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Deep Inside

Album: ''Deep Inside'' (1999 Demo)
1. Badness
2. I Will Never Be Death
3. Dark Solitude
4. Humanity



Everlost was formed in April 2001 by two guitarists - Andrew and Pavel. After rehearsing together for a long period they've decided to find musicians on the vacant places, because their music material was almost finished. Soon vocalist Dmitry and bassist Serge (who was already author of all the lyrics) joined the band. Band's promo CD "Suicidal Instincts"was recorded with this line-up . Regarding all advantages and disadvantages of the record, it was welcomed by the fans and the critics. Most succesful tracks from "Suicidal Indsincts" - Thought Inquisition, Destined To Be Shattered and Mental Control. In the spring of 2003 vocalist Dmitry left the band due to personal reasons. It was decided to pass the vocalist's duties to Andrew. At that time Everlost also gained drummer Sergey. So, at the end of 2002 band's line-up was finally completed. After that Everlost started to perform at the clubs of Moscow together with various famous bands, at the same time preparing the new material. At the beginning of 2003 band's set list consisted of more than 10 tracks, 6 of which were the new ones. Fresh material absorbed the elements of many styles of heavy music, such as sympho-black, doom and even power-metal, but the foundation was still techincal melodic-death at its best. In the autumn of 2003 band finished the recording of their debut album "Bitterness Of The Triumph". The recording took place at the Megaton studio (mixed and engineered by Ruslan Nasyrov). Mastering was performed by Alexey Martynov at the FM Division Studio. At the end of 2003 Everlost signed a contract with the biggest russian label Soyuz Music, which released their album on March 27, 2004. Shortly after that, the band participated in the Battles In The East tour of Vader, Polish famous death-metal monsters. The work on the second album started on the 3rd of January 2006. The recording took place at DreamPort Studio with the help of Maxim Savosvat (Epidemy, Mechanical Poet) and Tom Tokmakov (Mechanical Poet). As a result, there are 12 expressive and unordinary tracks done. Everlost describe their new style as a core'n'roll, flavoured with electronic arrangements. The story is to be continued...

Death Metal

Mankind, Death

Colombia (Palmira, Valle), formed in 1998

Metal Alive Productions


Darío Lozada - Guitars
Mauricio Santamaría - Guitars
Isabel Ramírez - Bass
Mauricio Colonia - Drums
Orlando Tabares - Keyboards
José Ramírez - Vocals


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