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Death Metal Attack 2

"Death Metal Attack 2" (1999)

1. Engorged
2. House Of The Dead
3. In Support Of Multinational Corporations (No War But Cash War)
4. F.A.N.G.S
5. Cobra H.I.S.S.
6. XYY Triad (Twisted Nerve)
7. Genital Finder
8. Chemically Castrated (Twisted Nerve Case #2)
9. Carpet Sharkin'
10. Sealed With A Klip (Kipland P. Kinkel)
11. Death Metal Attack 2
12. Engorged
13. Huge Gaping Hole
14. XYY Triad (Twisted Nerve)
15. Death Metal Attack
16. Kings Of Beer
17. Legalize Child Porn
18. Raping The Full House Twins (Assaulting The Olsens)
19. Vomiting Butchers
20. Fangs
21. Encore

1. Engorged

full, muscle pumping, I must sever
I'm full of blood, veins full of rage
I'll fuck you up, I'll beat your face
aah! death nerve twitching, I'm gonna blow
black leather glove, hot cherry blade
I'll jack you up, I'll stab your face

Invite me - I'll be there - don't tempt me
coercing - meaty glans - injecting me with...

aah! it's burning! casing cracked and cover torn!
contents spill...aahah! a murky crimson fog clouds my sight!

aah! death nerve twitching, I'm gonna blow!
I'm full of blood, hot cherry blade
I'll fuck you up, I'll be your...

2. House Of The Dead

Almost invulnerable walking flesh, reborn in the house of the dead
morte-vipers' indiscreet, don't care who he eats

spend your final day at the centre called H.O.P.E.
'human error' allowed infected rat in a sterile zone
"I apologize to the president, and to the field that I represent, I'm responsible 100 percent, for fulfilling this grim, prophetic event..."


by the power of Baron Samedi, master of voodoo and necromancy
'our fathers, they shall arise,
take vengeance on those who burned out their eyes'
I bid them to do my will, yet they perform with the crudest skills
'reasoning skills they lack, I trust them not and I watch my back'

manufactured assasin beings from the centre of H.O.P.E.
ravenous infection mauls straight to the bone
spread contagion and disease, the earth's leaders on their knees
ignoring all cries and pleas, the dead begin their final feast

3. In Support Of Multinational Corporations (No War But Cash War)

my colleagues and I have been campaigning for thousand of years
modernization and economic growth shal persevere
industry put Christ on his cross, all you sinners would still be lost
so give up your faith in God, and give me your fear

my father pioneered global trade
his workers would break their backs for little pay
our corporation financed the voyages of Ponce deLeon
don't call me a pirate, call me C.E.O.

the industry has been in scrutiny in recent times
union boards and disgruntled drones build picket lines

cut me some slack, I paid you your wage, there's no cheap labor
like dad used to say, "money doesn't grown on treehuggers"
field all comments and complaints to human resources
branch out and merge, increase production, use third world labor forces

all hail the final VICTORY OF CAPITALISM
establish an unstable worldwide financial system
put all dissenters and socialists in prison
this plan will work, we will have a smooth transition/

branch out and merge, increase production, exploit all resources
employ and enslave, your job can't be saved
I've bred a new race to replace

4. F.A.N.G.S

you gonna run me out of town?
well I suppose I'll bee seein' you around
you fucked up my wednesday nights
this ain't happenin' without a fight
you see my snakes, they must be fed
ant THAT won't change just because you wed
the dancing girl, she'll be my guest
as I put your buddies to the test
(their scores were very low)

vengeance for Lucifer!!! Indigo Emperor!!!
back at the ranch, a hole in the ground,
you'll never be found
priest on my back, about heavenly pact,
he'll make a great snack

guess which one is deadly, they look so much alike
oops, your time is over, with (first/each) juicy bite

they tried to run me out of town
and still the bodies haven't been found
kids bring rodents by the score
go back tomorrow to get some more

5. Cobra H.I.S.S.


despite women and children's cries
our terror dream will realize
a massive fleet of H.I.S.S. tanks tread
taking weak and innocent lives

what's that sound? - rumbling ground
topple down - to make way for the Cobra H.I.S.S.

the venom tears my spine
with vipers tooth and poison claw,
pledge allegiance to terror and watch all others fall
T.A.R.G.A.T.s fly from above,
blow away your fucking dove
when we're trough there might be piece
piece of mind just might be found
as you're all bulldozed into the ground

unleash the H.I.S.S.

