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Blood of the Saints

"Blood of the Saints" (1999)

1. First Born of the Wicked
2. Last Suffer of Nazarene
3. Blood of the Saints
4. Heaven Lay Burned
5. His Only Bastard Son
6. Twist of the Serpents Head
7. Raised from the Deep
8. The Sacrificial Lamb
9. Dead Corpse of Jesus Christ
10. Scripture of Impurity

1. First Born of the Wicked

Write what you see in a book
Death on the streets of gold
John shares in tribulation
What is to take place hereafter

First born to witness, and
Record mass devastation
Keys of death and Hades,
Unlocking gates of suffering.

In heaven appeared seven lamp-stands,
Striking them down at god's throne
First born of the wicked
Ruler of all that grows impure
Every eyes will see him
Behold he comes with the storm
Fallen angel who is, who was
And who is to come

Christ's mouth holds the sword
Sounding amen as I kill
Crimson pours from their skulls
Seven spirits dead at hell's gates
Off comes Christ's hand
That once held the seven stars

Spilling the glory through murder
Now who's the first ? And the last ?

2. Last Suffer of Nazarene

Do you denounce Christ and all his works,
And all of his display ?
Introduction to a life of darkness
Last suffering of the Nazarene

Back to the tim of the prophets
Satanic possession and doom
Dishonor spills across god's glory
Within the grip of hell's evil

Saint Michael the archangel
Nowhere left to hide
Hunting you with axe in hand
Enter into oblivion
Lord be with you in thy spirit
Cast me out with holy communion
Your feeble prayers growing weak
Can't you see god doesn't fucking care ?

3. Blood of the Saints

Seated upon many waters
A woman drunk with blood of the saints
Arrayed in purple and scarlet
Whore commited fornication

With kings
Sitting on a scarlet beast
Full of the blasphemous names
Seven heads and ten horns
The beast ascend from the bottomless pit

Seven heads are the seven hills
Seven hills upon Babylon is seated
The ten horns are the ten kings
Who will receive the royal power

Together with the beast
They will slaughter the lamb
And make war upon him
Babylon soon lay desolate and naked

4. Heaven Lay Burned

Heaven lay burned
Smash down pearly gates
Heaven lay burned
Blackened souls of the damned
Heaven lay burned
The outbreak of evil
Heaven lay burned
Witness great destruction

In lord Apolyn's domain
Angels' souls impaled

Rivers of blood and death
Leviathan raising his hordes
Into the crypts of emptiness
Lucifer gives Belial the sword

5. His Only Bastard Son

<i>Satan is the king
Come to take his land
Bow before the master
At the throne of flesh</i>

Carnal desires
Lust and blasphemy
Vomit on the holy word
Defecate upon its lies

Jesus born in Bethlehem
Conceived through adultery
Raped the whore in her sleep
Mother mary tasted sweet
Wise men came to bring gifts
Worthless mass of righteousness
On his head they crowned him king
On the cross he'll soon be dead

Charging into war
With his only bastard son
Chopping off his egs
Watch him crawl as he bleeds


6. Twist of the Serpents Head

Sound of thunder and misanthropy
Withi this protective circle
Along this doorstep of pain
I summon demons from hell
Caress the virgin altar
Preparing for the conjuring
Ancient incantations I chant

<i>Arise from the depths
Angel of filth and hate
Smash to the ground
Christian symbol of purity

Strike down upon thee
Feel his power, and might
Iced earth and, misery
Thee air turns into, fire</i>

The skies begin to bleed
Images of a religion dead
Twist of the serpent's head
Fire and destruction
Burns three thirds the earth
Satan unleashed his most

Killing the holy ghost


7. Raised from the Deep

While Noah had preached the holy ways
And David had slain Goliath
Hordes of demons and ancient spirits
Unification with Satan
Belial was raised from the deep
To form four crown princess of hell

Your crowns of thorns lay smashed
Cower below my feet tuo worthless dog
As thee sunlight begins to gray

Kill him

King of kings
Lord of lords
Worker of miracles
Healer of the sick
He came from Gallilee
Said to be the son of man
Delivered to the hands of sin
He will never rise again

8. The Sacrificial Lamb

Look at me, I'm bleeding
Bleeding, for Satan
Stabbing with my crucifix
Letting, out the black, from within
From within
Within my soul, demons shall live.
Glorifying Satan, my father is his name.

<i>Crucify the bastard
Fucking son of god
Raise him up high
As I slash his throat
Crucify the bastard
Fucking son of god
Raise him up high
Impaling him alive</i>


Can you see, his misery ?
I killed jewish messiah
Laughing as he died

Thrown onto my pentagram
Crimson red my altar drips
Come my friend listen to me
Sacrificial lamb for a god

9. Dead Corpse of Jesus Christ

Pearing into the corpse of Jesus Christ
Master lord Lucifer
Drain him of life undeserved
Spill the soul cross diabolus
Christ is but a lie
Nothing but a blessing
Meant for the weakened fool
Dead Jehovah
Weeping mother Mary
Kick her, crack the skull of Joseph

Reclaim the throne of the earth
Raging war upon the righteous man
Dripping entrails of Christ
Stinking the church
Sentenced the christians to die
Feasting upon their light
Open the gates to hell
Satan impurity

Provoking the christian to pray
To god amidst the death of Jesus
Cower behind his angels so weak

10. Scripture of Impurity

<i>Raised from the depths below
The purest essence of evil
Banisher of holyness
Condemn the righteous</i>

Manifesting in darkness
Covenant begins the ritual
Granting me powers of hell
Ancient book of death
Circle of fire
Fiends surrounding me
From spells I cast
Behold powers unleashed

Eternal hordes of evil
Questing their vengeance
Morbid priest
Scripture of impurity
Knowledge the text unholy
Recite the passage within
Drink the blood
Satan I summon thee



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