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Album: ''Decontrol'' (1980 Single)
1. Decontrol
2. It's No TV Sketch
3. Tomorrow Belongs to Us

Fight Back

Album: ''Fight Back'' (1980 Single)
1. Fight Back
2. War's No Fairytale
3. Always Restrictions
4. You Take Part in Creating the System
5. Religion Instigates

Realities of War

Album: ''Realities of War'' (1980 Single)
1. Realities of War
2. They Declare It
3. But After the Gig
4. Society's Victim


Album: ''Why'' (1981 EP)
1. Visions of War
2. Does This System Work?
3. A Look at Tomorrow
4. Why?
5. Maimed and Slaughtered
6. Mania for Conquest
7. Ain't No Feeble Bastard
8. Is This to Be?
9. Massacre of Innocents (Air Attack)
10. Why? (Reprise)

Never Again

Album: ''Never Again'' (1981 Single)
1. Never Again
2. Death Dealers
3. Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles

Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

Album: ''Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing'' (1982)
1. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
2. The Nightmare Continues
3. The Final Blood Bath
4. Protest And Survive
5. I Won't Subscribe
6. Drunk With Power
7. Meanwhile
8. A Hell On Earth
9. Cries Of Help
10. The Possibility Of Life's Destruction
11. Q: And Children? A: And Children
12. The Blood Runs Red
13. Free Speech For The Dumb
14. The End

State Violence State Control

Album: ''State Violence State Control'' (1982 Single)
1. State Violence State Control
2. Doom's Day

Warning - Her Majesty

Album: ''Warning - Her Majesty's Government Can Seriously Damage Your Health'' (1983 EP)
1. Warning
2. Where There Is a Will There Is a Way
3. In Defence of Our Future
4. Anger Burning

The Price of Silence

Album: ''The Price of Silence'' (1983 Single)
1. The Price of Silence
2. Born to Die in the Gutter

The More I See

Album: ''The More I See'' (1984 Single)
1. The More I See
2. Protest and Survive


Album: ''Ignorance'' (1985 Single)
1. Ignorance
2. No Compromise

Grave New World

Album: ''Grave New World'' (1986)
1. Grave New World
2. In Love Believe
3. D.Y.T./A.Y.F.
4. Time Is Kind
5. We Dare Speak (A Moment Only)
6. Sleep in Hope
7. The Downward Spiral
8. Contact with the Real
9. It Will Always Stay

Protest and Survive 1980-1984

Album: ''Protest and Survive 1980-1984'' (1992 Best of/Compilation)
1. Never Again
2. Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
3. The Nightmare Continues
4. Realities of War
5. Ain't No Feeble Bastard
6. War's No Fairytale
7. Anger Burning
8. Hell on Earth
9. Cries of Help
10. Possibilities of Life's Destruction
11. Visions of War
12. Stockpiles
13. The More I See
14. Look at Tomorrow
15. Society's Victim

Shootin Up The World

Album: ''Shootin Up The World'' (1995)
1. Manson Child
2. Lost In You
3. Shootin Up The World
4. Psycho Active
5. Leaders Deceivers
6. Fantasy Overload
7. Down And Dirty
8. Never Come To Care
9. Real Live Snuff
10. Exiled In Hell
11. Reprise

The Clay Punk Singles Collection

Album: ''The Clay Punk Singles Collection'' (1995 Best of/Compilation)
1. Realities Of War
2. They Declare It
3. But After The Gig
4. Society's Victim
5. Fight Back
6. War's No Fairytale
7. Always Restrctions
8. You Take Part In Creating This System
9. Religion Instigates
10. Decontrol
11. It's No T.V. Sketch
12. Tomorrow Belongs To Us
13. Never Again
14. Death Dealers
15. Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles
16. State Violence State Control
17. Doom's Day
18. Warning
19. Where There Is A Will
20. In Defence Of Our Future
21. Anger Burning
22. The Price Of Silence
23. Born To Die In The Gutter
24. The More I See You
25. Protest And Survive
26. Ignorance
27. No Compromise

Hardcore Hits

Album: ''Hardcore Hits'' (1999 Best of/Compilation)
1. Realities of War
2. They Declare It
3. Fight Back
4. Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
5. Protest and Survive
6. Decontrol
7. Tomorrow Belongs to Us
8. Never Again
9. The Nightmare Continues
10. Drunk With Power
11. Why
12. Does This System Work
13. A Look at Tomorrow
14. Ain't No Feeble Bastard
15. State Violence/State Control
16. The Price of Silence
17. The More I See
18. Ignorance