H.I.S.S. tanks storm in
the rumbling fury stirs something within
it's not wealth and riches we wish to acquire
it's all done for our bloodstained desire


torn apart - purple hearts
just the start - bow down to

the venom tears my spine
with vipers tooth and poison claw,
pledge allegiance to terror and watch all others fall
T.A.R.G.A.T.s fly from above,
blow away your fucking dove
in this battle we are law
you all shall abide, take your beating in stride
for all this your forefathers died

6. XYY Triad (Twisted Nerve)

a lock can't keep me out of your drawers
get my hands on that report - change the test results
law I break - for my reputations sake
he thought he caught on, but he was wrong
tried to stand in the way (of a train)

ruthlessly killing to cover my tracks,
control is cracked - impulsive attack
when all is said and done, it's who have won
foremost I have come - TO NOURISH MY BLOODLUST
science, an excuse, to put my work to use, for general abuse
when all's said and done it's I who have won
formost I have come - TO RUIN YOUR FUCKING WORLD!!!

hail the hordes of violence

"predisposed to criminal behaviour,
malicious aggresson consumes,
the carrier of this pattern,
as recent studies proved"

borne of fire, equipped with knives, sent forth, to slash lifelines

"a lifelong obsession with murder
the subject's ambition serves,
a chromosomal imbalance,
in the case of the twisted nerve"

7. Genital Finder

what's been done to me? been robbed of my cunt-tree
I tore limb from limb
scooped off with broken glass
better try to find it fast

for better or worse, for sick or for poor
a stab in the crotch gets you crawling on the floor
squeezed little cheecks to test my luck
home just in time for a wet stump fuck
brought home flowers, for what it was worth
dry, shriveled tissue's what became of your girth
in battle with the fairer sex
casualties are bloody and missing their dicks

what did I do wrong? I throught it was long
ejaculation premature
couldn't bring heer to a climax
so she finished with an axe

cocksure fucking pricks shouldn't dick with feral chicks

got cocky when war was waged
surprised by feministic rage

for sick and for poor, for better or for worse
if you want some nookie, think about this first
in battle with the fairer sex
castrati are veterans, silver dollars on eyelids

8. Chemically Castrated (Twisted Nerve Case #2)

on a psycherotic rush - my sore is gonna gush
I've got no self-control - I must be stopped
before I

roam the streets again - looking for a '10' -
and settle for a '1'
ravage like a beast - my apprehensive feast -
it only sounds like fun
'stop, this fucking hurts' - just wait until it squirts -
you haven't seen a thing yet
through burning sensation, "thee force" survives,
spreads holy infection, and a case of pubic lice...

can't use protection, won't do no good
all is corroded underneath the hood

what I've got makes A.I.D.S. into a joke
when I ejaculate the room fills up with smoke
but I must go on, the being must strive
direct transmission keeps the virus alive

superior being thinks for me
I don't get off on this, can't you see
I would stop if I had the will
'remove offender with a shot or pill'

took away my drive but left my pain -
pleasure cannot be attained
beauty at my bedside, desire faded -
no chance for love, I am jaded
chemically castrated

9. Carpet Sharkin'

sorting for fragments from a recent goodtime
chipped off an old block, smoke blown up your ass
the remnants call wout, "WE'RE HERE, JUST FIND US!"
as they take their solace in a forest of shag
strap on your kneepads and put on your gloves
search and rescue's here to mow down the grass
there's quite a high bounty on this piece
bend down, bottum up, while I chisel your crag

rocky mountain hight! get down with me, we're gonna fly
excavation trip...artifacts surface on the sharpest lip

yeahh! stone grind! what I take is what I find
I can't believe what I've lost, you don't know what it cost
what you find is minde, and that goes for what's behind
put up no front, or I'll kick ya...I'll kick your in your
aaaah! don't hold out on me, you see
I'm on top, stay down! don't move until it's found

carpet burns as drill bit turns
level the mound! ooh, babe, ya know I love that sound
get to work! heaving boulders wearing just a smirk

yeah! give me a piece!
gonna wipe it, gonna smear it, up and down the crease
hey! what's yours is mine
don't wanna share, I don't care, I'll throw you down the stairs

10. Sealed With A Klip (Kipland P. Kinkel)

stayed up late at night, after mom and dad's fight,
to plan the following day
protested restriction, tossed out his prescription,
"don't take my video games"
fresh bowl of Cap'n Crunch,
folks won't make it to lunch, it's time for cartoons
was elected class executioner,
inauguration in the cafeteria room

equipped with - an arsenal concealed
reach the party - in honor of me
let the festivities begin! bullets fly like confetti
most likely to start World War III
the host of this macabre lottery
what do you think of the class clown?
twenty six have already gone down

WET 'EM UP, KIP! 'this is what I was born to do'
random violence rules,
blood Thurston at this white trash school
think I'm being funny? I'm so funny it's killing everybody
you wanna skip class? too late, I put a cap in your ass

four shots fired at point blank
chief executioner, the highest rank
sway and spray, favorite game to play
in celebration of the jock's birthday
scout's motto: be prepared
not-fatal shot is where Kip erred
matfags tackle, firing ends
'ha, you fuck, I nailed your girlfriend!'

