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The Blueprint Dives

"The Blueprint Dives" (2005)

1. Gloriana
2. Soul Deprived
3. In Reversal
4. Pearl
5. From The Everyday Mountain Top
6. Another Adam's Escape
7. The Things I Found
8. Lost In Dismay
9. Essence
10. Void
11. The Death Sedative

1. Gloriana

you are sweet as wheat
and white as wool
the depth of your eyes
goes deep into the night
i want to embrace you
let myself go
into your tender kiss
with hands inviting me
you move with wedded bliss
oh, place your hand
on my soul
your name be gloriana
touch me still
for by grace be you only
you are
and your name be gloriana
your calm ways clear my mind
drive me towards you
you protect me from myself
your breath inspirits me
your hair blows through my face
you remove it from my lips
your name be gloriana

2. Soul Deprived

confined i'm confined
strapped to my side
entangled in cobweb
in motion i'm bound
in suspense
seclusion alternates
only between hope
and delusion
a victim of substance
an anchored prey
who will not live
to see the day
the devil lies below
i am deprived
light blinding
in my eye
he uncoils his claws
and clasps my nature
and to grasp my soul
he stretches his life out within:
in trade for freedom
in change for designs
his demons consume
the death sedative
i see them fly
through the sun
of my eye
then comes the way
he sidles along
quietly listen
into the deep
mouth of the venom
planting his teeth in
the poison remedy
while demons swarm

3. In Reversal

it starts from within
confess, repent, let go
-the truth will set free
let the holy power
ignite the fire inside
the spirit will trigger
vanished dreams in your life
face your life
no need to fake
the light will let you see
will we follow
hearts on fire
they will see
through the love between us
deeper, more profound
you will have to choose:
hiding inside
-the masquerade of death
a transparent life
-with a burning heart

4. Pearl

hear these words
my soft voice speaks only truth
i will reveal myself to you
i'll see you through
you are beautiful
my love
walk with me
all you'll ever need
i am
so come stay with me
my dear
dwell in grace
all that i am i will complete
in you
i'll never leave you
my hand lies upon your head

5. From The Everyday Mountain Top

the right words from the right people
the sweet taste of their approval
admiring eyes of the worried ones
the slick smiles of the shallow
keep your silver coins
they’re worthless next to
what you'll trade them for
the acclamation of the crowd
begging for more tickling in their ears
praying for me to bow down to
the temptation of the false prophets
keep your silver coins
they're nothing when i feel His endless love
i know you dream of feasting on my bitterness
dance in delight while i realize myself to death
won’t be sedated
by swallowing your bait:
to want a pet on my back from some preacher
instead of living out my faith
keep your transient gold
i'll stick with my eternal, priceless pearl
rather be despised down here
than feel ashamed the day i leave
leave me alone now
i will serve only One
got no desire for
a field of blood of my own
rather be despised down here
than feel ashamed the day i die

6. Another Adam's Escape

silence, be silent
don't make a sound
don't let me find you
i'll take you down
fear me, don't come near me
flee from my sight
truth makes you tremble
and you know i'm right
run and hide
inside your safe self-constructions
if you don’t watch your back
if you let me come too close
i'll question your values
your dreams and self-image
i'll tear down your fences
i will make you see clearly
and love you so dearly
run for your life as you know it

7. The Things I Found

down below the voice of treachery
above the vile acts of cruelty
beyond the rims of our destiny fallen
a cruce salus
and still there are things
i need to say
and always things
i see myself do
yet in the end
there's one Truth only
freedom in its ultimate form
remove the fetters
from your feet
and rise again
to breathe
the air anew
when body's broken
and when your clothes are torn
faith when the courage is crawling
and you're left there all alone
replace your heart
with peace
and love your enemy
for today we walk
together on
towards eternity

8. Lost In Dismay

all is lost
my will to live
was taken today
the fire
that used to burn
my heart
blown out cold
by winds too great
to hold at bay
all is lost
purpose and cause
humilty torn
from my fingers
hope has turned
and clouded grey
who will take the pain
and shield me
shape my heart
and never leave me
empty or invisible
who will take the pain away?

9. Essence

here we go again
feeling so small inside i could implode
by my own ways of weakness
wash me white as snow
let me start again
oh, let your warm breeze blow away
all this filth in my soul
reaching out my hands
letting it out before my head explodes
then liberated
restoration through forgiveness
wash me white as snow
let me start again
oh, let your warm breeze blow away
all this filth in my soul
wash me white as snow
lift me up again
oh, let your mercy flow
give me life so i can live
and so, now i can once again lift my head up high
shamelessly look into anyone’s eyes, because
when i'm weak, then you are strong
yeah, i will leave condemnation and sin behind
confidently marching forward with this in mind:
you are right when i am wrong
i will not let go, i will not give in
'cause he told me so: by his love i'll win

10. Void

just like when
the seasons linger
i slowly find myself
within the vortex
of our time
come closer
whisper your name
lean over
i wish you would stay
a little longer
sink into my ear
your words i pray
will keep me safe
and my flesh
a little warmer
the void i sigh
when i hesitate
the cold outside
i will undertake
i sense the motion
my catatonic shell
clad in fire golden gray
to all others
you are a stranger
veiled in mystery
uninvited thief
bringer of light
drift into night
soar on the wings
of a new dawn
where winds blow
in houses of hollow
and water runs
through statues of salt

11. The Death Sedative


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