Album: ''Discharge'' (2002)
1. You Deserve Me
2. Almost Alive
3. Corpse Of Decadence
4. Trust 'Em
5. M.A.D.
6. Accessories By Molotov
7. Into Darkness
8. Hype Overload
9. You
10. What Do I Get?
11. Hell Is War
12. Accessories By Molotov [Remix]
13. Corpse Of Decadence [Remix]



Discharge is a highly influential United Kingdom hardcore punk band, one of the main bands responsible for starting crust punk, and serving as sole inspiration for a legion of bands who played a branch of hardcore punk called "d-beat" for how they paid tribute to Discharge's distinctive guitar and drum interplay. They later went on to play in the '80s crossover hybrid of hardcore and thrash. Discharge are still active today, fronted by The Varukers vocalist Rat.

Discharge formed in 1977 with the original line up of Terry 'Tez' Roberts on Vocals, Tony 'Bones' Roberts on Guitar, Roy 'Rainy' Wainwright on guitar, Nigel Bamford on bass and Akko on drums. Shortly after Nigel Bamford left the group and Rainy moved to bass. This line up sounded much more like the Sex Pistols and only recorded one demo.

The line up and the sound changed in 1979. It became: Kelvin 'Cal' Morris on vocals, Bones on guitar, Rainy on bass and Tez on drums. Many consider this line up to be the "classic" Discharge line up.

Their heavy guitar-driven sound and anti-melodic screamed vocals of the new line up earned an early crossover appeal to fans of speed metal. Their songs focused on anarchist and pacifist themes emphasizing the grisly effects of nuclear war and capitalism. After the EP releases in 1980 Discharge went through many line up changes. Tezz (drums) departed and was replaced by Dave 'Bambi' Ellesmere (formerly of The Insane) before "Why". The Never Again EP saw another lineup change. Gary Maloney of The Varukers played drums. Bones departed before "Warning..." . Many see this point as the transition from hardcore punk into metal. The band saw another change in the line up in 1985 with the release of "Ignorance". The band saw many more changes with it's transition into a more metallic sound. In 2002, however the original line up was reunited for the release of "Discharge".

Discharge also pioneered D-beat as a punk subgenre. The D here, of course, stands for Discharge. D-beat has historically enjoyed popularity in Japanese, Brazilian, and Scandinavian hardcore and punk scenes, and is currently gaining ground in North America. During and after Discharge's career it became surprisingly popular to imitate the band to numerous extents. Many bands who ran with Discharge's style, primarily in Sweden, began using the "Dis-" prefix in their names, and even began using "Des-" words with "Dis-" in its place as a parody; Disfear, Disorder, Discard, Disarm, Dissucks, Distraught, etc. The bands who followed this naming trend also used clones of Discharge's large white logo lettering.

Rock superstars Metallica recorded covers of two Discharge songs, "Free Speech For The Dumb" and "The More I See", on the studio album/cover album Garage Inc.

Fellow Thrash metal band Anthrax recorded a cover of "Protest and Survive" on the studio album Attack Of The Killer B's.

Canadian industrial metal band Monster Voodoo Machine named their 2nd release "State Voodoo/State Control" after Discharge's "State Violence/State Control". The band also recorded a cover version of "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" on their "Bastard Is As Bastard Does" cd single.

Extreme music legends Napalm Death also covered "War's No Fairytale" on their covers-only album Leaders not Followers II.

Hardcore Punk, Heavy/Thrash Metal

Corruption, war, politics, destruction, rebellion

United Kingdom (Stoke-on-Trent), formed in 1977

Throne Records


Anthony ``Rat`` Martin - vocals (The Varukers)
Tony ``Bones`` Roberts - guitars (Broken Bones)
Roy ``Rainy`` Wainright - bass
Terry ``Tezz`` Roberts - drums (U.K. Subs, Broken Bones, Ministry, Agnostic Front, Lard, Murphy's Law, Battalion of Saints)

Kevin ``Cal`` Morris - vocals

Andy Green - guitars
Steve Brookes - guitars (Demon)
Les ``The Mole`` Hunt - guitars (Demon)
Peter ``Pooch`` Pyrtle - guitars (Hells Belles)

Anthony Morgan - bass
Nick Bushell - bass (Demon)
Nigel Bamford - bass

Nick Heymaker - drums
Garry Maloney - drums (The Varukers, Hells Belles)
Dave ``Bambi`` Ellesmere - drums
Tony "Akko" Atkinson - drums


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