"KILL" - written in blood and whipping cream
SURVIVORS STUNNED - 'is this a dream'
BODY COUNT - unconfirmed at this time

what'd you do last summer, Kip? 'threw rocks at passing cars'
he's a good kid, a little confused, send him off to the national guard
maybe he'll grouw out of this phase, booby traps and bombs allover the place
lightning struck, town laid to wast; every kid dreams to go out in a blaze

11. Death Metal Attack 2

blood pours from the sky, from dripping jaws six miles wide
eyes popping from the sight, of the earth swallowing you alive

death metal attack!
flames char your skin black
phoenix talons slash your back
"unknown" ones signed a fateful pact
fuck die!!!

tongues of fire pull the bodies in the ground
the roar of death metal plummets the heavens down

bright, melts out your eyes, jaws swoop for remaining life
human plankton for the black whale of death,
metal takes another bite!

death metal attack!
strangled by intestine tract
planet's orbit reverts back
infected by the final plague
fuck die!!!

blood of angels bastes the well-done meat
death metal's victorious, the saints weep in defeat

"all souls shall be braised, by the fluorescent rays of Ultra-Death.
couldn't chew all that had been bitten, so the fall of man was written.
the unscorched shall drown in blood..."

12. Engorged

13. Huge Gaping Hole

furtherly plunging - search for the precious coal
reach the dead center - no physical sign of soul
hack away at the entrance - frustration kills all control
test subject is wasted - nothing left but a huge gaping...
in search of... sour fruit... picked unripe... thief got no use...
force source... in wrong hands... must find... power gland!!!

crazed visions - garage surgeon
sprung - a fountain of death - from a hole in a cleft
from the kitchen - comes incision
but - something is left - it's taking my breath!!!

I'm grazing - at the source - can feel it
my head's tight - skull squeezing - brain freeze

14. XYY Triad (Twisted Nerve)

15. Death Metal Attack

blood falls from the sky
dripping jaws six miles wide
eyes popping from the sight
did you bring earplugs tonight?

death metal attack!
all the poseurs are turning back
fuck DIE!!!

let me tell you 'bout it:
see the dust sitting in this can?
that's what left of the opening band
throw their gear of the stage,
it's one o'clock and it's time to rage
busted mic's and a dead bar hand,
all part of a pre-penned plan
want a encore? fuck the fans!
on our way destroying other lands

bring burning out your eyes
jaws swoop, are you alive?
predicted by the moral right
metal gonna fuck tonight

16. Kings Of Beer

keep em' filled up - pint sized cup - never enough
don't mess with bottles & cans - from the tap - oooah

*fill the cup*
come on, man, get with the plan -
you're here to keep me drunk
*beer fucks you up*
drunken battles with fat toughs, last standing up
reigning us the KINGS OF BEER!!!

had too much once, it didn't make me sick
it made me want more beer
and the chunk, was swimming in upchuck
still I did not throw up

I said:
sir, he needs another, just lost the other
and it wasn't the first time
or, convict for treason, beer wast the reason

17. Legalize Child Porn

bureaucratic tape and lies can't intervene
going on vacation, to CLUB SEVENTEEN!

18. Raping The Full House Twins (Assaulting The Olsens)

vcr broken and cable unpaid
anchorman says, "president got laid"
four major networks covered the scandal,

I've got a thing for Bob Saget's twins
childhood innocence and delicate skin
red hot desire burns deep within
priests shriek in horror as I confess my sins

pay-per-view showing, "Twins Save The Day"
wished they'd come over, so we could play
special is over, it re-plays tomorrow
friend has a scrapbook he says I can borrow

tons of fun - assaulting the Olsens
syndicated worldwide
sex symbols for a new millenium
for their attention, I hijacked their mother
you can keep your ol' sons, I'll take your daughters

I love to grope their bodS
gooey little wads
all the shows on tape
I wouldn't call it rape

19. Vomiting Butchers

"for Sally's upcoming birthday,
the three prepared to bake a cake,
didn't bother to wash their hands,
too numb to keep steady, the cake collapsed,
and there was flour everywhere,
one fool started licking the bowl, drunk on butter,
rolling on the floor, the yeast began to rise..."

too many butchers spoiled the broth
babe of batter to deliver
an overdose on duncan hines
fudge and blood stained the cloth

VOMITING BUTCHERS - slaugherhouse bred
incestuous fathers - have to keep their children fed
VOMITING BUTCHERS - stick to lambchops
moonlighting strangers - reel and jerk around the clock

this ain't pie filling - induce the puke or YOU WILL DIE!!
gastro-juices flood - ulcers bake the choco-mud
pre-heat at 375 - my stomach pump keeps YOU ALIVE!!
swallow down the tube - greased it up with frosting lube

too many butchers spoiled the broth
unwatched pot boiled over
gag reflex was exercised
fudge and blood spilled on the cloth

20. Fangs

21. Encore


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