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Northern Lights

Album: ''Northern Lights'' (1996 Split)
1. The Last Creed
2. You Maintain
3. Coming of the Dawn (instrumental)
4. Assention
5. True Wisdom
6. No One
7. Mercy Lord
8. Thoughts
9. Inmost Fear
10. Vicious Intent
11. Christianity Misunderstood
12. Seek the Righteous


Album: ''Embraced'' (1997 Demo)
1. Embraced
2. The Prodigal Son
3. Burial


Album: ''Burial'' (1998)
1. Into Another Dimension
2. Celestial Completion
3. Burial
4. Renhetens Elv
5. Superior
6. Reflections of a Broken Soul
7. Justified
8. Embraced
9. Innbydelse
10. Tears of Bitterness
11. Work of Art
12. Jesus Kom Til Jorden For Å Dø


Album: ''Mesmerized'' (1999 EP)
1. Enthralled
2. The Prodigal Son
3. Storms of Disillusion
4. Burial (Sanctum Remix)
5. Renhetens Elv (Sanctum Remix)
6. Work of Art (Raison d'Etre Remix)


Album: ''Undeceived'' (2000)
1. Undeceived
2. Inferno
3. Time Stands Still
4. Ember
5. Meadows of Silence
6. Shelter
7. A Structure of Souls
8. Of Light and Shade
9. Where Sleep is Rest
10. Renewal
11. Abandoned
12. And I Watch

And I Watch/Human Frailties Grave

Album: ''And I Watch/Human Frailties Grave'' (2000 Single)
1. And I Watch
2. Human Frailties Grave


Album: ''Synergy'' (2003)
1. Grace For Succession
2. Paradigms
3. Psychopath
4. Blood Red Cover
5. 26 Miles from Marathon
6. Confession of Inadequacy
7. Scrape the Surface
8. Thrash Synergy
9. Aperture
10. Emancipation
11. Nihilism 2002
12. Dilemma Inconceivable (Japanese bonus track)

The Blueprint Dives

Album: ''The Blueprint Dives'' (2005)
1. Gloriana
2. Soul Deprived
3. In Reversal
4. Pearl
5. From The Everyday Mountain Top
6. Another Adam's Escape
7. The Things I Found
8. Lost In Dismay
9. Essence
10. Void
11. The Death Sedative


Album: ''Pearl'' (2005 Single)
1. Pearl - Exclusive Radio Mix
2. Pearl - Album Mix
3. Gloriana
4. Pearl (Video)


Album: ''Paralysis'' (EP EP)
1. Paralysis
2. Your Beauty Divine
3. Shadow of Death
4. Human Frailtie's Grave



Extol is a Christian metal band from Norway. Their debut album, Burial, was released in 1997 on Endtime Productions and showcased a death metal sound. Undeceived was released two years later and featured a heavier sound with a small amount of black metal influence, as well as regular use of stringed instruments (violin and cello). 2003's Synergy saw the band evolve into a technical thrash unit; lead singer Peter Espevoll has said that it was largely a tribute to the influential avant-garde thrash band Believer.

In 2005, Extol released Blueprint (short for 'The Blueprint Dives'), yet another departure from their previous sound. This album saw them incorporating heavy influence from alternative rock (as heard in the single Pearl) while still retaining aspects of the progressive thrash of Synergy.

Through the course of Extol's musical career, the lineup of the band has had some significant changes.

For Burial & Mesmerized:
Peter Espevoll - Vocals
Christer Espevoll - Guitars
David Husvik - Drums
Ole Børud - Guitars, Clean Vocals (flute on Celestial Completion)
Eystein Holm - Bass

For Undeceived:
Peter Espevoll - Vocals
Christer Espevoll - Guitars
David Husvik - Drums
Ole Børud - Guitars & BGV
Tor Glidje - Bass

For Paralysis EP:
Peter Espevoll - Vocals
Christer Espevoll - Guitars
David Husvik - Drums
Tor Glidje - Guitars
John Robert Mjåland - Bass

For Synergy:
Peter Espevoll - Vocals
Christer Espevoll - Guitars
David Husvik - Drums
Ole Børud - Guitars & BGV
John Robert Mjåland - Bass

For The Blueprint Dives:
Peter Espevoll - Vocals
Tor Glidje - Guitars
Ole Sveen - Guitars
David Husvik - Drums
John Mjåland - Bass

The band members have all, at different times, had different projects. The current members of the band at various times were all members of post-thrash/rock group Ganglión. Ole Sveen, John Mjåland, and Tor Glidje comprise the avant-garde black-metal band Lengsel. David Husvik has played for The Crest and technical thrash group Absurd², and collaborated with former Spiral Architect members for Twisted Into Form.

Former member Ole Børud was a solo artist - click on his artist page for more information on his many side-projects. Christer Espevoll has joined post-hardcore/metalcore band Benea reach (former Selfmindead members); he also played on Absurd².

Death/Thrash Metal (new), Technical Death Metal (old)

Light, Christianity

Norway (Bekkestua), formed in 1994

Endtime Productions/Century Media

On hold

Peter Espevoll: Vocals (Aperture, Ganglión)
Tor Magne Glidje: Guitars (Lengsel, Ganglión)
Ole Halvard Sveen: Guitars (Lengsel, Ganglión)
John Robert Mjåland: Bass (Lengsel, Ganglión)
David Husvik: Drums (ex-The Crest, Absurd², Aperture, Twisted Into Form, Ganglión)

Christer Espevoll (Absurd², Benea Reach)
Emil Nikolaisen
Ole Børud (Schaliach)

Eystein Holm (She Said Destroy)


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