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Album: ''Evil Incarnate'' (1997 Demo)
1. Raised From The Deep
2. The Sacrificial Lamb
3. Dead Corpse of Jesus Christ
4. Scripture of Impurity

Album: ''Christ Destroyed'' (1998 Demo)
1. First Born of the Wicked
2. Last Suffer of Nazarene
3. Blood of the Saints
4. Heaven Lay Burned
5. His Only Bastard Son
6. Twist of the Serpent's Head

Blood of the Saints

Album: ''Blood of the Saints'' (1999)
1. First Born of the Wicked
2. Last Suffer of Nazarene
3. Blood of the Saints
4. Heaven Lay Burned
5. His Only Bastard Son
6. Twist of the Serpents Head
7. Raised from the Deep
8. The Sacrificial Lamb
9. Dead Corpse of Jesus Christ
10. Scripture of Impurity

Waiting for His Return

Album: ''Waiting for His Return'' (2005)
1. Waiting For His Return
2. Into Hands Of Sinners
3. Temple Of Blasphemy
4. Forced Inside Your Church
5. Did Not Die For Me
6. Terror In The Holy Land (9-11)
7. Piece By Piece (Slayer Cover)
8. Tormentor (Destruction Cover)

evil incarnate


Evil Incarnate was formed to strike the earth with hate for Jesus Christ, his father, and the holy spirit. Going beyond Blasphemy for deliverance from salvation, and purposely going against what is considered typical for Death Metal acts! Evil Incarnate have consistently created a buzz throughout the entire metal world. Everything that you thought you had known about the future of extreme music was just the beginning! Even early on and still merely a vision of what the cult will eventually become.

In the year 1996 Michael Eisenhauer on bass/vocals (ex-member of NUM SKULL) and Andy Vehnekamp on drums (ex-member of JUNGLE ROT) knew that their project band APOLLYN needed more effort and a permanent guitarist to move towards metal elite. It was in 1997 that they had summoned from the abyss the guitar mad man Rob Rigney (ex-member of FEAR SPAWNED RELIGION) and decided to change the name to Evil Incarnate. Later this same year, in darkness of the newly found determination within the members to make this one band their only effort, they recorded the "Evil Incarnate" demo, followed by the "Christ Destroyed" demo in 1998. These years were spent focusing on live performances at underground festivals and clubs across America, broadening their ever increasing fan base.

These now legendary '97 & '98 demos have been re-issued onto CD from labels Deathgasm Rec. (USA) and to cassettes from both Ramu's Rec. (Czech) and Witchhammer Prod. (Thai) under the title "Blood of the Saints". These cult demos have sold over 5,000 copies world wide.

1999 started Evil Incarnate recording a series of CD tribute tracks for Dwell Records (USA). These tributes include SLAYER, BLACK SABBATH, VENOM, TWISTED SISTER, and DESTRUCTION. It wasn't until 2001 and under hells command that this diabolical trinity sent this much fear down the weak spines of the holy ones everywhere with the release of the abominant debut CD "Blackest Hymns of God's Discrace"! A landslide of licensing deals woke with Deathgasm Rec, Morbid Records(Ger), Warhymns Rec. (Col), Extreme Souls Prod (Indo), Morbid Visions (Mex), and still many more that include a 12 inch vinyl LP version of "Blackest Hymns..." on Hells Headbangers.

2002 seen this metal machine touring in Mexico through Morbid Vision Records with very much success. Also, they entered the studio to record the SLAYER track "Piece by Piece" for American label WW3 Music Group's tribute CD with drummer Garrett Scanlan of Chicago's dead band CORPSE VOMIT. So now coming from a country with total freedom of religion and during these times of growing terror and suffering, they prove once again that this beast will be impossible to stop! The new album is called "Waiting for His Return" and is set for a worldwide April 2005 release from HELLS HEADBANGERS. With songs like "Forced Inside Your Church", followers of Aryan Satanism will be made aware of the sick reasons behind the lyrics of "St. Michael", and the devastating track "Terror in the Holy Land (9-11)" will raise ancient spirits of war!

So now with the successful Mexican and American tours under their belts, Hell's henchmen Evil Incarnate will be busy pursuing their musical destiny for record label deals and world tours!! Representatives of the music industry and metal maniacs worldwide embrace this band as they lead the people to Satan! Lead them to hell and burn them!!

Support the Global Obliteration of Christianity, Total Satanic Victory!

Death Metal

Satan, Evil, Anti-Christian...

United States of America (Zion, Illinois), formed in 1994

Hells Headbangers


Michael Eisenhauer - Bass, Vocals (ex-Num Skull)
Rob Rigney - Guitar
Garrett Scanlan (CorpseVomit, Cumchrist, Kommandant, Lividity, Rosenguard) - Drums

John Boettcher - Drums
Dave Gally - Guitar
Mike Mitchell - Guitar, Keyboards
Andy Vehnekamp - Drums (ex-Jungle Rot, ex-Masada)


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