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Deep Inside

"Deep Inside" (1999 Demo)

1. Badness
2. I Will Never Be Death
3. Dark Solitude
4. Humanity

1. Badness


More than a century ago
I had been sleeping
Under the sky of anothe time
Where the war reigned
Where the sundown died

I feel a winter into my corps
Clouds, lights, time
Sorrow my mind
I feel the eternal peace

Lonely suffering increase
Alone I Wake up my body out
With blood between my fingers
Just I far well of this hell

Now I wake up in a new time
Where my mind sleeps in another body
Now the perversion is my only owner
And Just the badness is my dream

Blood bustes of this body
I am the kings of wars
I want to gather tears and suffering
That sustain my badness
Destroy that ones who I saw
In than time my ancient cry rests

Enemies of my will with fire piece my heart
My revenge born when my body die

2. I Will Never Be Death


Between paradise and hell
Seeking for eternity
Between black curtains and
Dark dreams you wake me up
Calling my body catching my soul
Hidden in ther reality you call me to you
Altar maybe you're innocent
Maybe you're natural
Maybe you're a state
Where my dreams sail with freedom
Between paradise and hell
Seeking for eternity
You fly above my spirit
You smell my shadows until sometime you'll
Dance with my freely you'll take possession
Of my body
And hungry to destroy
But my soul will snacht for eternity
I won't be prey of youf thirst
I won't be death, I will never be death
I will be just eternity
Death: your omnipotent won't know
How you pull up me, the weight neither
The print of my blood that gonna change
And will be undissolve
Between black curtain and
Dark dream you are still calling
My body, you come back day to day
Night to night, you thirst increase
I will never be death, I won't be...

3. Dark Solitude


You're calling me
You're seducing me
You're controlling me
You shaking my dark passion
The passion that invade me
That light your flesh your heart
In my body
My skin are flame by the thirst of desires
To express dark solitude
When you arrive in my eyes
Appear images of devilish faces
The deep of my flame passion
Destroyed the mortal power, releasing
All the flux of my dark passion
Making love with images
Hating reality
As fire goes through my entrails
Draw my wish and as explosion crash
Flow Root of my solitude
Symbol of my mind
Son of the wish wrapped my dark passion
Now just remain wait
That you'll arrive again
Come on dark loneliness so make that
Fly my flesh and carry me to a world of
Devilish faces
Voices of nymphs caress my dark passion

4. Humanity


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