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Death Metal Attack 2

Album: ''Death Metal Attack 2'' (1999)
1. Engorged
2. House Of The Dead
3. In Support Of Multinational Corporations (No War But Cash War)
4. F.A.N.G.S
5. Cobra H.I.S.S.
6. XYY Triad (Twisted Nerve)
7. Genital Finder
8. Chemically Castrated (Twisted Nerve Case #2)
9. Carpet Sharkin'
10. Sealed With A Klip (Kipland P. Kinkel)
11. Death Metal Attack 2
12. Engorged
13. Huge Gaping Hole
14. XYY Triad (Twisted Nerve)
15. Death Metal Attack
16. Kings Of Beer
17. Legalize Child Porn
18. Raping The Full House Twins (Assaulting The Olsens)
19. Vomiting Butchers
20. Fangs
21. Encore

Impaled / Engorged

Album: ''Impaled / Engorged'' (2000 Split)
1. Night Soil
2. Until Death...
3. Surgery, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll


Album: ''Engorged'' (2002)
1. March Of The Engorged
2. The Dreadnaught
3. It Came From Beyond
4. Cobra Rage
5. Eaten Alive!
6. Death Metal Attack 3
7. White Line Nightmare
8. Slithis
9. Shockwaves
10. Beer Guts
11. Night Of The Living Dead
12. Dawn Of The Dead
13. Zombie
14. Day Of The Dead

Where Monsters Dwell

Album: ''Where Monsters Dwell'' (2004)
1. D'compose!
2. Stinger
3. Architeuthis
4. The Thing from Another World
5. Chaingang
6. Abominus
7. Skull and Crossbones
8. Werewolf Militia
9. Return of the Living Dead



Engorged - a 1000ton atomic horror of aggressive grind and speed/thrash metal, moshing and blasting you into a bloody and battered pulp. Since their debut in 1997, Engorged have destroyed fans world wide live with acts such as Obituary, Malevolent Creation, Pungent Stench, Impaled, Cephalic Carnage, Phobia and many more, and on record with their 3 full albums (1999's "Death Metal Attack 2" (Razorback Records), 2001's "Engorged" (Century Media / Necropolis), and 2004's "Where Monsters Dwell" (Razorback). Yes boys and ghouls, like a killer brood of malformed feral children, Engorged have also managed to let loose several horrifying split releases over the years with the likes of Oakland's Impaled, Australians Fuck...I'm Dead, and Spain's Gruesome Stuff Relish. Collect them all and trade with your fiends! Engorged is a clanking, crushing terror that destroys all in their path - the ultimate destructive weapon!

Engorged went on a minor hiatus in early 2006, but is returning to action starting with 2007's Goregon Massacre Fest, and a new album scheduled for a 2008 release. They're not done yet!


Horror, Gore, Death, Humor

United States of America (Portland,Oregon), formed in 1997

Razorback Records


Ryan - Guitar
Noah - Guitar
Shad - Drums (Blood Freak, Whore (US))
Kevin - Bass
Dave - Vocals

Akkad - Vocals


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