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Album: ''Dorsacharm's Venomous Colours'' (2000 EP)
1. Introduction To The Hymns
2. Shadowland (Battle For The Throne)
3. Dance With...
4. The Wolf's Resin
5. Epilogue (Requiem)

The Act Of Degradation

Album: ''The Act Of Degradation'' (2002)
1. Creeping Seed (Intro)
2. Hydra's Scaffold
3. The Mirror
4. The Lord Of Burning Heaven
5. The Act Of Degradation
6. The Venom
7. The Stream Of Scarlet Tear
8. The End Of Light's Era
9. Belamor (The Flower Of Eternal Pain)
10. Versuvia
11. The Wizard
12. Earth's Gate
13. Crop Of Despair



Eclipse is either a Canadian space-disco band, a Canadian power metal band, a Swedish straight edge hardcore band, or a U.K. hardcore DJ/producer, or a hungarian prog/experimental rock formation.

The Canadian band was founded in 1974 by Pierre Gauthier. They released 3 albums. The last "Night & Day" (released in 1977) was a relative succes. On it "You Really Got Me", wich sounded as if Giorgio Moroder produced it. This became a club hit.

The hungarian band was formed in 1990 by Tamás Tisza – guitar, Tamás Barna – guitar and Attila Hudák – bass. Later on Attila Szarvas – drums, enjoyed the band. Their music contains elements of psychedelic rock, doom and jazz music. These elements became recognizable in the harmonies and structural setting up of the songs.
They released two demos and two full length albums ("Soft Orange" in 1997 and "Slowsonic" in 2006). Both releases are free to download at their official site.

Matt Lee, a.k.a. Gammer, made his first appearance in the hardcore scene during 2002 and went on to be a very successful and prolific producer, best known for his extensive discography on the revamped Essential Platinum label. A large proportion of his tracks on the label are collaborations with the label's founder Dougal but he has also had solo releases and appeared alongside other artists such as G. Spencer, Innovate and DJ Seduction. In addition, he has remixed tracks from various artists including Cortina, A.M.S. and HAM under his alias Eclipse. Aside from his vinyl and digital download releases, his music appears on many albums, including the highly successful Bonkers series.

There is also a multitude of Black and Death Metal bands that operate under the name 'Eclipse'.

There is also a swedish straight edge hardcore band from Umeå that has released some records under the name Eclipse where amongst others the brother of Dennis Lyxzén (from Refused) is one of the members.

'Symphonic' Black Metal

Heaven and Hell, The Occult and Magick

Poland (Katowice), formed in 1997



Chors - Vocals
Math - Guitar (Abusiveness, Sacrilege (Pol), Pyriehl)
Pontus - Guitar (Pyriehl)
Mscis³aw - Backing Vocals, Bass (Abusiveness, Deivos, Profundis, Pripegal, Ulcer (Pol))

Daamr - Backing Vocals, Guitars (ex-Darzamat, InDread Cold, Iperyt)
Maciek - Guitars (Infernal War (Pol), Iperyt)
Mathey - Guitar
Wizun - Drums (Abusiveness, Deivos)
Damian - Drums


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