
Which would make all oceans dry
A gleam of the serene eyes
Which would blind the light itself
Coldness of the hungry steel -
Be the fatal frost to the fed up ones!

6. Towards the Flame of Glory

With the burning winds - By Fire and Ice
With the highest mountains of solitude - Our Souls are drunk
Deafened by the abyss - By those top peaks of loneliness
By the pain of birth - Our hearts are reforged

From the flows of life - By the streams of the Will
Murderer Kings - Demigods, Ubermenschen
Soar by the storms - through the space and time

Their eyes are the pure skies in midday
In their bottomless depths
Distant blazes of the night do spark
Their flight disturbs the ages-long sleep of the Gods
Those who fall in dreams in the silence of timelessness
Three times did the horn call - Awake and rise!
The last battle of this world draws near
Three times did the horn call - and there is no escape
Now choice is one: The flame of Glory or oblivion of the grave

In the quest for Power - the values of the Spirit
The highest Will that raises the life
The Heart of the Lion - cultivated in triumph
From the mouth of the Dragon - to tear the most sacred
By the grip of the predator - the prey is taken
Values of the Spirit - that raise the life
The tenacity of Eagle - the wisdom of the Raven
Wolfs stamina - Superiority of the Lion
To combine and enrich
From the treasures of the Spirit to raise the life
Towards the Flame of Glory
Flame of Glory!
Flame of Glory!

7. The Fatelancer

By the Unity of Blood
With the relentless outburst of Will
One thousand bullets of returning memories
Tear to peaces the lies of talmudaic swines
And trample their arrogance into dust
A fist of the clear mind - MURDERER OF LIES
It crushes the sunken chests of the frail ones
- Reich of Immortal Knightly Honour
Vain are the efforts of the scum
To cast our Heroes into Oblivion!

Aurora shines upon
The strongholds of the unseen lands
In the arctic depths
The path of the last battalion is of thunders
A Bridge to the HAMMERHEART
To the Fatelancer
To the Folkstormman of the Nordic Blood

To the Hall of Fuhrer in the blaze of the shields
Among the sharpest lances - our marching ranks
To the gleaming hope of the gone age
To the Honour and Memory

In the cold sorrow - our hearts beat firm
Our Memory is alive - our Will is never tired
To strive for Victory -
To break the spine of the mad racemixing beast
His rotten roots - to grub out and burn
Without a single bit of doubt!
Without a single drop of pity!

8. Deep Dark Forest (Absurd cover)

The sky is clear and the moon shines bright
The stars burn through the trees
The night is black and the snow is white
All things seem to be unseen

The glowing eyes of animals around staring at me
The cold wind blows into my face
Like fire does it seem

Full moon shines searing down
The day shall never come
My tears are running from my eyes
My blood spills from my arms

I am immortal I can't die but I will feel deep pain
My eyes are red, my hair is black...

Eternal is dark forest
Eternal is the night
Deep dark forest eternally

The sun rise up I clear believed
The forest sight in me
But winter is. The days are short
And dark are all the trees

The sun goes down, the twilight comes followed by the night
Silent stands the deep dark forest and the moon shines bright

Eternal is dark forest
Eternal is the night
Deep dark forest eternally


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