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Lost Tales

Album: ''Lost Tales'' (1997 Demo)
1. Lost Tales Part I
2. Awakening
3. Entrance of Eternity
4. Upon the Hill
5. Under Winter Skies
6. Sunset
7. Fading with the Sun
8. Lost Tales Part II

Path of the Angels

Album: ''Path of the Angels'' (1999)
1. Path of The Angels
2. Serpent
3. The Fall of Archaic Heaven
4. World Within
5. EvenSong
6. Oblivion
7. Requiem For A Wingless Bird
8. Laughter of Gods

Of Man

Album: ''Of Man's First Disobedience (Expulsion from the Divine Abode)'' (2000)
1. Cosmic Empire
2. Mother of All Beings
3. Aeons of Blissful Ignorance
4. From The Flames of Eternal Fury
5. The First Disobedience
6. The Conquering Worm


Album: ''Mysterium'' (2001)
1. The Nameless Eidolon
2. Mysterium
3. To The Abyss Unfathomable
4. Whispers From The Arcane World
5. Passing of The Elder Gods
6. Time



Evensong was formed in 1997 by Agnes (female vocals, keyboards), Gabor Olah (lead guitar) & Mihaly Szabo (guitar). After a couple of months Gergely Cseh (bass) and Gabor Vegh (drums) joined the band. In the summer of '97 they recorded a demo called Lost Tales. This demo made a name for Evensong in the hungarian underground scene. In 1998 Evensong signed with Displeased Records for 3 CDs. Their debut CD Path of the Angels came out in March of 1999 and was chosen album of the month in the Hungarian Metal Hammer. After a few concerts in the homecountry they started to write new songs for the second album, for which they choose a Dutch studio Harrow for recording.

The second album is called Of Man's First Disobedience and it is a concept one, a peculiar elobaration of biblical themes such as the Genesis, Expulsion of Adam and Eve, the Erection of Babylon...etc. This brilliant symphonic/gothic album came out in 2000 and had very good reviews in many metal magazines and fanzines. In March 2001 the band went to studio (Harrow) again to record their third album Mysterium. It is a melodic and atmospheric metal album with lots of symphonic elements, a big step forward.

After five years of work EvenSong broke up. The members have plans and new projects.

Doom / Atmospheric Metal

Astral, Biblical, Mythical

Hungary (Békéscsaba), formed in 1997

Displeased Records


Gergely Cseh - Bass
Gábor Oláh - Lead Guitar (Arvisura)
Mihály Szabó - Vocals, Guitar
Ágnes Tóth - Female Vocals, Keyboard

Gábor Végh - Drums


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